Written by lucky john

20 Oct 2011

,john and jane ,both fit and late forties , married 26 years ,jane has a great slim figure with a lovely ass and firm boobs-our first ever meet was arranged by me -john without any warning for jane ,we had fantasised regular about enjoying others during our sex sessions,it was a tues afternoon as usual as we have the house to ourselves ,i had organised for 2 guys to come to the house at 2pm dead -door on latch and come in with directions to the bedroom ,not to say anything just have a good look and if all was well i would nod for them to strip off

i got jane to put on her crotchless panties and peekaboo bra on and got her on the bed a few minutes before to get us both in the mood ,which didn't take long, i reached over to the bedside cabinet and got her favourite blindfold out ,put this on i have a little surprise for you i said ,she looked puzzled but did as i said- one minute passed 2pm and i heard the door ,whats going on she asked ,i just said its a sexy treat just go along with it as far as your comfortable and stop at any time if your not

in came the 2 guys ,janes on her knees and straddling my cock ,what a sight it must have been for them as in no time at all they were naked and hard jane looked a bit apprehensive now ,not knowing who's there or whats going to happen ,i reasured her,i nodded for the 2 guys to get each side of her on the bed i took one of her hands off my thigh and placed it on the left guys cock ,then the other on the right guys cock ---thats her first time with 2 cocks in her hands!i watched her face as she felt there length girth and stiffness with a slight smile and apprehension ,she started to wank them in unison ,i watched and loved it as i slipped my cock up and down her lovely wet pusssy after a short time i slipped out and nodded for the guy on the left to take my place ,his cock was bigger than mine but slimmer ,i took his place and she started to wank me as he slipped his cock in her ,she could tell it was longer as she rode it higher and deeper ,after about 10 mins i nodded for the 2 guys to swop over , and the second guy slipped into her

jane by this time looked a little more comfortable and was riding and wanking extremeley well--after a short while i slipped back under jane to feel her now extremely wet and swollen pussy and started to fuck her again ,she was still staddling me and wanking there hard cocks as i motioned for the 1st guy to come forward and straddle my face ,he had very hairy legs but smooth balls and cock that pointed towards the ceiling, with his balls dangling in my eye sockets,i pulled jane forward by her boobs until his cock touched her face , she did not hesitate to swollow it ,right down to his balls right in front of my eyes

i nodded for the 2nd guy to get behind her and on that i lifted her ass cheeks and spread them for him to see her in all her glory ,he put his cock against her sopping cunt and my cock and he slid it in, on top of mine---she was getting her pussy double dipped for the first time and she let out a sigh through her cock filled mouth -only after a couple of mins fucking two cocks and sucking another i felt her body stiffen, jerk and shudder and after 26years of marriage i new she was cumming ,and i always cum too when she does-she came with such a gush and shudder ,i shot my load into her pussy and the 1st guy shot a full load into her mouth at the same time, with me cumming jane cumming and the guy in front cumming it sent the other guy into orgasm as well and we filled her from behind ,jane was filled with hot cum from all angles ,the guy in front withdrew and she sucked him clean ,then me and the last guy ---i never dreamt in a million years we would go this far , i looked at the guys with big smiles and gestured them to leave ,they thanked me and left i took janes blindfold off --her eyes were glazed it looked as if she had just won the £110 million on the lottery ,we kissed,thanked eachother and fell asleep ,after an hour we woke and i fucked her loveley sopping wet hole again ,mmmmmmmmmmit was awesome !!