27 Jul 2018

Where my sex life is concerned, I can be two different people.

When I'm in a relationship and it's what we both want, I can be completely monogamous. This was the case for over 4 years after I met a lovely young Swedish guy; slim, smooth, blond and a total sub, he was my idea of heaven. We soon agreed that as we weren't screwing around we would throw the condoms away and fuck bareback. It felt so much better!

Although we were monogamous we were exhibitionists as well. We would enjoy being watched whilst fucking outdoors, I once fucked him in the sling at an underwear fetish club whilst guys masturbated over us, and we had a photoshoot with a straight photographer which included live oral and anal sex. The photographer was so turned on that he wanted to fuck my partner but we said no.

Now we've split up my sex life is a total contrast. I'm very promiscuous and having

lots of casual one-off sexual encounters. Some are single guys off dating sites, I occasionally pay for sex from masseurs or escorts, and I sometimes go to a sauna for anonymous sex. I like to attend naked sex parties, as a total top I'm usually in demand and have fucked 4-6 different guys at a party. I also know another couple of tops my age and we like to have threesomes, fucking and spit roasting a younger bottom. Sometimes we add a vers/bottom so we get to fuck two guys each, and the bottom gets fucked by all three.

The disadvantage of my promiscuous self is that I'm using condoms again. I would much rather be fucking everyone bareback but it's not worth the risk.