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I met Debbie and Bob at the club while Anna was away. They played safe and insisted on it before I set the same rule.

Anna has been chatting with them on the site and we met them at the club.

We arrived before them and settled down in towels to wait for them. As normal men eyed her up without saying anything.

"Come on, let's get a room." Anna suggested, as an escape from the eyes.

Three men followed us as we walked towards the play areas. I locked them out.

"I don't like them like that." Anna commented.

"Wanting to just use you?" 

"That's what I mean, they are scared to talk and think I'm here to fuck anyone."

"If you like Debbie and Bob we can ask them home." I offered sitting on the bed.

"That would be better."

"Are you OK?"



"Sure." Anna pulled me to her to kiss. "Just 69, I don't want to be full of you if I let Bob have me."

I lay on her and explored her pussy with my tongue while Anna took my cock in her mouth and fingered me. Anna came but I did not till we broke apart and she wanked me, then licked cum from her hand and my cock. I don't cum very often to oral, but I do enjoy it.

"You got yourself all dirty." Anna announced.

"That was your doing."

"I know." She kissed me.

We stopped off at the showers on the way back and found Debbie sat on her own and Bob heading back with drinks.

"Anna, this is Debbie and that is Bob."

Bob put the drinks down. "Have you two been busy?"

"We just went for a cuddle." I informed Bob.

We sat and chatted while hungry men looked on but did nothing. 

We locked the room and dropped our towels. Debbie and Bob looked at Anna's body, those gazes were welcome. 

I kissed Anna. Debbie took my cock in her hand. I lay on the bed and Debbie started to suck on my cock with her but in the air.

"Debbie enjoys being rimmed." I said. 

Anna pulled Debbie's bum apart and began work. Debbie eerrmmed into my cock.

"Anna enjoys doggy." I informed Bob.

Anna shuffled her knees to raise her bum which Bob took with a condom covered cock. He was gentle.  Debbie gave up sucking, rolled a condom on my cock and sat on it. Bob picked up his pace and Anna came. 

"Fuck that's good." Anna informed everyone. 

"Too right." Bob confirmed. 

Debbie continued moving. I filled my condom just before she came. 

Anna was kissing Bob when Debbie turned to look at her husband and she broke a rule; she kissed me. My cock was hard. I grabbed a condom. Debbie realised what I was doing, she helped me and I fucked her on her back.  Debbie was vocal declaring her enjoyment. 

Anna was riding Bob.

We filled our condoms and left our warm pussy.  I pulled the condom off Bob and sucked on his slippery cock. He went for my cock. 

I heard Debbie tell Anna. "I don't eat pussy but you can eat me."

I was too busy at Bob's cock and balls to care who was eating pussy. Bob took my cock in his hand, for a few moments his mouth did nothing then sucked a ball into his mouth. He shoved his cock forward into my mouth, I gagged, but he came filling me with cum.

He sucked harder on my cock. Debbie screamed delight. 

Something caused Bob to stop. I turned as he was heading for his wife, he drove his cock into her. I followed his example and fucked Anna, yes we fucked, we did not make love, it was frantic, thursting, sweaty sex. I filled Anna and left her. Bob started tonguing Anna. I fell on Debbie's cunt. Debbie sucked on my cock. I lapped at Bob's deposit. 

That was about all we could manage. We showered, went back to the seating for a rest, and returned to the locked room again. Our new friends left, we went for a soke in the tub and met a couple we already knew. After a rest went and played with them.

We are going to meet Debbie and Bob again, but at home.

Written by Tony

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