Written by David and Sarah

9 Jun 2007

We’ve had quite a few experiences with couples and single females since we started swinging nearly two years ago, but haven’t written about any until now. However, this was perhaps the most intense and horny thing we’re ever shared so we thought it was about time to tell you about it.

Firstly the background: My girlfriend Sarah is a gorgeous 24 year old - long dark hair, a slim figure, firm breasts and a bum to die for. I’m David, also 24 with quite an athletic body and a fairly big thick cock. We’ve been going out nearly three years and have met a few couples and single fems during that time. Sarah was fairly experienced when we met - she first started exploring her bi side when she was 17 and already had ff, mff and mmf sex by the time she was 18. I’d only ever had one mff threesome before Sarah with an ex-girlfriend so was eager to try more when she first told me that she was into swinging.

Although I got a little jealous the first time I saw her playing with another guys and girls, I soon got over the feeling and began to enjoy watching my sexy girlfriend get well and truly fucked. While she is an intelligent professional girl during the day, she becomes a real slut once she enters the bedroom! She loves sucking two cocks, getting spit roasted, licking pussy, getting covered in cum and she really screams when she does dp (something I’d never done before I met her).

About a year ago we started meeting a single bi fem called Victoria on a regular basis - she’s a slim 23 year old with brown curly hair and ample breasts. She was a friend of Sarah’s from university and loved pussy and cock in equal measures. We got into a routine of meeting her about twice a month - usually on her own and sometimes with a male friend. The girls would often play together, then involve me by sucking my cock together and letting me fuck them both in any hole. Sarah also bought a strap-on so we could give Victoria her first dp - Sarah hammering away at her pussy with the 9 inch monster while I fucked her lovely arse. Although the relationship was more than exciting, nothing could have prepared us for what was in store for us last weekend!

Sarah got a text from Victoria during the week asking if we wanted to the Lake District as her ex boyfriend Matt had invited us to stay at his parent’s caravan while they weren’t using it. As we had once had a foursome with Victoria and Matt we jumped at the chance, not just because of the possibility of repeating the experience but also because the weather forecast was great and we thought the time away would do us good.

When we arrived, Victoria and Matt were already there, sat outside in the sun with a bottle of beer. As we unloaded our stuff from the car, we could hear other voices from inside the caravan and not those of Victoria or Matt! Victoria came over and greeted us, asking if we wanted a drink and said that she hoped we didn’t mind but Matt had invited some of his friends too. We were fine with it to be honest, especially when we saw Katie and Ben walk down the steps of the caravan and into the sunshine!

Ben was a fairly muscular guy with short dark hair, while Katie looked younger with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, fairly big breasts and what looked like a gorgeous body under her baggy top! We all sat around chatting and drinking for a while - it turned out that Ben was a childhood friend of Matt and Katie was only 19 and his girlfriend of one year. Although the atmosphere was light hearted and friendly, there was certainly no suggestion that anything would happen between the six of us. In fact the first night there we all just sat down for a nice meal, had a few more drinks and then decided to head off to bed.

Victoria and Matt took the double room, Sarah and I the smaller second room and Katie and Ben had to make do with the sofa bed. That night Sarah and I both agreed that we thought Katie was stunning and Sarah said she fancied a bit of Ben as well - the only disappointment was that neither Ben or Katie knew the history between the four of us and them being there also meant we couldn’t even play with Victoria and Matt.

The next day and Matt dragged us all off for a 10 mile hike, taking in some of the lovely scenery of the Lakes. The walk took up most of the day and by the time we got back to the caravan, everyone was pretty knackered so we all decided to give the pub a miss and just have a shower, cook something and then have a few drinks. After showering and eating, the mood was still pretty jovial with Matt and Ben taking the piss out of each other.

The drinks began to flow and someone suggested we all played a game. After an unsuccessful and boring game of Scrabble (the only game Matt’s parents had there!) Matt whipped out a set of cards and we all sat round the dinner table ready for a game of poker. As matt began to deal, the girls’ faces were a picture! Instead of a standard pack of cards, he was using a pack with porn pictures on! There were girls on the cards taking one, two and three cocks and others with cum on their faces! Victoria and Sarah smiled coyly but pretended everything was normal and Katie just looked embarrassed!

A few games of poker and more drinks later and I half jokingly suggested we should make things interesting and have a game of strip poker. To my surprise, Matt jumped at the chance and Sarah and Victoria again smiled coyly as it was obvious they wanted to play but didn’t want to admit it! Ben and Katie just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and seemed fine to go along with it! After about half an hour of playing Victoria was down to her bra and a pair of shorts, Katie sat in her bra and pyjama bottoms looking really embarrassed but gorgeous and Sarah was still pretty much fully clothed. Us three boys all had our tops off, but no more and things didn’t seem to be progressing very quickly.

Matt then suggested that we should forget the strip poker and have a game or truth or dare instead - now this is where the fun really started to begin! The girls just started having giggling fits saying that we’d gone far enough and should probably call it a night. I secretly knew Sarah and Victoria were probably saying this for Katie’s benefit so I decided to push on and eventually persuaded them it was just a bit of harmless fun!

Victoria took a truth first and was asked by Matt if she fancied girls, knowing full well the answer! She grinned at Sarah, nodded and then it was Ben’s go. He took a truth too and admitted to once having sex in a club toilet with a girl he’d just met. It was my go next and to liven things up, I took a dare! Sarah immediately pounced and said with a huge grin that I had far too many clothes on , looked far too hot and should run round the caravan naked! Not one to back out of a challenge, I stripped off, darted out the door and back into the caravan with my 8 inch erection on display for everyone to see!

This was too much for the girls who were now rolling around laughing with Victoria saying how impressive it was. We all sat back down again and next up was Matt who also took a dare. Instead of telling him to strip like I expected, Victoria told him to strip someone else in the group! He immediately moved behind her, unhooked her bra to reveal her beautiful 34D breasts, got her to stand up and pulled down her shorts and knickers in one go! She stood there with a huge smile on her face, tits and shaved pussy on display and shorts around her knees! Matt told her that she’d asked for it and should have made him strip naked!

It was a sheepish Katie’s go next and she took a truth, admitting that she’d only ever slept with two guys before and one of those was Ben. Next up was Sarah and the only one left who hadn’t had to do a truth or dare yet. She looked me straight in the eye and said cockily that she wanted a dare! This was my chance! I thought about making her strip naked, but then decided to chose something she wouldn’t expect! I started to slowly shuffle the pack of cards while still looking her in the eye and told her to say stop when she was ready… a few seconds later and she shouted “STOP”!

I stopped shuffling and held up one of the cards - without looking what it was I held it up and said that Sarah had to do whatever sex act was on the card! I turned it round and saw a blonde girl sucking a huge cock! Great I thought, a blow job off my sexy girlfriend!! The three girls were in fits of laughter and Sarah started playfully hitting me saying I couldn’t give her that for a dare and had to change it! A dare‘s a dare though and the naked Victoria winked at me and told Ben and Matt to strip so Sarah would be able to see which one she wanted to suck!

I sat there in amazement with my erect cock dying for attention as Ben and Matt started to strip naked. Was she really going to suck one of them in front of us all?! The three girls moved over to the couch and Ben and Matt stood there in the middle of the room with their cocks becoming increasingly erect! Both were average sized but Ben’s looked pretty thick from where I was sitting. “Go on then!” Victoria said to Sarah, “pick which guy you’re going to suck!” To my surprise, she got straight up off the couch and knelt in between the two guys, positioning herself underneath both cocks!

“Now which one shall I have,” she said, looking straight at me, “I know… both of them!” With that, she took Ben’s cock in her left hand and Matt’s in her right! She started off by sucking Matt’s balls and licking his cock before taking him fully in her mouth while her left hand was wanking Ben at the same time. Then, moments later, she started alternating between sucking and wanking the two cocks, making loud slurping noises as she did. I looked at Victoria and Katie who were still sat on the couch - both had looks of sheer shock and excitement on their faces. To be honest, I don’t think any of us could really believe what was happening! The look on Matt and Ben’s faces was one of amazement and pleasure also!

The next moment, Victoria got up and said, “are you going to share those two cocks Sarah?!” and knelt down next to her. Both of them started kissing each other, with Sarah fingering Victoria and desperately trying to take her own clothes off at the same time. Matt and Ben must have been in heaven by now - they were standing over two gorgeous naked girls who were snogging and fingering each other!

I moved over to the arm chair to get a better look dying to join in but loving watching my prim and proper girlfriend turn into the slut I know she can be! After briefly 69ing each other, the two girls again began to suck the guys’ cocks and seemed to be having a competition over who could get the most cock in their mouth. They were really slurping the two cocks, momentarily leaving them for a snog and then returning back to sucking and wanking.

By this time the room began to get really hot and started to smell of sex and sweat. I stopped watching the cocksucking for a minute and looked over at Katie who was still sat on the couch wearing her bra and pyjama bottoms. My chance I thought! She looked quite nervous but was obviously turned on at what she was seeing so I beckoned her over and got her to sit on my knee. Within minutes the two of us were snogging and I pulled her bra down so I could kiss her gorgeous 32D tits. I then started tugging at her pyjama bottoms and to my amazement, she stood up and pulled them down to reveal she wasn’t wearing any knickers!

She had a neatly cropped patch of blonde pubic hair and pink luscious cunt lips which were glistening in the light and looked ready to be licked. As she moved to sit back down on my knee I caught a glimpse of the other foursome. Sarah and Victoria had now both moved over to the couch, resting their chests on the seat, knees on the floor and sticking their bums in the air. Matt had moved behind Sarah and I could see him fingering her pussy, while Ben had his face buried in Victoria’s pussy. Both girls were moaning quietly so I decided it was my turn to have some fun and Katie was going to be my slut for the night!

After some more snogging and fingering, Katie sat open legged on the armchair, holding her pussy lips open. I didn’t need a second invitation and started lapping away at her sweet tasting pussy! The scene felt unbelievable, here I was giving oral sex to a fairly inexperienced gorgeous 19 year old girl, while my girlfriend and friend were getting pleasured by other guys! After flicking her clit and slowly fingering her, Katie had begun to really moan so I decided it was time to fuck her.

I stood up and looked round to see Sarah and Victoria still hunched over the sofa and both getting fucked doggy style. The sight was amazing, I couldn’t see any of their faces - just two cocks sliding in and out of the girls. The next thing I knew, Katie was sucking the end of my cock and playing with my balls with her left hand. After a brief blowjob, I told her to bend over like Sarah and Victoria were doing as she was going to get her third ever cock.

She moved on to her hands and knees and pushed her bum in the air back at me. It was at this moment that I caught sight of her lovely little pick arsehole for the first time - how I didn’t cum there and then I’ll never know! As I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, she turned around and asked me to go slowly as she’d never had anything so big and she thought it would really stretch her. I did as I was told and inserted my cock into her tight wet cunt inch by inch. After a few slow strokes, I managed to build up a rhythm and within minutes she was moaning and moving her hips backwards and forwards to meet my thrusts.

I could hear some really loud moans from the other side of the room, but decided not to turn as I really didn’t want to cum. Instead I carried on fucking Katie, occasionally reaching round to play with her clit and tits. I also got some of her pussy juice on my finger and began rubbing it around her arsehole but she asked me to stop as she’d never done anal before.

After a few more minutes fucking, I pulled out and looked over my shoulder to see one of the most fantastic sites! Sarah was now sat on Matt’s knee on the couch and his cock was going in and out of her arse! He looked over her shoulder and grinned at me as she tossed her head back and made some quiet whimpering moans. I looked over at Victoria and she was still in the same position as before, only this time Ben wasn’t fucking her but had a tube of lube in his hand that he was using to lube up her arse! Sarah must have been and got it from her wash bag in our bedroom!

I looked down again and Katie was back to licking my cock and tasting her own juices that were dripping off it. We changed positions again and this time I sat on the armchair with her straddling me, allowing her to ride me while I could watch the action on the sofa. Katie fucked me once again and after a few more minutes I decided to get more playful by reaching round to touch her tight bum hole. This time she seemed to carried away to care and as she continued fucking me, I managed to work a finger into her arse using her juices as lube.

I then told her to stop and we both looked over at Ben and Victoria. He had now worked is cock fully into her arse and was really giving her a good fucking. I shouted over to him to pass the lube which was next to his foot, to which he replied, “you’ll be lucky, she’ll never do anal.” With that Katie got up off my cock and went over to pick the lube up off the floor, feeling Ben’s balls as she did. “Who won’t?!” she replied, to which Ben didn’t say anything. She crawled back over with a determined look on her face, as if to say “if he’s going to fuck her like that, you’re going to do me too!!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and immediately stood up behind Katie who knelt down and buried her head under a cushion. I looked down at her pussy which was now more open than before and dripping wet. I squirted a little bit of lube on my finger and slowly started to work it into her virgin arsehole, adding more lubricant all the time. As she started to relax, I slowly worked two fingers into her bum while she began to play with her clit. It was then time for her to get the full 8 inches of my cock!

After squirting what seemed a full tube of lube on to her bum and my cock, I pulled her cheeks apart and positioned my cock against her tight hole. It felt like all my Christmases had come at once!! I looked over my shoulder as I thought Ben might like to see his girlfriend acting like a slut but he was too busy with Victoria, so I began to push my cock into her warm arse.

My extra lube had obviously worked as it slipped in much easier than expected and was greeted with muffled moans from Katie. She continued rubbing her clit and soon we had built up a steady rhythm with my cock inching in and out of her. The next thing I knew, she let out an almighty moan and shouted she wanted me to fuck her harder as she was coming! After what seemed like wave after wave or orgasms, I pulled out and held her cheeks apart and looked down at her gaping hole. She definitely wasn’t an anal virgin now!

We both got up and turned round to see Sarah sucking Ben , while Victoria was licking her well fucked pussy. There was no sign on Matt so I assumed he must have cummed and gone to the bathroom or something. This time I sat on the armchair and encouraged Katie to sit on me again, but to face away from me. She did as she was told and soon I had my cock back in her lubed-up arse and was holding her legs up so her pussy was exposed as she began to bounce up and down on my cock with her legs flailing in the air.

Ben, who was watching the action while Sarah sucked his cock, asked her to stop, came over to us and then began calling Katie all the names under the sun! He lent over, kissed her and in one motion shoved his cock straight up her pussy! So here I was with my cock up a gorgeous 19 year-old’s arse, while she gets dp for the first time ever!! I just sat there motionless as Ben’s thrusts pushed both our cocks in and out of her holes. Katie then came again and Ben followed soon after shooting his cum up her unprotected pussy.

Ben got off and I told Katie to kneel down on the floor. I could see his spunk dripping out of her well-used pussy on to the carpet, as she looked up at me with her cheeks flushed and beads of sweat on her forehead. She spat on my cock and roughly wiped it with her hands before taking the end in her mouth. This was too much for me as I started to shoot my cum on to her tongue. She then opened her mouth as I shot another five or six spurts on her face, landing in her blonde hair, on one of her cheeks and a huge splodge landed at the side of her nose. She looked amazing with it running down her face!! The next thing I knew, Victoria had joined us and sucked the last few drops out of my cock and then began to lick my cum off Katie’s face.

I walked over to Sarah who was still sat on the couch with a big grin on her face. “Enjoy it?!” she said, knowing full well I had loved every second. I asked her what she had been up to and she explained that Matt had made her cum once, but he came pretty quickly once they started doing anal. I told her not to worry as I’d make sure she came again that night!

After a quick blowjob to get me back to full hardness, I reached round to finger my girlfriend finding cum seeping from her bum hole. She then sat astride me with my cock in her pussy and we began fucking again, also noticing that Ben was back to full hardness again and had entered Katie. Matt then appeared from the bedroom and after a quick suck from Sarah he was ready to go again and slip his cock up her as she got her first dp of the night!

The sex went on for about another hour with each of the girls getting dp more than once and ended with me and Matt shooting another load of cum onto the three girls faces. Katie also got her first taste of another girl’s pussy as both Sarah and Victoria took turns sitting on her face as she lay on the floor!

The next morning everyone was pretty tired (not to mention quite sore!) but we all agreed that it had been worth it! A shower and a quick tidy up and we were all heading our separate ways, as if it had never happened. Sarah hasn’t stopped talking about it since we returned and we’ve had some of the best sex ever just thinking about what happened! Fingers crossed it happens again soon and I get the chance to fuck not one, not two, but three gorgeous girls and turn them into complete cumsluts!