11 Mar 2019

I should have been working, but well the “work from home” self--discipline slipped! I started browsing online on a few hook up sites, I guess like many of you, there are always lots of waste of timers. Then my wife said she was away earlier that I had thought, boom suddenly Friday could be a full on “not work from home, but play from home “. So that afternoon/evening was looking for some fun.

So I started trying to line up a play. (My preference is to play away ) - I had a few stronger conversations and chats that seemed to be landing into a meeting. Then as I am sure we all have experienced, my three hot options for Friday crashed and burnt by the time I had logged on the following morning!

Not looking good maybe I should earn some money and not be distracted by a swelling cock! Just about to give up and make a coffee and close the browser… then saw a nice hot guy about my age online (near 10 miles). I winked…hot tactic you think…he winked back…and quick exchange, and pics, suddenly I was due at his house in an hour and a half (clear directions are given). …forgot the coffee, a quick dive in the bath, for extra deep clean. Put on my new leather effect barcode jocks…feeling horny. Packed some lube, and condoms. Jumped in the car. Heart a beating.

Today was my first meet where I was expected to top only! My, I was I nervous but turned on at the same time, heart going 10 to the dozen. Guess not a good day for a blood pressure check.

My last message, “I will be there at 11:30”. His “I will open the door naked!”

Directions bang on. Parking easy, door knocked on, just hands and head show round the door. “Mike” closed the door. He was naked, a quick deep probing snog, I needed some water, dry mouth. Then we went straight to his bedroom. We stood at the end of the bed and I snogged, and licked each other, I sucked his nips whilst reaching and stroking his cock. Mmm, that needed to go in my mouth. So on my knees, licking and sucking the stiff bang stick. I got it all in. No gagging….fuck was I feeling horny!

Mike was a great snogger, he then clawed at my clothes. Grabbed my cock, I was so hot I was ready to shoot. Talk about hair-trigger. I had to ask him to stop.Explaing why…to ditract him… I then asked him to kneel on the bed, and then pulled his cock between his legs licked it sucked his balls one at a time, then started to tease him I was going to rim him. He was leaking pre-come. So I went to work on his ass, licking teasing then sinking my tongue into his pleasure shoot. .I must have kept this up for about ten mins, alternating between licking the length of his shaft then licking and stroking his perineum, through to plunging my tongue up his ass.

He pushed me on my back on the bed, we cuddled with our legs wrapped around each other my cock was free for him to slowly stroke, by now I had a little more control (of my ejactulation). He then went down on me giving me well, well, practiced blow job, so gentle then suddenly firmer, oh my…looking me in the eye all the time…fuck, Mike knew how to keep a guy running hot…

How long he sucked me licked me rimmed me I have no clue…mmmmm.”Mike” I said…”so I am here to fuck your ass you ready as I sure am”. For the first time he looked nervous, “your first time?” …”no” he said it just I am not sure I can take it, it’s too big”!

Well a nice boost for ego ( last time I meaured it as a school teenager it was just over 7”). Am I watching too much porn?, as most guys seem to tick that size box, as a minimum.

“Mike let’s try babe…you have got me dripping and ousing” . So bless him, he digs out a big tube of lube, hands me a condom, then seems to think for a min…then says “no” it won't’ fit…he gets up and walks to end of the bed and looks in another drawer. I am now thinking are we going have some serious anal action or not? I so wanted to possess his ass. Before I say anything, he says “here use this”, it a large fitting condom. My ego boosted again!..It goes on easily (ah light bulb moment for me, standard ones never that easy to get on !).

I got him to stand bent over the end of the bed. More rimming then some lube, one finger, then two working on his ring a little, my dominant thought was “this cock of mine is going in “. Then I checked he felt he was ready? “yes…holding his breath…”Pushback when you feel it” I said…I grabbed his hips, guided my cock to his slightly gaping ass… and I slid in first time, nice and deep, straight away my balls banging on his.

He groaned, I checked he was comfortable, and then, slipped it in and out four or five times then gradually built up a steady pace, driving it right the way in. Building up a nice rhythm, feck it felt good.

I got him to shuffle up the bed with me still in him, I got him to lay flat on the bed, I rode up him and (still with my cock deep ) now just rocked back and forth. I am sweating a lot now .Every now and again I leaned in and snogged him.

Back to kneeling and driving it in hard…he continues to groan and moan with pleasure. Then suddenly, he pulls away. Leans over, takes the condom off, and asks me to straddle his chest and wank myself off into his chest hairs whilst he rubbed his cock again my ass, He wanted me to insult him verbally, and clearly got more and more aroused as I asked him “So you are a cock slut then”…”Yes..yes…”, “Well look at this cock you thought you’d never squeeze in your ass.. it went in first time…you are a true slut”…I found the fact it was turning him on, to be horny and shot my load on his chest with few splashes on his face, He leant in and suck me clean. He then wanted to bring himself off wanking over my ass. So I knelt in front of him, pulling my ass cheeks apart, “look at my hole, you are a bottom slut, you will go nowhere near it” …His breathing built and built, “hold my cock again I said as you need to be reminded you have had it up your ass…” he came, I loved the feel of warm sports over my back and ass. “Clean it up please,” I said quite assertively, (not knowing where this came from), he did.Shit my I quite like hints of being abit bit domw…. I turned around, and snogged him deeply !.

We finished with lets do it again…and a nice shared shower..I headed off home to do some work…well actually I found myself thinking about the session with Mike…Now I wanted shagging! So back online…”top wanted wanted who can host…”..