19 Sep 2019

Despite having a regular suck buddy for a couple of years it wasn't until I went to university that my bi side truly exploded into life. Don't get me wrong, I loved fooling around with my friend Jack, I lost count of how many times we sucked and rimmed each other. We never fucked though, neither one of us had the confidence to do it to the other.

Not long into university life I made some new friends, spent the first few weeks drinking most nights. I got to know an openly gay guy, he was a real good laugh. After some drinks one night it was just the two of us in my room, we got talking about sex, guys and girls. I told him about Jack and what we got up to, he was surprised I was bi, he didn't see it coming. Anyway, we were both suddenly horny and one thing led to another, I sucked him off until he shot his load in my mouth. We both fell asleep, in the morning we gave each other a blowjob before heading to our lectures.

It felt really liberating to suck another guy's dick, I loved that I had now tasted another guys cum. That was the only time anything happened between us, he already had eyes on another guy and I didn't want to fall into the same situation I had with Jack. I wanted to experience more guys in different ways and in different places.

My new gay friend was in his second year at uni, he told me about the various cruising spots, men's toilets and bars/clubs that were gay-friendly. He also exposed the world of internet chat rooms to me, in particular, the more localised ones that had a lot of older guys looking for fresh meat.

He took me out to a gay club the following weekend, I was too nervous to go alone but once inside I soon relaxed. I lost track of my new friend and wondered alone looking like a lost puppy probably. Eventually, I got talking to a guy who was also there for the first time, we chatted and drank until the club started to thin out. I remember it suddenly dawned on me that I was about to pull. He had that twink look about him, smooth, toned with cute features, about the same age as me. It got to that awkward moment where one of us needed to make a move to seal the deal or risk it falling apart. I decided to be the bold one and asked him if he wanted to go back to his place or mine, he said he was closer. On the way out of the club, I pulled him into a dark corner and kissed him, my first gay moment in public.

When we got back to his room we were all over each other, our clothes were soon gone and we were naked on his bed frantically kissing and grabbing each other. Our bodies were tangled together in a sweaty heap, our hard cocks banging and slapping into each other as we wrestled in the dark. Eventually, he was on his back and I slipped down between his legs, my knees now on the floor as I took his cock into my mouth. I felt so slutty as the taste of his pre-cum hit my tongue, it struck me that this was the third cock I'd now had. His cock wasn't enough though, I had become desperate to rim ass again, it had been over a month since the last time. I hitched one of his legs up and kissed my way down his shaft, over his balls and finally reached his tight ring. I rimmed him so much his asshole was as wet as a pussy. He gave my cock a really good sucking in return and we soon settled into a long 69 session.

Suddenly he surprised me by jumping off and reaching under the bed, he pulled out a condom and some lube. He handed me the rubber and begged me to fuck him, “Please fuck my ass” he muttered while kissing me. I was a bit taken aback as this wasn't something I had planned for but, I was so turned on I didn't care at this point. He lubed his ass as I sorted the condom, then he lay on his side so I could spoon behind him. I rubbed his hole with my finger, pressing into it slightly. Then I positioned my cock there and soaked in the rush of adrenaline as the realisation of fucking a guys ass sunk in.

I pushed the tip in slowly but firmly, just letting the first inch inside and then holding it there. I had been training my own ass with various things for the past couple of years, so I knew to take things easy. He pushed back on my cock until his ass had engulfed my whole length, he felt so wonderfully tight. I ground myself against him while inside his ass, I felt a little jealous that he was the one getting fucked. Not too long later I filled the condom with cum while inside his ass, at the same time I wanked off his cock so he could cum as well. I made sure to clean up his cum before gathering my things and leaving.

I had always been unsure about fucking a guys ass up until that point. I'm glad it ended up happening that way, the heat of the moment helped a lot when faced with it in reality. My overwhelming feeling from it was that I wanted to be the one being fucked in the future. I hooked up with the same guy a couple more times, the first about a month later, just for blowjobs in one of the campus toilets and then again in his room because he wanted to be rimmed.

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