16 Aug 2015

I often stay in the xxxxx Hotel, behind the xxxxxx. I stay T least three times a month for two to three times at a go. I am. Forty five, not in bad shape, still have a six pack, not a bad 9" and I am a bi married guy. I usually get a fuck when I am away. This is something that happen just over six months ago. I was having a drink in the lounge area if the hotel, the batman was Steve, a young guy from Singapore, studying in London and working at the hotel for survival money. He was and is avery good looking guy, twenty two years old, lovely athletic body, with a very sexy smile and something told me that he was gay. He had quite tight black trousers show a very sexy bum, and a nice shape around his cock, and his tight white shirt showed a good pair of pecs.

I was the only one in the lounge and we chatted, I enticed out of him which bars he liked and told me a couple that I knew to be gay bars, and I told him I used one of them, sometimes. I asked him when he finished work, and he told me at 10.30, and I asked him if he would like a drink in my room, when he finished as I had a bottle of Juma whiskey, he said he would he could do with something relaxing.

I went to my room just before he finished work, and around twenty minutes later he came to the door; I had showered and had a dressing gown on and had poured two large drinks. He came in smiled, I took his jacket and he took off his tie. He sat next to me, and we chatted, I offered him a shoulder massage, and he undid his shirt and I massaged his shoulders, him saying that it was lovely, I slide my hands down to his chest and started to play with his nipples, he closed his eyes and I went to his front knelt down and started to suck and nibble his nipples; he took hold of my head and held me there biting his nipples. I stopped and looked at him, no he lent over and deep kissed with with some passion, he stood up and took his trousers off, and soon he was naked, he had a awesome body, and a large thick cock, which was hard and throbbing, I held it and took him into my mouth and he held my head again and face fucked me, soon, his balls slapping my chin, and I was also pulling on a nipple as I sucked him, he soon stiffened and came into my throat. I let him calm before letting him from my mouth, we went to the bed I was laying down and he sucked my cock pinching and pulling my nipples hard, he was a great cock sucker, and he was then starting to finger my arse and soon had three fingers inside me, he then held my legs up and started to rim my arse, really deeply. I love my arse rimmed, and he was going a wonderful job, then he stood up pulled me to the edge of the bed and started to inch his large cock inside my arse, he soon balls deep and started to fuck me hard and rough, he fucked me hard for twenty minutes or so before he came inside me and I came just after wanking my cock hard. We both showered and went back to bed where he fucked me again and sucked me until I came. He stayed the night and for the next two nights. He still works there and usually stays with me one night each stay.