8 Sep 2019

It had been 3 months since my last experience with Roger. I was hoping he would phone but he knew I was married and so I thought he wasn’t interested in a repeat. Then I bumped into him and his new partner at a garden party. We exchanged pleasantries and he introduced me to Richard who was in his early fifties slim and tall. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Roger on his own so ended up leaving the party thinking “ oh well that’s that “

I got a call about a week later from Roger inviting me over. I asked if he had split with Richard but to my surprise he said that he had told Richard about our get together and that he had asked if we could all get together. I was excited but also nervous about being with 2 guys one who I knew but not that well and another who I had only met the once. The naughtiness of the situation already had me excited and this overrode my nerves and had me agreeing.

I arrived at Rogers not sure what was going to happen but I set some boundaries in my mind. I had already told Roger to skip the dinner this time so when I arrived they were both relaxed in dressing gowns watching porn. It was a bisexual scene where a guy was sitting on a cock while being sucked by a young oriental women. Richard said hello and as I replied I couldn’t help but notice a fairly meaty looking cock lying against his thigh . Why don’t you come upstairs and I’ll see if I have a robe for you Roger said so I followed him up to his bedroom but instead of getting me a robe he laid back on the bed pulling his robe open exposing his semi hard cock. Get undressed he demanded so I did feeling a little self conscious standing there with my dick now also starting to harden. He started to wank to full hardness and beckoned me closer so I knelt between his legs and did what I had been wanting to do since our first meeting. I am still a novice but could tell my licking and sucking was having the desired effect as Roger was twitching and leaking lots of fluid. He reached behind his knees pulling his legs back so I had access to his pouting ring. I wasted no time and probed around the edge before making my tongue rigid then sticking in in as far as I could . Roger was panting and sighing in enjoyment and when I reached around and started to wank his rock hard cock he quickly came over my hand. I couldn’t resist and licked a big blob off my knuckles. The rest I rubbed around his opening before sliding in 2 fingers slowly massaging his rectum. It was at this point that Richard arrived. I had almost forgotten about him in the heat of the moment. As I started to turn around he said don’t stop bob likes that plus I have a nice view here. He peered down at my behind slowly stroking his cock. It was at this point I started to panic although it wasn’t massive it was still a good 7 inches and quite thick. Don’t panic he said I won’t hurt you. With that he pushed me back between Rogers legs so that I could continue what I started. By this time Roger had started to spring back to life so I leant forward again taking him in my mouth this time his cock tasting of his come. I sensed Richard kneeling behind me and then his warm breath as he pulled my cheeks apart and started to rim me. Any reservations I had earlier evaporated my cock was as hard as I had known it to be. As I continued to lick and suck Roger, Richard stopped his tongue work. I don’t know where it came from but he was applying lube onto his fingers. He spread the cold gel around my bum sending a tingling feeling through me then inserted 1 then 2 fingers. I don’t know if through nerves but I sorted of contracted on him making it uncomfortable for me and difficult for him to continue sliding them in. I was scared he would be bullish and hurt me but instead he started to kiss my bum cheeks nibbling and biting gently. It felt great and when he started to caress my balls with gentle hands I felt myself start to relax. He started to slide his fingers in and out as I opened up a bit and then added another. By now I was enjoying it pushing back to encourage him. At this point I would have loved Roger to suck me knowing I would come immediately but instead he shuffled down the bed so that we were cock to cock wrapping his legs behind mine holding me tight to him. I felt Richard’s hands on my shoulders as he pushed me further forward my weight now squeezing mine and Rogers cocks together tightly he responded by moving his hips effectively, wanking us both off between our bellies. Richard was now pressing himself behind me rubbing his big cock up and down my lubed up arse crack. He then slid 2 fingers back in to me and started to open up my relaxed hole then he straightened up and I felt his helmet at my greasy hole I knew it would be difficult but I wanted his big cock fucking me so took a breath and pushed back against him showing my willingness. I have read stories on sites and the common theme is pain followed by pleasure but when it first went in I thought I was on fire down there and tensed up which didn’t help. Roger was continuing to rub our cocks together but my previous flagpole had started to flag as I tried to relax my anus enough to continue. Richard reached for the tube of lube and squeezed some around his still only an inch in cock and massaged some more around my throbbing hole. Gradually his big cock became bearable though not yet reaching the pleasure I had been fantasising about . He started to push into me first 2 inches then 4 then 6 this was enough for the moment I pulled back off of him feeling my tight hole dragging against his fat organ then slowly pushed back wanting him fully in me. At this point it was still uncomfortable but I was so turned on I didn’t care and the lube had really worked it’s way inside and out allowing making it easier. I could feel his cock stretching me sliding slowly in and out for a millisecond I thought about the potential consequences of my actions but I was tingling all over and just wanted to feel Richard’s come shooting inside me. Roger reached behind his knees pulling back again exposing his anus to me this time I placed my tip to it and the pressure from Richard pushing into me from behind had me easily in. I knew I wouldn’t last long but was embarrassed as I came almost immediately pumping what felt like gallons of juice into Roger. I pulled out of him watching my come dribble out of his red looking hole and Richard took this as a cue to do his stuff. His pumping into my inexperienced ring was starting to become uncomfortable again and I was relieved when he grunted stiffened and shot his load into me. He slowly withdrew and I sighed in relief as my arse relaxed feeling the come running out of me. We laid there for while breathing deeply. My anus was burning and I could still feel Richards come leaking out of me but I knew that was enough for that night so I picked up my clothes and got dressed downstairs before shouting my goodbyes and leaving. I drove home with pants wet from the spunk still coming out of me and a sense of dread about where this path is going to end.