Written by sanch918

6 Dec 2010

After the early experiences mostly cottaging I discovered saunas. The next episode wasn't my first sauna experience but my first at the best sauna I'd found. By now I realized I enjoyed the experience of older guys enjoying my young slim athletic body. I did a lot of running, and mixed that with raquet sports and football. So I without being very muscly I had a flat stomach and tight arse.

On this occasion I went to a different sauna to the one I'd been going to previously. My job a the time allowed me the opportunity to take the odd lunchtime/afternoon to myself. I drove down to this sauna one lunchtime to see what it was like. I paid and wandered in. I wasnt sure if I needed to wear trunks and had brought a pair just in case.

As I walked around looking for the changing rooms, I discovered a section upstairs, which had a galley type arrangement with cubicles with curtains drawn across, behind which were 'beds' - high couch type leather recliners the length of the cubicle on which it was possible to lie flat. I walked down between the cubicles and found an empty one at the end. I went in, drew the curtain across and got undressed. I put a towel around my waist to go out to check the place out when some guy appeared. He was wearing a towel round his waist and asked if I'd just arrived. He said that he was in the cubicle next to me and asked if I minded swapping because he preferred the one I was in because it was 'quieter'. I said okay and we moved our stuff across. He was late forties i think.

After I was in my 'new place' I lay down on the bed and raised my left leg slightly, raising the towel which was around my waist, so my cock could be seen by anyone standing at the far end of the bed where I'd left the curtain pulled back so I could see out and anyone looking could see in and see underneath my towel. I was conscious of the state of my cock and could 'twitch' to make it start to stand up if I wanted or keep it down otherwise. The guy came back to chat to me. He made some small talk, about if I'd been here before, and why he liked the last cubicle because it was quiet. All the time he had his hand under his towel and was looking at my crotch at times. I let my cock twitch into life. He paused and moved his hand around under his towel. He moved forward and reached out and held my cock as it was becoming fully erect. I have a decent sized cock. Not huge but a good 6-7 inches, and a good shape. He said we should go to his (!) cubicle next to mine becuase it was quieter. I smiled and said okay. Once there he lay down, and drew me towards him. He didn't have a hard on but was clearly excited. His hand wrapped arounf my hard on and he asked me to pinch his nipples. I did and then moved my hand towards his cock, but he pulled me back to his nipples. He then leaned forward and started sucking my cock. At one point he took the entire lenght in his mouth. I was standing, naked,beside him. After a few moments he came. From a flaccid cock.

He asked me to come with him to leave the sauna, and had told me how his wife liked getting fucked, - lying on her back with her knees drawn up to her chest. I wasnt sure if that was on offer, but I didnt think so and so declined the offer. By which point I was like a dog with 2 dicks. Sucked and stroked. I went back to my own cubcile when a big heavy guy pulled back the curtain and asked if I'd enjoyed the session. They obviously knew each other and what the score was there. I said I had but it had left me with a problem. I again raised my left knee so my hard on was clearly visible. He moved into the cubicle and reached for my cock and balls at the same time. He started wanking me, and as i'd been aroused by the previous guy it didnt take me long to come. he squeezed the last few drops of cum from my cock, and said something about another satisfied customer.

I was easily the youngest there and as I later discovered most of the regulars wanted a go at my cock. Most of them got it: either on the beds , in the showers or in the hot rooms. This wasn't a gay sauna overtly buy i never saw a straight guy there. I was later to discover the fun there, and sucked cock as well as having my own cock sucked dry. I could hear them talking about who would get me first. This was much better than the gay saunas. My cock stood proud from my body and usually ended up in someones mouth. At times I ended up with a cock in my mouth. Had I been up for it I could have been fucked. But I spent many hours there and spilled cum there every visit.