4 Jul 2019

Thought we would write again and tell people about our latest visit to a swingers club, we are Jane and Tim, Jane is curvy size 20 with amazingly soft huge boobs.

We decided last minute to go to the club in Leeds, when we got there it was pretty quiet so we got ourselves a drink and got changed and headed for the hot tub, there were a few couples in there and a few single guys. Jane's tits were floating graciously in the water, the couples got out after a while and the guys stayed in, Jane by now had her hand on my hard cock under the water wanking me. After about 10 mins there were only one guy left in with us, he asked if he could touch Jane, she nodded her approval, he was feeling her soft tits with one hand while playing with her pussy with the other, I could see how much she was enjoying herself by the expression on her face, she could tell how much I was enjoying it too because I was rock hard, the guy wanted to fuck Jane but she said not yet as we wanted to explore the club and see what was going on elsewhere.

We got out of the hot tub and went for a wander around the club, we watched for a while and then decided to go into a room by ourselves but left the door open, Jane and I were kissing and touching each other, she then went down sucking my rock hard cock, by now we had an audience of a few guys, one of them asked if he could come in, I nodded approval, both he and 2 other guys came in the room, the first guy got down between Jane's legs and started lapping up her very wet and juicy pussy, the other 2 guys were by Jane's face, both had there hard cocks out and she started sucking both guys, I was just laid beside her feeling her amazing tits as I wanked my cock as I watched her being pleasured at one end and pleasuring the 2 lads at the other end, I fucking loved seeing her like this, the first guy lifted his head from her cunt and asked to fuck her, Jane nodded, he had a decent sized cock and after rolling on a condom slid very teasing into her pussy, I loved seeing her being fucked and moaning with pleasure, this was so horny to watch and I fired my cum all over her tits, after about 10 mins the guy was ready to blow, he shot his hot cum inside Jane, he pulled out and had an impressive load in the condom, neither of the other guys came and we decided to have a breather and return to the hot tub.

After a refreshing drink we clambered back into the hot tub to relax, chatting with a few couples that were in there, a couple of single guys were in there too, another guy sat on the side started playing with Jane's big tits while wanking himself, needless to say I was hard again watching this, she certainly was enjoying the attention of the men tonight, I could tell some of the other couples were having some fun too watching Jane.

Time was now passing by and not long till closing time, we decided to have one last walk around the club and see if there was any fun going on, we came around the orgy room and there was a lady on her back being fucked by who I presume was her husband, while he was fucking her she was sucking a few guys off, they were being encouraged by her hubby to cum over her face, both me and Jane were watching to all the fun, I could tell Jane was very hirny at this point because she was edging closer the the woman's cunt, the hubby pulled out of her and quick as a flash Jane was in the woman's pussy with her tongue, lapping all her juices up, in the meantime guys were still being sucked off by the woman while Jane was licking her, I moved across to a couple who we had chatted to in the hot tub who were watching the goings on, she was watching her man so I started playing with her pussy, she was very wet watching the woman get all the attention, claire then finally lifted her head and motioned to me to come over so the woman could suck my cock, I didn't need a second invite, she sucked me and then told me to wank over her face, as i was wanking Jane was playing with herself, I could feel myself getting close and I fired my cum onto the woman's face, Jane loved watching that.

Time was now up and we had to leave and get changed.

Tomorrow we are off to the same club so hopefully more fun to be had.