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I first met Lynne a few years ago online. Her husband Paul had set up a couples account and persuaded her to chat.

I chatted with her in the rooms then exchanged a few messages. After a few months we met for lunch, later she invited me to her house and bed, all without her husband knowing. The third meeting involved her husband. We met several times after that, but they moved away for Paul's work. I met them a few times after that but not as often. 

Anna met them at an orgy, Lynne is not into big groups but it was a special occasion. Since Anna and I moved north we have met them a couple of times a month.

Lynne and Paul arrived in time for lunch. Anna had put a diaphragm in. We normally use condoms, but Lynne and Paul are close friends with bareback privileges.

"Come in." I welcomed them. 

Anna rushed to join us, giving them both a kiss on the lips. I kissed Lynne and shook Paul by the hand.

It was a light lunch with a bottle of cool white wine.

The best thing about familiar friends is sex is relaxed, and the best thing about new friends is sex can be an impulsive and frantic adventure. 

Lynne and Paul are relaxed friends. Sex is not go be rushed into. Our ladies took us upstairs. Lynne looked at me as she unbuttoned herself. I glanced at Paul and Anna. Paul lifted Anna's chin and kissed her.

I removed my shirt as Lynne revealed her breasts. I moved closer, crushed her breasts against my chest,  kissed her and felt her buttocks. She held me tight and kissed back.

I found the zip on Lynne's skirt, pulled it down and slipped the button through it's hole. Lynne pushed me away and pulled at my belt as her skirt fell to the ground. 

"No nickers Lynne, you naughty girl." Anna commented.  

I had not noticed my hands were higher and my eyes locked on her's. I looked towards Anna who was laying on the bed and Paul pulling at her knickers. My hands dropped to her buttocks and Lynne pushed my trousers and underwear down.  The trousers fell to the floor, my underwear was far enough down for my cock to feel the direct warmth of Lynne's stomach. 

"No knickers. Tut tut." I commented. 

"It was a waste of time putting them on, I knew you would take them off." Lynne replied. 

"You know Tony too well." Anna commented in a voice that told me she was enjoying Paul's head between her legs.

"We better catch up." I told Lynne.

Lynne took a place on the bed. I almost fell over pulling my legs from my trousers. 

I lay between her legs. My tongue did not search the depths of her pussy. I kissed her pussy and inhaled the heavy scent. I heard Anna cum and started to search Lynne's pussy. Lynne began to purr. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her bean. Soon she was bucking with pleasure. 

I worked my way up her body and slipped my cock into her. Paul had been finger fucking Anna, but pushed his cock into her as I took his wife. I  ground and fucked her as Paul fucked Anna.

I took my Anna back, kissing her pussy smudged with Paul's tangy cum. I dug deep searching for more cum.

I did not wait for her to cum, I buried my cock deep in her sloppy cunt and ground her bean, sure she was about to cum I started to hammer her.

"That was nice." Anna said to no one in particular. 

"Just nice?" I asked.

"Very nice." She told me with my cock still in her.

"I'll see if I can improve on that." I started moving again. I filled Anna once more.

"Now I want to see what you have both done to Lynne." Anna informed us.

Lynne and Anna clung to each other as they cleaned up the mess Paul and I had made.

We spent the weekend relaxing and fucking. We know each other but there is always the pleasant warmth of sex. 

Anna and I both enjoy that, but we also enjoy the adventure of new partners. The kind who challenge our boundaries, but do not push too hard. 

Written by Tony

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