Written by mike_oxhard1

30 Oct 2012

This all happened last Friday night/Saturday morning.

For a while I have been looking at the videos posted by a guy on here showing him vigorously shagging his partner as I found them very horny indeed.

I decided that I would send him a message saying how much I enjoyed them and a bit cheekily saying he never showed his cock and that if he ever fancied a bj from a bloke then he should let me know. To be honest I didn't expect a reply let alone what it said.

What he said was that as his work took him all over the country and he would be kinda near my area soon he might take me up on my offer as he had always been curious but had done nothing about it. Normally as a married guy I have the eternal problem of accommodation and opportunity, but last week my wife had to go away for a few days. So on Friday as I was browsing the site I thought - why not send him a msg so I did and he replied I am local to you this evening - I can be with you at 3a.m. - is that OK?

I said yes without thinking twice. He then asked apart from sucking him off if I would be up for 'fucking his sweet little ass'.

Well - come on lads - what would you say?????

I went to bed trying to get some sleep - wondering if this would all happen or if it was a big wind up - and was awakened at 3.05 by a text message saying 'round the corner'.

He arrived - and boy I was not disappointed. He was even better looking that his pics suggested and very fit and toned.

He said he was short of time and needed to get on with it - pulled off his top and jeans and hopped into bed.

I just went down on him and sucked his magnificent cock to full length while he just groaned quietly - it was big, thick and a lovely shape. After a while I could feel him tense and the jets of hot cum hit the back of my throat - I think about 4/5 spurts.I greedily swallowed the lot.

He propped himself up on one elbow and said - that was brilliant - OK now pop my cherry!

I could hardly believe my luck as he turned over showing a very tight and very cute arse.

Again I needed no second bidding - pulled on a condom, lubed him well and took him doggy style. Sadly and perhaps not surprisingly, I didn't last very long in this wonderful tight hole before I empted my load into the condom.

He smiled a really wicked smile at me, went off to clean up, dressed and left.

As I lay there in the middle of the night I thought - get any better than this?

My answer is no it bloody well doesn't.

Will I see him again - probably not - but hey - I have the memories!