Written by Billy boy

13 Sep 2019

This happened many years ago but it is something I never forgot . I in was going to the pictures one afternoon to watch a western film when I got there I was early . and had to wait for them to open needing to go to the toilet there was a urinal over the road and it was the type where you had to go downstairs. I was standing there pisssing away when a old man stood along side me it gave my a fright as I never heard him come down he had his cock in his hand but was not doing anything I looked at his cock it was very big compared to my little one .he slightly turned to me and said do you want to touch it I panicked and quickly did my flies up and left. sitting in the pictures waiting for the film to start I was thinking of the old man and his cock I was starting to get a little hard on the film started and I settled down to watch it at the interval the lights came on as I was looking round I saw the old man walking down the aisle to go to the toilet's I got up and followed him very unsure what to do but I just wanted to see his cock again he was at the urinal as I stood next to him I looked down at his cock he said you again .I just stood there looking hoping he would ask me to touch it you do want to touch it don't you I just nodded and put my hand out to it it felt so nice then it began to rise up it was about 7inches long but with a big purple head it felt soft and hard I started to wank him and was shaking at the same time it was so good then we heard the doors opening as other people was coming in he quickly put his cock away and left I went back to my seat touching my little cock thinking of his big cock when he came and sat next to me he said you liked touching cock don't you. I just nodded he undid his flies and got his cock out he got my hand and put it on it and said wank it for me it felt so nice touching and wanking it his hand slid down my leg and began rubbing my cock get it out he said I did as he asked. he was playing with my cock it felt so nice then he said kiss my cock I was so nervous I bent down and kissed the big head of his cock and could taste the precum that was coming out of it suck me you know you want to I opened my mouth to take his big cock in my mouth it was so good sucking that cock he started to breathe very hard .suck it suck it he kept saying then his spunk shot out all in my mouth four big spurts of it I could not swallow it all so spat some on the floor. he then said let me watch you wank off it took about ten seconds for me to come all over my trousers he just said you are a dirty little wanker but it will remain our secret then he got up and left it was the start of wanking and sucking other men off but I never will forget my first time