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"How I surprised my boyfriend."

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Kim asked to fuck my boyfriend, Tom. I finally got the courage to ask if he would like a 3sum, but it was Tom's friend, not mine, that went to bed with us. They filled me with their love lol.

I told Kim everything,  I had never talked to anyone like I talked to Kim. I never discussed sex with Tom, sex just happened. 

I told Kim everything.

"Do you want him to fuck me?"

"Yes, I do. Once I would have said no, but now, now I want to see him disappear into you and lick his love from you. I want you and me fucked by Scott and Tom."

"Are you sure, there is no going back?"

"I'm sure, no rubbers, all of us playing."

Kim touched my hand. "Get them tested for STDs and we will do it."

I was disappointed that I would have to wait but I agreed.

It was four Sunday's later that it happened, but I was not just waiting about. Kim and I visited Phil again, I spent an evening with Kim when her parents were out, I went to Scott's twice and spent most of the weekends with Tom.

Having been shared by Scott and Tom made secretly fucking Scott even more exciting. The second time, it felt like making love. We lay in his bed.

"Scott,  did you enjoy sucking Tom's cock?"

"It was better than I expected."

"Would you do it again?"

"Would I get you afterwards?"

"You did last time."

"So I did." and he took me again. 

Tom and I arranged a Sunday with Scott after the tests came back. He told me he had another go at Scott's girlfriend, Stevie, but was rejected again. I told him not to pester her and to find another more willing woman if he wanted extra.

"You don't mind me doing that?"

"Fuck her, ask her to join us  but use rubbers."

I met Kim for lunch.

"So they don't know I'm coming?" Kim asked.

"No, but I know they will not object."

"You're sure, you don't mind Tom having his naked cock in me?"

"How else will I be able to lick his cum from you?"

"You are getting to be a very dirty girl."

"I know."

We arrived at Tom's late. Scott had arrived. 

"This is Kim, Kim this is Tom and you know Scott,  or at least you know his delicious cock."

"Hello, I hope to get to know it much better." She had already removed her coat and was starting to unbutton her see through top exposing her erect nipples.

Scott stepped forward, "Very nice."

"Not yet Scott, I've had a bit of you, you're seconds after Tom fucks me."

Tom looked at me."Scott has fucked me, it's your turn for extra." I kissed him and moved on to Scott. I pulled at his belt and dropped his trousers. He had a large cock.

We all kissed, undressed each other and moved to the bedroom. We fell onto the large bed snogging and caressing. 

Tom reached for rubbers in a draw. Kim stopped him, "You don't need them."

"But" I heard him object. 

"We fuck each other as nature intended." I told him. "Just the four of us, no others."

"You do want to feel me? Kim asked. 

Tom made his move, rolling on to Kim.

"Not like that." Kim put three pillows on the edge of the bed and sat on them, then lay back. "Now fuck me."

Tom stood between her legs and used his hand to position his cock. I had the best possible view of my boyfriend's cock disappearing into Kim's clean shaved pussy. Tom pumped. I knelt on the bed and kissed Kim.

"Bloody hell." Tom commented. 

I made sure my bum was high and I looked at Tom's cock sliding in and out of Kim's pussy.

"What are you waiting for Scott,  Joy wants you doggy." Kim said.

I felt his cock push into me. Kim reached under me and found my clit. I reached for Kim's clit and wiggled it. Scott pumped and I needed both hands to brace myself, but I could still feel Kim working my clit and we were both being fucked. I kissed Kim and came. 

Tom came and pulled out, I wanted to lick Kim, but I waited for Scott to fill me. I pulled away from him and descended on her pussy, allowing Kim to eat me. We lay 69 on the bed enjoying full pussies.

"Fucking great." Scott said.

"Shit hot." Tom replied. There was more but we were not listening. 

We both came and turned on different men demanding refills. Then offered our pussies to their tongues and came some more.

We let them rest then started over.

When we left we knew we would be going back and we did. We had 4sum, 3sum and 2sum, the only 2sum that never happened was Tom and Scott. Scott did suck cock again but not Tom's, but that is another story. 

Written by Joy

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