Written by Weshould

18 Jun 2009

We where on holiday interstate and had decided to visit aswingers club while we where out of town,so we got ready and went down stirs and got a cab gave him the address and off we went to our first swingers club. the trip did nt take long and the cab stopped out side, tge building was just like any other in the street which was in the better end of the city we got out and went thro the door into a passage which lead to another door where a very nice looking guy greeted us and introduce him self as jim then asked if we\\\\\\\'d ben there before to which my husband replied no and that thiswas the first time for us Jim told us the rules of the club and the entry price he explained that there where singlle guys and couple allowed in but the single guys where limited in how many at one time.Jim then looked down the entry and signled for a very attractive lady to show us round the club and answer any questions we might have. Her name was Deb with a very sexy body she was wearing next to nothing just a bra and a G string she lead us down the passage to the change room and explained that we could change in there she showed us a locked where we could leave our clothes and personal stuff and that there where short rodes if we felt uncomfortable about walking round naked, which we did. she then took us into a large room with a bar and music playing there where about 15 people in there talking in groups some cplss and others in 3\\\\\\\'s both malwes and females and told us that this was the meeting room where we could get drinks and relaxedwith no presure. After that she show us the rest of the club we went up stairs to and open room with mattresses on the floor she told us that this was the play room where cpls could come and play openly while other watch and joined if invited there wher sevral cpl playing on the mattresses and about 3 guyswatching stroking thier cocks, we then followed her to a door way where there was a large bed in the middle of the room she explained that this was one of the private room where you coulld go and play with out being disturded by closeing the door and if you wanted other ppl to watch or join in u\\\\\\\'d just leave the door open she said there where 4 of these room and showd us where they where,as we continued to follower her she lead us to another room which was very poorly lite but even in his light you cold se lot of bondage items in the room she said that this was the bondage room if we wanted to us it or just watch it was there of our pleasure she then took us back to the meeting rooom and got usa drink from the bar and told us she hoped we would enjoy our evening.

Having been shown around we settled down to have a drink not long after a nice looking guy came over and introduced himself as Graig, asking us wether we were enjoying ourselves and were we looking to have a good time. I just looked at my partner not sure what to say as i was a little apprehensive about being there he just looked at me and winked to say everything would be ok. We just chatted awhile when another couple wandered over to say hi and joined us for a drink. A little younger than ourselves but seemed very nice and we seemed to get on reasonably well chatting about a whole lot of dribble but it got the conversation going. Anyway Graig was looking a little amourous and sagested we retire to one of the rooms and see what happens as the bar area was a nuteral place and no touching was allowed you could walk around naked and not have anyone try and touch you up which was a very good idea seeing as not everyone is comfortable with someone wanting to have a grope. I was not at all sure but with a little nudge from my partner of we went once we got into one of the closed rooms the other couple took of their robes to reveal just a G-string on her and he was very naked xxx no less very sexy. He was already has hard as a rock and looking to get into it his partner was already on her knees sucking his very large cock and enjoying it very much he certainly wasn’t complaining I could see my partner and Graigs robes were stretching out a little a bit turned on i guess lol. Anyway my partner came over to remove my robe as he stared to undo the band Graig came over to give him a hand my partner new what i had on so when my robe dropped Graig was a little taken aback i was wearing a very tight corselet and G-string which i have to admit didn’t look to bad for a lady of my age anyway it turns my partner on and thats all i need to worry about anyway. Graig stared to fondle my tits which i have to say felt really good and my partner was removing my G so he could get at my pussy and he really likes my pussy cant get enough of it. Before i knew it the other lady was removing my corsalett so everyone could see what was on offer she was very happy to a nibble on my tits which seemed to make her partner even harder a good sight, my partner was playing with her nipples by this stage and they both seemed to be enjoying that her partner in the meantime was looking to get me down on the bed so he could get his mouth around my wet pussy having decided what the hell go for it i lay down and he went down on me wow what a tongue seemed like he could get in real deep a regular lizard it felt so good, that seemed to do its job on my partner because he came over and thrust his raging cock into my eager mouth and pumped in and out as if he had never done it before, that got everyone going Graig was licking the other ladies pussy and she was sucking her partner cock it was all going very well. When she decided that she had enough of that she came over to me and decided that she wanted a little pussy for herself and procided to get down and suck which i found quite nice not ever having another women go down on me she played around the entrance of my vagina with a little tickle of her fingers which was a really exciting and then every now and then she would insert a finger or two and wiggle them around and that had me really wriggling around on the bed. When next i looked up i could see that all three guys were wanking off just watching us playing and they all looked like they were enjoying the show very much so with that i decided to have a play with her just fondling her tits to start with and then working my way down to her pussy where i just lingered my tongue on her clitty which she seemed to enjoy a whole lot when finally i inserted a finger into her pussy she jumped with surprise so i thought not surprise more thats what i want give me more so with that i put in one finger at a time until all i had left to insert was my thumb which she asked me to put in as well i didn’t think she could take anymore but she wanted more so with a little lube my hand slipped in upto my wrist which made her wriggle around even more its as if she couldn’t get enough i wriggled my fingers around as best as i could and must have found a spot that really got her going she wanted to stand up i thought that was going to be a little hard with hand up her pussy anyway she got the guys to lift her up because she did not want me to remove my hand once she was on her feet she spread her legs to get a better felling of my hand in her pussy it seemed to be a real turn on for her because before i new it she was cuming and cuming when she was calming down i slowing removed my hand and her juices were really flowing her partner was under her in a flash wanting to lick it all up and so the others decided that he was not going to have it all to himself and joined him i have never seen so much fluid i thought she was wetting herself but that was not the case. Once we had all calmed down a little a stared to suck on my partners cock which i enjoy alot taking him deep into my throat which his how he likes it nice and deep if i could swallow it i am sure he would be in his element, without any warning Graig came over and decided that he wanted a little of the action that was going on with that i mean not me but my partners cock he wanted to suck it as well. Once my partner felt that their was an extra mouth and tongue on his cock opened his eyes and relised it was a guy and not a women it seemed like his cock doubled in size boy was he turned on i thought any minute he was going to explode but he did a very good job of controlling himself, this guy knew what he was doing obvioslly had done it before and seemed to enjoy sucking another guys cock. The other couple watching this decided that this was a good way to go and joined in so there we all were sucking eack others cocks and pussys swapping all the time what a turn on for me i thought i was going to be very quite about all this but i have surprised myself. The other ladies partner could not take anymore and just fly with his cum all over everybody which was not to bad as his partner was licking it up as quick as he was shooting it out, then the other two guys decided that a little hand playing was in order so they started wanking each other not just hand wanking but rubbing their dicks together which really got us going so before they decided they where going to blow all over the place we got on our knees and told them to fuck us hard which they did and didn’t take them long to cum inside us what a load it was oozing out all over the place and to my suprise Graig was there trying to lap it. Well by that time the two of us were looking to orgasm all over the place so the guys all got their tongues and fingers working looking to get us off anyway i wanted to be fucked by Graig his cock was so big i could feel him inside me already so he mounted me while the others worked on her. He fucked me so hard it felt like he was going to come through the other side of me but boy it felt so good my pussy seemed to wrap around his cock like it was made for it what a feeling, i held of as long as o could because it felt so good but in the end i had to give in and give in i did what an orgasm it seemed to go on forever i could feel my partners hand on my shoulder giving me a little nudge as to say good for you, my little slut. We all just lay back and had a little quite time before we decided what was going to happen next.

After a few more drinks my new friend and myself got together to decide what we both thought we might like to see next interestingly enough we both liked the idea of the boys playing together, when we suggested this the boys they just looked at us as if to say we thought you would never ask. Anyway they started out with a little nipple pinching and ball playing which got them very hard very quickly, then my partner was the first to go down on Graig and start sucking his cock taking it deep into his mouth, he really knew how to suck cock as if he had done it more than once (have to ask him later) he was really enjoying it and so was Graig, then the other guy started licking at my partners balls which he had no objection to, letting his mouth loose on Graigs cock he told the other guy to take them all in his mouth and suck hard, they changed positions every few minutes so that they could each have a suck and a lick lots of moans and groans going on it was turning the two of us on greatly so much that we were already playing with ourselves. When one of the guys decided it was about time that someone needed fucking by that i mean one of the boys not us ,anyway Graig wanted to fuck my partner which he did not seem to have a problem with, as he got out the lube so he could grease up his ars and my partner was already on his knees waiting for it, has he sqirted the lube up his bum he jumped with the cool feeling then Graig inserted a finger into his arse to spread the lube around and make sure he was nice and slippery then getting comfortable on his knees he started to sick his cock into my partners arse which i found most exciting, by the time his dick was all the way into his arse he was pumping up and down on his cock as fast as he could wanting more and more with that the other guy came around and started sucking on his cock which caused him to scream out in pleasure i thought he was going to shout the house down he was so turned on. Graig just kept on pumping his cock in and out of his arse sometimes really slowing and then very fast which made him want it all the more when at last he could not take anymore he just exploded into the other guys mouth and with that Graig let go as well and shot is load right into his arse which seemed to cause my partner to have a second orgasm, he was moaning and groaning so much i thought he was having multiple orgasms. When all was done we were both ready for a fucking having watched this with a lot of enjoyment. Her partner decided to take us both on as the other two were pretty well nackered we both lay back and let him finger and lick our pussys we were both so ready to orgasm but decided to enjoy it a little longer when all of a sudden i decided i wanted my arse fucked to see what it was that my partner enjoyed so much. So she got me all lubed up and then inserted her fingers into my arse one at a time when she got to her third finger i decided that was more than enough and with that she removed them and then she organised her partner to ease his cock into my arse it was a little painfull to star with but once he got in so far it just slipped in and i thought i was in heaven wow what a feeling i just wanted him to fuck me and never stop it felt so good . By this time the other two had recovered enough to see what was going on and wanted to get in on the action,so they concentrated on her she wanted to be fucked by my partner and wanted to suck on Graigs cock which was fine by them. My partner fucked her doggy style because thats what she liked best more penetration and it was easier for her to suck Graigs cock. So we were all at it fucking and sucking each other i managed to swing myself around a little and was able to get at my partners bum, so i thought i would just give him a little lick with that he just thrust his cock so far into her pussy i think she thought it was going to poke out of her mouth which in turn made her swallow Graigs cock he couldn’t control himself and came almost imediatlly blowing what he had left to blow and just fell back on the bed, as quick as Graig had cum my partner and her came almost at the same time there was cum all over the place. In the meantime i was bucking like a wild bull onhis cock when he slowed down, what the hell are you doing i asked him he said he wasn’t sure wether i would want him to cum in my bum, with that i just started to pump away again which gave him the message to go ahead i wanted to feel what it would be like and i wasn’t about to stop now, my partner could see i was enjoying this a great deal came over to suck on my nipples which was enough to over excite me with that he had had enough and let go with a push and that was enough to get me to have the most unbelievable orgasm i could ever remember having just pushing back on his cock to get the most out of it as i could. Once we had all recovered we decided that maybe we should go back to the bar and rest, i think that was what we all needed anyway we decided to call it a night after saying our goodbyes and thank yous and maybe seeing them the club.

My partner and i went home and had the most incredible sex we have had in we cant remember and decided we shoud go again before we return home.