Written by Melissa

8 Jun 2007

Janice and Tony invited us round for dinner, then a soak in their new hot tub. Recent friends, met at the line-dancing club, we always found their easy-going attitude attractive, and quickly relaxed over an excellent meal, with aperitifs and wine. Plates cleared away, Janice announced the move to the tub, placed under a retractable sunblind on their patio. 'Ok,i'll just get changed' said I taking my cozzie to the downstairs loo. Tim, my husband, saw what I had'nt...a brief knowing glance between Jan and Tony. 'Ok, we'll see you in the tub when you're ready' she said. Now, hot-tub etiquette is not my strong point, so being somewhat naive I climbed unsteadily in wearing my pink one-piece. Only when Tony turned down the jacuzzi-effect and the water settled did I realise that he and Jan were naked. My Tim was in his jockeys (hedging his bets, I suspect, until he saw my reaction). 'It's ok, guys, if you feel happier dressed that's fine, but you lose the jacuzzi sensation...!' My Tim joined the enemy: 'Yes, it is a bit daft....'scuse me...' and took off his underpants, wrung them, and threw them on the patio floor. So I was slightly embarrassed, but also well-wined and just a little bit turned on by three nude bodies. 'Ok, chaps, I give in!' and I struggled out of the cozzie I had put on barely minutes before.

'Lovely body, Mel....fancy hiding that under a costume!' Tony's compliment was accompanied by his left hand carressing my shoulders, and stroking my neck. Mmmm....nice...I looked over at Tim, who was sitting between Tony and Jan, who merely smiled approval. Tony stopped his touchy-feely just long enough to start the jacuzzi again, the bubbling water now disguising the movement of his hand from my shoulders to the small of my back. Mmmm...nice again....I felt his thigh press up against mine. 'Fancy a snog, Mel?' he asked, loud enough for Tim and Jan to hear; 'Tony, behave, Mels' not that sort of girl...anyway, Tim might object!' Hubby Tim finally committed himself: 'Actually, we have'nt had a good snog for ages...do us both good!' With that he turned on Jan and started kissing her playfully. 'Thats' my girl!' whispered Tony, an instant before his lips met mine.

And that was not the only contact...his right arm reached accross underwater, took my right hand and placed it on his cock. I felt a secret thrill as I realised it's size, and that it was already hard. The kiss developed into tongues, and his right hand pushed gently down between my tight thighs. Tight? Why was I not relaxing?.....well,I soon did, and moved my legs apart only to feel his firm touch around my vagina lips, then slowly pushing in until he found my little paradise. Without realising it I had been wanking him quite hard, and he had to stop me...wow, I so wanted that cock inside me.......

I don't know what Tim and Jan had been up to, so consumed was I with Tony's lovemaking, but I was aware of them both getting out of the tub, donning towels, and going indoors. 'Where are they off to?' I asked Tony, still working my cunt lips: 'No idea, Gorgeous...perhaps we ought to go and see.' As he helped me out of the tub and into a towel, I saw his cock for the first time. Early in my married life I took the view that when you had seen one, you had seen them all...sheltered life or what? - Tony's was a real beauty, now semi-hard but still big and quite thick, with a much larger tip than Tim. 'Fancy it?' Tony asked mischeviously..'...you rather took to it in the tub!' Lost for words, I knelt down to kiss it. Big mistake!! Within seconds it was in my mouth...I could feel it hardening again, the knob now so big I was having to breath through my nose. For some reason I had never liked sucking Tim's penis, but now warmed to my task, pushing Tony's cock as far as it would go, and sucking voraciously, him kneading my tits like crazy.....'Oh fuck, I'm cumming....' he gasped. And he did...the first jet of hot salty sperm went straight down my throat...I instinctively pulled away, so the several spurts that followed covered my hair and face, until after a few seconds the flow stopped, leaving me holding his now softening-willie an inch or two from my mouth....so in it went again as I enjoyed another suck, taking the warm residue from his balls. 'Bloody hell, Mel....that was brilliant...I really did'nt mean to cum so quickly....' So we climbed back into the tub, where Tony, bless his heart, found the centre of my universe again with his fingers and gave me two heavenly orgasms. Soon after Jan and Tim came back, carrying another bottle of wine. To this day Tim won't tell me what he and Jan got up to indoors, but he has introduced a couple of new positions into our somewhat more frequent lovemaking. I just wish he had Tony's cock, though.....!