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Off to the airport with more baggage than normal. Not sure how much will get dirty with a nudist beach just outside the hotel. 

I was earwigging 3 people talking. 

One woman said. “....and I can sleep with him, so no accommodation cost.”

The man said. “On the floor?” 

I smiled.

Fria asked why I was smiling. I explained and told her I did not believe she would be on the floor.

“I would not be with a comfortable bed.” Fria agreed.

We spent a little extra for express transfer. I'm sure the taxi driver gave Fria and Anna a long look. Anna thought the same, and made sure her hem raised as she got in the car. 

As we drove along we looked out at the dusty land.

Sign in was just before dinner, but we went to our room. A bedroom with two large beds and a sitting room with a kitchenette in the corner. We will not be using that, we are all inclusive. 

Claire was tired, so Anna put her down and I looked out at the sea.

“It's beautiful.” Fria commented.

Dinner was OK and staff helped with Claire's chair.

The following morning we went down to the beach for an hour after breakfast. We set Claire in the shade behind an umbrella and stripped off. Anna and Fria simply pulled their wraps apart and kicked off their shoes. I had to pull my shirt over my head and push my shorts off. Consequently, I had first watch over Claire. You can't stop Anna when she sees water. It's a mixed beach but we had no meerkats. 

Back in our room we christened the second bed. We found our way to the pool restaurant and I looked after Claire while They went sunbathing. They had thin wrap around dresses For the pool, much thinner, but they both had swimwear. Their beach wraps were thicker and hid everything. Their pool wraps were thin and if it was not for the three bits of cloth called a bathing costume everything would be visible. They had more men gazing at them around the pool than they did naked on the beach.

Apart from working the beach time up to most of the morning we spent most days like that.

Tuesday after dinner Anna and Fria went to the bar and I looked after Claire. They returned a bit later with two men.

“This is our husband,  Tony.” Anna introduced me, and I noticed the our.

“Come to shag them?” I asked.

Anna answered for them. “This is Peter and Jamie.” Anna gave me a passionate kiss and dropped her dress. 

She took Peter by the hand and led him to bed. The door shut behind them all.

I stripped off and gave them time to get started.

The door was shut but we have an agreement, we all get to play with anyone that is brought to the room, not that I expected it. I opened the door. 

Peter was fucking Anna on her back and Fria was on the other bed with Jamie taking her missionary. 

Peter looked back and broke his rhythm. 

“I'll fuck them later.” I told Peter who went back to pumping her.

“Hello darling.” Anna welcomed me.

My cock was hard. I watched,  it was the first time we had seen Fria fucking another man.

Peter grunted and rolled off Anna. He started looking for his clothes. 

“You're not staying to fuck Fria.” I asked.

“Fria would be insulated if you went now.” Anna persuaded.

Anna had not cum so I went to kissing and rubbing her till she told me. “Thank god.” with a bodyerly shudder. 

Fria was luckier and Jamie got her off before filling his condom.

“Over here Fria, this cocktail needs encouragement.” Anna instructed. 

Fria changed beds and started sucking on Peter.

“Kneel Fria.” Anna suggested. 

Her hole was available and I started her first spit roast. Always a good fuck Fria was more that day. I kept slow gentle strokes, nor wanting her to gag on the cock.

Anna was working Jamie's cock and balls with one hand and sometimes kissing him. Jamie ran his hands over Anna. He ran his tongue over her breast.

“That's for Claire not you.” Anna chastised. 

He went back to other parts of her body.

“Is he hard yet?” Anna asked.

“Erhem.” Came as an affirmative from Fria full month. 

“Ride him Fria.”

 I pulled my hard unsatisfied cock from Fria. She pulled a condom on Peter and sat on him. I pushed her gently flat onto Peter and did what Anna had discussed with Fria. I pushed my cock in alongside Peter's. 

“No one said anything about that.” Peter complained. 

“Just think about Fria’s cunt.” Anna instructed. 

I continued fucking Fria without further complaints from Peter, but he called. “You whore.”

“Slut.” Anna corrected him. “We fuck because we enjoy it, not for money.”

“That is so good.” Fria declared.

 I flooded Fria and pulled out. Fria sat up and moved, swinging her hips. She gave herself three cums before letting Peter fill his condom, then turned to look at the other bed.

“Our turn Jamie.” Anna announced, reaching for a condom.

Anna rolled the condom on and asked. “You are not going to complain are you?”

Anna laid herself flat on her victim, squashing her breasts against him.

“Legs together Jamie.” I instructed. 

I knelt astride Jamie's legs but inside Anna's. I slipped into Anna, using her back door but could still feel Jamie through Anna's thin membrane. 

As I pumped I felt Jamie's hand on my arm. It was hidden from the other bed. Anna must have noticed Jamie was no longer touching her and she looked back. Anna held his hand to me.

“O, yes do that, it's wonderful.” Anna encouraged Jamie.

“Anna likes that Jamie, don't stop.” I told him.

Jamie ran his hand over my arm and reached for my side.

Anna and Jamie whispered to each other. 

I filled Anna and she pushed my limp cock from her. She supported herself on her arms and rolled her hips.

“You are good.” Anna congratulated Jamie. 

Anna managed to time it perfectly, they both came at the same time.

Anna raised herself letting Jamie flop from her.

“Thanks guys, we will call you if we want you.” Anna made it clear it was time for them to leave.

“I've invited Jamie back tomorrow, but I'll fuck him myself if you don't want to.” Anna explained her whispers. 

“You are not keeping him to yourself.” Fria objected.

“This from the woman who invited three men to our house and I never even got a kiss.” Anna condemned Fria with a smile.

“I never knew…” Fria started.

“Anna is teasing you Fria.” I explained. 

The following afternoon Jamie arrived without Peter.

“We noticed you reached out for Tony yesterday.” Anna commented. 

“Yeah, well.” Jamie interrupted.

“It's OK Jamie, we thought you would like to explore that side of your nature, but whatever you do or don't do you still get to fuck me.” Anna completed her statement softly.

“..and fuck me.” Fria added.

“No pressure, so don't if you like, I can go for a walk while you bang this pair of lovely ladies.” I filled the gap.

“Stay.” Jamie said simply.

We moved to the bedroom and undressed. Since Fria and Anna were only in their wrap-around dresses they were first to be naked, but since it was their poolside wrap and no swimsuit they hid nothing anyway. Jamie was helped to strip.

“Look at that lovely cock Fria.” Anna asked Fria.

Fria took the cock in her mouth and enjoyed it. 

Anna touched his chest then asked. “Can I have some of that cock now?”

Fria reluctantly surrendered the cock and started to kiss him. Anna went down on him.

Anna released his cock. “How about one more bj?”

“Yes please.” Jamie replied. 

I went down on his cock, rolling my tongue around his head and taking it deep.

“Not so bad?” Anna asked.

“It's OK.” Jamie answered. 

Jamie came, with an. “Erh.”

“Sounds better than ok.” Fria declared. 

I was going to snowball Anna, but I gave it to Fria.

“Pass it on," I whispered.

Fria passed it to Anna who passed it to Jamie, who seemed a bit shocked.

“Swallow the proof, you liked Tony giving you a bj.” Anna told Jamie. “Let's see if you can do the same.

“What do I do?” Jamie asked.

“Just do what you like women doing to you.” I told him.

Jamie started tentatively. 

“I do like a man who knows how to suck cock.” Anna stated.

Fria looked over at Anna, I think she was surprised. Anna lubed her hand then reached under Jamie to play with his cock.

Soon Anna directed. “Open your legs a bit.”

Jamie parted his knees but not much, it was enough for Anna. Anna took Fria's hand placed on his cock and put her own hand through his legs and played with his balls.

“Fuck.” Jamie said letting go of my cock.

“Don't stop.” Anne insisted. 

Jamie went back to work and Anna strayed from his balls. Anna can be careful, soft, and sneaky. I could guess what she was doing. Her figures moved over his annus. Jamie let out a gasp.

“You're enjoying that, I know you are.” Anna assured Jamie.

Her hand moved deftly over his annus, applying a little more pressure with each sweep.

“O God fuck.” Jamie exclaimed. 

“Do you want more?” Anna asked.

“Yes please.” Jamie begged raising his head from my cock.

“Let Tony move.” Anna instructed. 

I moved and could see Anna had pushed a finger deep in.

“There, Jamie just a little more.” Anna comforted. 

I pulled a condom on my cock and waited for Anna to remove her finger. I pressed my cock to his annus.

“You may feel a little discomfort at first, I did, but then it is wonderful.” Anna told Jamie.

Jamie tensed his ass as I pushed forward with my hands on his hips.

“Just relax.” I told him.

Then the head of my cock was past the first ring of muscle.

“That's better.” Jamie said.

I let him adjust and I pushed in deep and began to move. Fria was still playing with his cock. Anna had her hand on his back.

“I think he is enjoying this.” Fria said.

“I know Jamie is enjoying.” Anna commented. 

“O, you have cum.” Fria exclaimed in surprise. 

I continued to move and soon filled the condom and Jamie pushed me out.

“You did enjoy that, look what you did to the bed Jamie.” Anna pointed out.

“Who would you like first, Fria or me?”

Jamie did not answer, would he upset the other if he chose one.

“Let's fuck Fria together.” I rescued him.

“Let's have a clean bed.” Anna demanded. 

My cock was up but Jamie needed a little encouragement from Fria.

“Sit on me Fria.” I asked her.

Fria sat on my cock and waited. Anna took Jamie's rubber encased cock and placed it.

“Just push Jamie, there is lots of room. Feel her hot cunt and Tony's hard cock. All the way in till your balls slap his.” Anna instructed. 

“I like that two hard cocks.” Fria celebrated. 

“Just fuck her. Don't worry about her pleasure she will get that off Tony.” Anna instructed. 

“Fuck me hard and cum.” Fria begged sandwiched between two men.

Jamie did as he was told. He lasted longer than I expected. 

“Make sure you don't leave the condom behind.” I told him.

“Got it.” Jamie responded. 

Fria sat up and started to swing her hips. Soon she came and bounced a couple of times and I filled her. 

“Looks like I will have to wait for my fuck.” Anna complained observing two soft cocks.

Fria kiss Anna and Anna moved to lock Fria in 69.

“Christ.” Was all Jamie could manage.

We broke for drinks and then went back to bed.

“Try my ass.” Anna suggested. 

Anna climbed on me, sank herself onto my cock.

Jamie rolled a condom on.

“A little extra lube.” I told him.

It was Fria who took her time rubbing it alone Anna's valley. Then Jamie found the hole and pushed in.

“Gently to start. When you are nice and deep you can fuck as hard as you like.” Anna cautioned. 

“Sorry.” Jamie apologised. “That's tight.”

“Anna has a nice ass.” I confirmed. 

“She and Fria are fucking nice you lucky bastard.” 

Anna was panting hot breath on my face as Jamie came. She sat up and sweet her hips 5 times and we came together. 

“Are you staying the night?” Fria asked.

“I wish I could. I told Peter I was going for a run.

The following day some old friends joined us, Hilda and Mateo. 

“Hilda and Mateo, this is Fria.” I introduced them.

Mateo was immediately interested in Fria.

“I'm condoms only, we are trying for a baby, but Fria is fully available.” Anna informed them.

“Are you bi, Fria?” Hilda asked.

Fria glanced at Anna and answered. “Yes, bi I think I am still discovering myself.”

“It's a wise woman who knows that Fria.” Hilda told her.

“Bed?” I asked.

“Bed.” Mateo confirmed. 

As anticipated Mateo went straight for Fria. She was new to him and bareback. 

Anna blessed their union by informing her. “Mateo is better than yesterday's cocks.”

My cock was hard, I wanted Hilda. I wanted them all, but Hilda was first. It was me on my back. Hilda mounted me and Anna took a breast in hand. As Hilda rolled her cunt on my cock she kissed Anna. She was concentrating on herself and Anna had to remind her to please me.

I reached for Anna.

“Not me, Fria, enjoy her full.” 

I took Fria on her back, full of spunk. 

“Do you like that?” Fria asked.

“You enjoying sex, yes I do.”

“I mean with other men in me.” she said, panting as I pumped her.

“If Anna was not off the pill you would both be fucked by us both.”

“They have both fucked us both.” Hilda remarked.

“..and others.” Anna confirmed. 

My balls slapped against her leaking cunt. Her panting turned to gasps and she came. I continued banging away and I added my load to Mateo's.

“Do you want her back?” I asked.

“Soon.” Mateo replied. 

Hilda came to us. “Was Mateo good to you?”

“He was very good.”

“May I?” Hilda asked, running her hand up her leg.

“Yes.” It was a simple yes.

Hilda went down on Fria. Fria smiled with pleasure. I gave them some time and slotted my cock into Hilda.

They spent the night.

On Monday the wind was blowing,  lots of sand in the air and a rough sea so we hired a car and went to the north of the island. 

The following day Anna and I sneaked out to the beach early.

As normal everything came off. There was no one on the beach. It was dark. We could just see the shadows cast by street light on the other side of the nature reserve. 

“Is it cool?” Anna said.

“Do you want to warm up?”

“What do you mean?”

“We could go back.”

“We could go for a swim.”

“Then my cock would disappear for half an hour.”

“Then you better fuck me first.”

I admit I did check the beach in all directions. 

“On your knees.”

“Yes sir.”

I slid into her.

“You want this, don't you bitch.” I commented using her sir as a que.

“Yes sir. I need your cock.”

“Dirty lying bitch, any cock will do.”

“It will, any cock as big as yours.”

I drove my cock in and out of her. My cum flowed and I continued to fuck her. Cum leaked down her leg and my swinging ball spread it. She came, I came again, deflated and pulled her off her hands. My slimy cock was pushed against her back, my left hand on her tit and my right fingers in her cunt and on her clit.

“You don't care if we are seen do you?” Anna asked.

She broke the spell. 

“Sorry Tony.”

“So you should be. Time for a swim.”

As we emerged from the sea the first walkers appeared. We walked back towards the hotel air drying as we went.

We stopped at the toilets and found a condom wrapper.

“Someone had fun last night.” I said.

“How do you know?”

“A condom wrapper.”

“At least one was male then.”

“At least one.”

We got to the end of the beach and dressed.

The rest of the holiday was fun between the three of us.

Written by Tony

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