Written by angelmaster2005

24 Oct 2008

You remember part one where I and my ex-wife Anne engaged with Carl in a hot MMF 3 some. Moving along I then pushed forward another fantasy of mine that would combine nicely with another MMF. Part 2 is Anne getting blacked!

After the previous success we decided to try it again but only this time with a black guy as I had a desire to watch my missus being used by a well endowed black man/men.

Well we went out to an R & B club, where the chances would be greatly improved of finding the chap we wanted.

Anne was wearing a thigh length denim skirt with black knee high boots and a halter neck top with no bra.

Too get closer to the action after a few drinks, dances and a degree of flirting later she had been out on the dance floor talking to a guy we later found out was called Gary. He was about 5’10” slim build and said he was 23. Anne had said that she liked him and wanted to find out more.

I watched the dance and grind on the dance floor, she was grinding up against him but resisting any chances to take things further. I watched as she gyrated her hips into his groin and then seemed to feel it with her hand.

She made her excuses and came over to me and said “This is one, I felt his cock through his jeans and it’s a fair size” quite excited.

Suddenly we were approached by Gary, who was unaware that I was Anne’s husband looking to progress things further. We informed that we were a couple and he said “o” and turned as if to go. Anne quickly grabbed and whispered something in his ear too which he smiled and laughed. “For Real” was next and I knew that she must have said told him. We departed and headed for home.

Unlike before there was a slower build up when we got in. I put some more RnB music on and got out some drinks and we chatted as Anne danced in the middle of the floor teasing us.

Gary got up and moved behind her playing with her whilst I watched, firstly exposing her tit and playing with the nipple before they turned to full on snog each other whilst gyrating.

I by this time had moved behind Anne and started caressing her from behind and lifting her skirt.

Anne took off her top and skirt to reveal that she was not wearing anything underneath!

Gary at this point was stripped to his socks and moved his sizeable 10” cock towards her face. “Sizeable” I said feeling that Anne had understated Gary’s size.

She licked his tip while I watched and then slowly started to take him into her mouth. It was incredible to see Anne trying to stuff as much of this hard black cock in her mouth as possible. I watched as she gagged struggled to get more in. By now I was wanking slowly and waiting for more developments. Gary wasn’t interested in the foreplay he had already begin to slap a condom on whilst fingering my wife’s wet pussy.

Pulling Anne forwards on the settee to the edge her then part her legs, still with boots and began to inch his big black cock into her. The noises that came out of wife’s mouth were great as she groaned as she tried to accommodate this big dick. She changed position and got Gary to sit down while she lowered herself onto his cock. I watched with delight as I saw her lips move further down his shaft as she began to rock to gain more depth.

I lubed my finger and stuck it in her arse and got more turned on as she fucked his cock.

I added another finger to her arse as she continued to ride Gary like a bucking bronco. I also began to lube my cock as

I went for the double penetration. Now since last time we had practiced anal and it helped as this time was much more successful.

I could hear her practically squeal as my cock broke past her inner ring and deeper into her arsehole.

I fucked it nice and slow but everything was a little too much for me and very quickly I blew my load deep in my wife’s arse.

Withdrawing to the chair I preceded to watch one of the finest fuck shows I have seen.

Anne was now being bent over and being far too loud as Gary pumped her mercilessly. I was impressed by his stamina and returned not longer after, beginning to find a new lease of life. My wife obliged by sucking my cock back to full stiffness whilst being assaulted by Gary’s pounding. Gary had a pussy break and got some oral while I had a go and I couldn’t believe how much my wife’s pussy was stretched.

The action now moved to the floor with Gary pinning Anne’s booted legs back and driving his cock in and out more furiously. In mid stroke he asked if he could fuck Anne’s arse but she declined due to his size.

Gary was then ready to cum after some more fierce pounding and then squirting what seemed like a fountain all over Anne’s tits and stomach. I followed up with a smaller dollop on her tits.

No second round unfortunately and this was the last bit of fun I had with Anne after separating.

Part 3 see’s the new slut in my life, Natalia the hot mixed race South African super slut. You will find out how much of a slut she is in the coming parts.