15 Aug 2019

This is a true story that happened a couple of days ago

I had been corresponding with the guy for a few months but we had never been able to meet until now.

I contacted him and found out that he was going to be close to where I was working a few more messages and it was agreed that I would meet him at his truck on a nearby industrial estate.

My heart was in my throat as I pulled up next to the truck this had to be the right one as it was on its own in a deserted corner of the estate. Dressed in my work gear with a collar and tie I felt like a high-class whore.

I don't know what the security guards in the entrance hut to a factory just down the road

made of it but I couldn't help wonder if they thought I was going to get fucked in the cab of the truck.

I climb up on the step and open the door I have seen pictures of him but not his face. As the door opens I get sight of a very fit black guy..

He pulls the curtains around the window as I climb on to the bed at the back of the cab I turn to be greeted by his huge black cock. I know all the stories here future cocks that make a telegraph pole look like a cocktail stick but I have been bi for many years I have only seen a few cocks that are over eight Inches and two inches thick and I’m pretty sure this guy was one of them.

I took his beautiful ebony cock in my mouth and slid my lips over the head and shaft I managed to suppress my gag reflex and he was literally balls deep in me. Sadly he started trying to face fuck me and I had to back him off from this.

Soon I was naked from the waist down and on my hands and knees waiting for him to roll on a condom and lube up. I concentrated hard to relax my anus hoping against hope that I would be able to take him.

He was the perfect lover I felt a light pressure as he eased his rock hard cock into me I couldn’t believe how quickly I started feeling the head of his cock hitting the far end of my back passage.

My arse must have been stretched enormously when he was all the way in. His thrusts got harder and faster. I could not help but let out cries like “Fuck Me” and groans as he started getting into his rhythm.

We changed position a number of times and alternated fucking with me sucking him. We got through several condoms before I took him in my mouth for the fanale I love the taste of cum so I sucked him using my best tricks and once again deaptroated him his first squirt hit my tongue so I let him push in as far as he could so the remainder of his load went straight down my throat.

I drove home well satisfied knowing I had had one of the best fuck form one of the biggest cocks around and a belly with his spunk inside

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