Written by A cum slut

30 Mar 2008

I have always been a cum slut and when the opportunity arose to spend an afternoon at an adult spa I jumped at it.

I arranged to meet one of my regular fuck friends. We meet once a month and have an afternoon of fucking, sucking, licking and piss over each other. I always go home with each of my holes filled and normally fuck the hubby too afterwards as I am still so horny.

Well this afternoon was going to be special, I was told.

When we arrived at the Spa I didnt realise that I had to be naked and I got really nervous. I had never exposed my naked body to that many people before, especially dozens of men. But when we got inside and saw that every one else was in the same boat I relaxed. We first jumped into the hot tub together. John told me to open my legs as he played with my open pussy with his cock. Intimate touching isnt allowed in the spa but but we didnt care. Minutes later one by one another guy would jump into the hot tub till I had about 8 guys surrounding me. All eying up my tits.

John suggested that we go upstairs to the \'rest area\', so we did. I followed him as instructed and when we got upstairs I was surprised to find about a dozen different sized play rooms. I was also shocked to see so many men standing outside, just waiting to action to start. I nevously chose a room and we went inside. John asked me if I wanted to door left open. I asked him what he meant. He said its so you can either invite someone to join in or they can watch. Oh right, I replied, I dont mind some one watching but not sure about them joining.

Anyway I soon went to town on John\'s cock. It didnt take me long to get him hard. I asked him to fuck me hard. Just as he started to enter my wet cunt a guy walked in. He forced my face down onto his hard cock and I started to lick and suck him whilst I was being fucked. It wasnt long before this stranger wanted to cum and he emptied his balls all over my face. He then walked out the room and then another guy walked in, this time he had an even bigger cock.

With my confidence building I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said he did. John passed me a condom and I rolled it onto this strangers cock. Next thing John took his cock out of me and let this other guy start to fuck me. I was on my hands and knees as I was being fucked really hard. I started to scream because this guy was so big and he was hurting me. Minutes later the guy let out a sigh as he emptied himself into me.

Afterwards John suggested that we go into the main play room. I\'m not sure, I replied. I had already been told that the main room didnt have a lockable door and so people can just walk in. I reluctantly agreed and we went in there. Mirrors were all over the walls and ceiling so people can see the action at every angle.

John laid me on my back and entered me again. As he started to pound me I could hear footsteps. I could see about half a dozen guys there standing, watching and wanking. This got me really hot. Seeing a load of guys wanking over me really turned me on more and more. John asked if any one wanted to fuck me. A young skinny guy put his hand up. Next thing I knew I was being fucked bare-back by this young lad. He pumped me for ages. I looked at another guy and asked if he wanted to wank over me. He said oh yes please. So whilst I had one lad fucking me, I had John in my mouth and another guy wanking over me. When I looked up there must have been nearly 20 guys in the room all standing there watching and wanking.

I invited more and more guys to wank over me. As one came another would. I was completely covered in cum. After the young lad shot his load into me, another cock was being pumped into me.

All in all I think I must have sucked about 10 cocks and fucked about 5 guys that afternoon.

I asked one guy what the time was, he said about 5ish. I went Oh shit, I gotta get home to my husband and cook the dinner! All of the guys started laughing and said what a great girl I was!

I said see you all next week, same time!

I have been back since and each time my experience gets better and better. I now know that a total exhibitionist I am. So my monthly meets with John are no longer spent in a hotel room, they are now always spent at the spa.

My next visit is in two weeks - I cant wait!