8 Aug 2017

Carrie Anne was working late at the old folks home but told me she would be showered and ready to go by 9 o'clock at the latest. Her boy friend was posted overseas and not due back for another six weeks she was getting fucked by one of the lads that had a horse beside hers but this was not what she craved she had been around the biker community before and had been used to getting well used by the lads prior to meeting her latest boyfriend. Hes not much of a lover she recond but gave her a good life style and didn't ask to many questions when she came in covered in love bites or a hole full of cum.

Tonights get together was planned as a few drinks and a bite to eat and if she was lucky a good hard ride from Danny and I on the way home. By the time we picked her up she had downed a couple of large white wines and had got dressed in a hurry as we had instructed she was in a short skirt showing a lot of leg and a tight off the shoulder top not much of a drinker normally she was keen to get into Peterhead for a few before heading into Aberdeen. Danny laughed when she got into the back of the car her legs spread wide enough that her knickers barley covered her pussy. Feeling horny to night Carrie he enquired? Just nervous she replied you and your bloody mates yesterday. This was news to me what happened ? She had been up attending to her horse and Danny and a few of the lads had spotted her in the field so pulled over to have a chat one thing led to another and they had gone back into the stable block to shelter from the rain Carrie pulled off her top to reveal her bra showing through her wet tee shirt the lads groping her nipples and teasing her about her being the only woman heading to the club on Saturday and how she would have her body used as a cum dump she was trying to be brave telling them she would cope with anything they could offer but realised she was here alone with five horny guys all of which were determined to get into her knickers. Being a bit of a mouthy cow she soon found herself on her knees sucking the lads off whilst they groped her arse and fingered her now wet cunt it was agreed that she would be let go once each of the lads had cum as long as she pulled a line up on Saturday and boyfriend would never find out.

Here it was Saturday Carrie Anne was walking into our little club house knees shaking hands a bit of a tremble but still game enough to part her legs and take on the lads for a bit of relief from the boredom of her normal life . She headed for the bar downing a vodka and taking in the surroundings I stood next to her and tried to reassure her that she was looking great and indeed most of the guys in here were just here to watch. I slid my hand up her leg exposing her white thong slipping my fingers into her snatch she was already wet a good fingering had her legs buckling as one or two of the lads joined in a sea of hands into her pants up her top and generally groping and feeling het compliant body. On your knees!

she obeyed as she knew what was expected of her cock after cock filling her mouth her hands forced onto waiting semi hard cocks encouraging her to get them fully erect so she gets what's coming to her. Carrie loves the taste of cum but not so keen on it getting in her hair or on her face tonight was not to be her night as the first load hit her in the side of her eye shortly followed by another on her lips running down her chin. Stand up she was told ! Now get those fucking knickers down, for all the use they have been she pulled her thong down exposing her well fingered cunt this spurred the lads on she was bent over the table legs held above her head as the to turns at her pussy banging her hard her back rubbing on the table its legs struggling under the onslaught four or five guys fucked her pussy emptying their balls over her stomach and watching as it run down between her legs Ronnie being the first to use it as lube on her tight arse hole a group formed to watch as this mountain of a guys stuck his cock up her arse not gently but with a force that brought a gasp from the audience Carrie Anne took it like a pro the guys bending her legs back so he could fuck her hole hard. Its as well she had a few drinks 8 guys used her for almost two hours before she got a breather and a chance to clean up her once tight arse leaking cum as she struggled to her feet. The taxi home was free as we had Carrie suck the guy off right outside her house a slut yes but to meet her in normal day time environment butter would not melt. Her lads a bit boring but I'm sure one day we will show him what she is capable of and to my knowledge she never says no even when she's bent over my bike hair pulled, skirt up and arse being used as a cum dump.