Written by Georges

23 Jun 2010

All these words caused us to become more excited. As he was fucking my arse, I decided to wank and shoot my spunk over the bed between my legs. Meanwhile he had pulled out, removed the condom and shot over my back.. It was really good. He then rolled over the bed next to me breathing heavily.

He said it was so good but regretted that he did not go deeper inside. I asked why in a naïve way and he said because you would have screamed with pleasure. It is the way it happens generally and he explained to me that he had done it several times with others before and after some practice you could take it in fully without much pain.

As I looked sceptical he said he would show it to me when I would feel ready for it asking me to think it over. I said ok as after all I was already feeling ready for this new challenge. So we went on into a little conversation meanwhile he was wanking.

He said he liked to say naughty words and asked whether I minded it. It was just for fun, he added, like a virtual way of thinking but nothing to sound like insults of course. So he asked me to suck his cock again, asking if I were ready for words as I would do it. I nodded, leaned forward and took his cock fully inside, massaging his balls at the same time. Quickly he became rather hard again and I could hear him say things like “ your ass was so good”, “ I’d like to fuck you again before you left” or “ you are sucking me like a slut, carry on etc””. and I should say all of these was causing my excitement to grow..as I was sucking his cock nicely, he explained that a friend of his, quite a nice gentleman would certainly like to join in next and I could then experiment sucking 2 cocks alternatively for example or more..”. Again I stopped the Bj asking for more details. He said he would fuck you for example and you would suck me at the same time and vice-versa.. Now his cock was really stiff. He did have his orgasm again but nothing heavy and just a little touch of cum in my mouth.

As we stopped and I was refreshing myself at the bathroom, I told him to send me a couple of pictures of his friend and then I would decide. It is ok he added but we will not do this threesome until I have fucked your bottom fully ! what we did today is just a little touch.. so I left him after a last drink thinking of all what happened or could eventually happen when I would take the decision. However it seemed to me already that I had taken the decision and this will be the next chapter.

It happened 3 years ago and since that time I have become more adventurous and experienced.