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Emily and I went to the club with a plan to get filled. We walked in with towels around our waist.

I selected my first man. They would all be tall, young and slim.

"What's your name?"

"Clive." He answered, his hopes rising.

"Do you fuck bareback?"

"For you I will."

"Good, will you fuck my sister and me?" I indicated Emily.

He was getting excited. He looked over at Emily snogging a man. "She has someone."

"Did I say it would be only you?"

"Both of us, both of you?"

"You're not shy are you?"

"No I'm not."

"Good because we need 6 cocks tonight. So I want you two as well." I grabbed a towel, pulled it off and pointed at another.

The man followed his towel and I led my 3 men towards Emily and a room.

"Lock the door hun." Emily instructed.

Clive reached for me.

"O, no you don't. You fuck me, but after you fuck Emily." I told him.

"This is your first cock." Emily announced, shaking a hard one and kissing him.

"Thanks sister." I lay on the bed.

The man was quick heading for my cunt. No foreplay, but I never needed it. He lasted longer than I thought. Not long enough but I fingered myself as he left.

"Next" I called.

He was better. He kissed me and finger fucked me.

The door opened and closed. 

"Someone lock that door." Emily commanded.

"Did you wear him out." I asked.

"That was your's."

"Only 5 for you then."

The door opened again. Someone locked it.

My considerate man began to fuck me.

"Your good hun. When you've fucked my sister come back."

"Are you really sisters?"

"Don't you like fucking sisters?"

"I like fucking you two."

I pulled him to me, feeling his magic cock working inside me.

"What's your name?"


"You are no Jessy. Fuck you're good."

"You're a pair…"

"A pair of what, tell me what."

"Dirty bitches."

"I hope you are the one."

"One for what?"

"To give me a baby."

"You dirty bitch."

I came. He filled me.

"Stay when the rest go." I whispered. 

Another man fucked me, then another cock probed me. 

A last man fucked me. 

Everyone left, leaving Jessy, Emily and me.

"I want Jessy to visit us."

Emily held his cock. "You must visit,  we want more of this." Emily wanted his still hard cock.

"I don't mind if I do." He answered, tipping Emily onto her back.

I saw him drive his cock into her. I kissed Emily and felt her tit.

"I hope you will have some left for me Jessy." I hoped.

"I could fuck you two all night."

He never. He fucked us both twice more.

"What do you think Emily?" I asked.

"I think Jessy will be able to entertain us. Are you bi Jessy?"

"No, but I do suck cock."

"That's a nice start Jessy."

"We are Jessy, would you like to watch?"

"Yes please."

I kissed Emily then buried my face in her couch. She was slick, my face became covered in cum. Emily ran her tongue over my bean. I moaned as I played with her clit. Emily close her legs tightly on my head and came. As she relaxed I went to her ass. No one had fucked it.

"Jessy do you want to fuck an ass?"

"Who's?" He asked suspiciously. 



We parted and Emily was taken doggy.

"Fuck her hard Jessy."

"Yes yes." Emily shouted.

Jessy banged away. I thought he was going to give up, but he kept at it. Even in the cool room he was sweating.

As he fell from his kneeling position I kissed him.

"Well done. I like a man who does not give up."

We gave him both our numbers.

Written by Jane

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