Written by David

11 Mar 2018

She is a very close friend, Suzie. Short, curly hair, nice body and really enjoys good hard cock. How he knew that? She was also his secret slut while having a boyfriend.

It was June, and they wanted to do a hort EuroTrip. They decided to head of to Barcelona first and 15th of June RyanAir flight took off. When they arrived to the hostel, they have realised in 6 bed hostel there are 4 other guys. They briefy met each other and headed out to explore the city.

When they came back room was empty and he decided to load her with cock. Good quick fuck and they were happy. Later that night 4 guys came back and after some chat they decided to play truth or dare. She knew thre is a risk of getting fucked, but she always wanted, so she was down. Little did she knew ehr best friend wanted it too and at the first dare opportunity her ordered her to take all guys at once. The guys were a bit shocked, but were alraedy horny.

They locked door, lil slutty Suzie was on the floor. being eaten out, 2 guys sucking her hard nipples and 2 guys gettign hadjob.

She was moaning so loud one guy kissed her to make noise less. She suddnely stopped and asked everyone to fuck her as she could not take it anymore.

First she was bended over. one cock in her wet pussy, one in her tight ass, one in the mouth and two in hands. She was so stretched that she orgasmed twice in short period of time. Seems like she is the boss here so she decided to change the position.

She bended over her bed and asked guys fuck and fill her one by one. She shoved her face in the pillow so she can moan loud without being heard and guys took their turns one by one. it took 3-5 mins of good hard fucking before they came. 20 mins solid non stop drilling made her sore but happiest woman.

After the trip they decided that they will never fuck again and she will take her relationshiop more seriously and she stayed on her promise.