Written by Gealan

11 Mar 2012

This is the first time I have wrote anything like this, but I am writing this in the one in million chance that you will read this and contact me, but then again pigs will fly.

I went to the Basement Sauna in Manchester last Thursday (8th March) after work. It is a place I don’t go too often, but I was feeling incredibly horny especially after a tiresome working day. It was pretty quiet and I found myself more relaxed after sitting in the sauna and steam room, not much was happening. I still find coming here nerve-wreaking. I decided to venture round to the cubicles and dark rooms, for those of you who have not been to the Basement Sauna, it pretty big with plenty of dark rooms with glory holes, video rooms showing hard core porn and private bays.

I saw a small crowd gather in the dark in the back corner, there were five guys who dropped their towels and were wanking each other while watching another guy being sucked. I stood at the back and watch but didn’t let my towel drop. There was another guy who was standing next to me, he was good looking, light hair and pretty well built. Like me he was just looking and occasionally glancing at me. Every so often he would grope whatever he was hiding under his towel. I did the same and groped my cock from under my towel watching these guys but also glancing back at him. This went on nervously for a few minutes. We made eye contact and smiled, I took the leap and lifted my cock out from my towel, he saw the sign and went down started to suck my cock. It was good. I gestured to him if he wanted to go into private bay, thankfully he agreed and followed.

We found a private bay, and we both commented on how funny it was nervously “meeting”. We both took our towels off. He was bigger built than me 5”10. (I am pretty slim and athletic 5”8) His body was smooth and looked after; trimmed in the right places. His cock, again bigger than mine: long, thick, uncut and well proportioned. We went down on each other fast and furious swallowing each others’ cocks. I haven’t had a guys cock in my mouth for a good while and it felt good having his in my mouth. He managed to swallow mine up to the hilt, the feeling was amazing. I had my tongue running up and down his bell and shaft. I wanted to suck hard and swallow everything. Having his soft balls my mouth made him groan and he sucked my cock harder. Having his body rubbing against mine was bliss.

After what seemed a life time we stopped and came up for air. We started wanking each other and kissing. But I wanted to go back down on him. I could tell he wanted the same. He lay on the bed while I went to lie on him. Mouths aiming for each others’ cocks, I don’t know about him, but I felt we wanted the same thing, we slowly put our fingers in each others’ holes, again, a little groan from him and me signaled all was good to go. It felt amazing. After good few minutes of fingering each other, groan with pleasure and constant sucking I knew was going to come soon. I stopped and let him know, he continued to wank me hard. The pulse and thrust of cum that came out was mind blowing. I was breathless and sweaty. He wanted to wank himself, I went to suck his nipples, in seconds he came as well. We had a little “post –cum” banter saying we didn’t come to the sauna much and we both had professional working lives. We both left at the same time, showered and changed. But, I left the premises before he did.

My only regret is that I didn’t ask him if he want to meet up again. I wouldn’t have minded even as a mate meeting for coffee, but more would have been a bonus. I just had that feeling we had something more in common.

Well if you are reading this and recognize yourself. I want to thank you for a great time and if you do want to meet up again contact me.