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We invited Sue and Paul, they were the first swing since we took the doctor's advice. Paul and I shook hands, everyone kissed.

We had a glass of wine and went over the new rules. Soft sex across partners, I don't get to cum outside Anna, but Paul can come in Anna's mouth.

"I hope you get pregnant soon." Paul wished.

"So do we." I replied.

"The doctor thinks this is the best way." Anna informed.

"Then I can have you in me again Tony." Sue considered.

"...and I can have sloppy seconds." Paul announced.

"So can I." I agreed.

"..and I can have extra cock." Anna continued.

We finished our wine and went to bed.

Anna kissed Paul.

"I can't wait to get my cock back in you." Paul confided.

"Not this time." Anna reminded Paul.

"Aren't you going to suck me off?"

"O, that, come here." Anna invited.

Paul stood in front of Anna and she took his cock in her mouth. 

"Eeeemmmm" Paul appreciated.

"Do you give him that Sue?" I asked.

"Of course I do." Sue informed me, feeling my balls.

"Good getting another woman." Paul explained.

"It is." I confirmed going down on Sue's pussy.

Sue took my cock in her mouth and I enjoyed her pussy.

"That tastes good, now it's my turn." Anna said.

I looked up just long enough to see Paul laying over Anna with his head in her pussy. I went back to work on Sue who came.

I turned, kissed Sue, fingered her and watched Paul working Anna's pussy. She bucked her pussy into Paul's face, propelled her breast up and moaned.

"Do I get to eat you after Tony has fucked you?" Paul asked.

"No, but Tony can clean Sue." Anna replied.

We took our own wives side by side. I slipped into a very hot and wet pussy.

"I'm glad we have friends like you." Anna confided between moans.

"So are we."Sue responded.

I filled my Anna and kept fucking.

"Don't pump it out." Anna complained.

I left her and she wanked me.

"That is a waste." Sue complained. "I could have that."

"Would you mind Paul." Anna asked.

"It's OK if it's OK with the doctor." Paul responded.

"Go on Tony, Paul got me off." Anna permitted. "Come here Paul, let me clean your cock."

I did hesitate but Sue was very tempting with a full pussy. I sank into her, after a few thrusts Paul's cum spread between us and the sensation changed, my wet balls slapped against her valley. Anna sucked on Paul's cock who was gazing at me fucking his wife who pulled me to her and she came and I filled her. Paul came with a sound and Anna snowballed cum back to Paul.

"I'm going to really fuck you when I'm allowed." He told Anna.

"I'm looking forward to that. Now get Sue off."

Anna started to suck my cock as Paul and Sue went 69.

"Love you Anna." I told everyone.

Anna pulled my cock down, sucking it, and raised her eyes. I put my hand to her head and smiled down at her. 

Sue came rather noisily. Anna kissed me.

We had snacks and returned to bed. Then dinner and they stayed the night.

"Are you going to the club?" Paul asked.

"No we are staying away while we try for a baby." I told them.

"...but you are welcome here." Anna continued.

After they left I asked. "I thought I was saving all my seed for you?"

"You are, but I know you wanted Sue."

"I did but we should follow the doctor's orders."

"We will from now on."

"Let's go back to bed."

We did.

Written by Tony

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