Written by Allison in love

6 Aug 2009

I,m 27 my partner Carl is 43,we,ve been together some time,he,s more sexually experienced than me.Shortly after we started living together he told me he liked me to be naked when we,re at home.I suppose I was a little reluctant at first but I,d do anything for him.I,d be in the kitchen and he would suddenly come in with a massive hardon get me to bend over the sink or worktop work his fingers up me and then fuck me.

I thought men could only do it a few times a day but Carl seemed to get a hardon every couple of hours.Don,t get me wrong he never forced me to let him fuck me,my fanny was his to do what he wanted with it.He showed me how to suck him off properly and I must admit I liked it when he would put it up me for a couple of strokes and then let me taste my own juices as I sucked him off.

He liked to lay me on my back on the couch push my legs right up spread them apart and get his tongue deep inside me,or spread my fanny lips fully open and get my clit between his lips and bring me off that way.After he,d done that he would always like to wank himself off all over me,I like watching him come


He introduced me to sites like this which made some of the stuff we do tame.It was in the kitchen he was deep up me from behind,lets go where we can be watched he said,I thought he meant in the bedroom with the curtains open but it was,nt.Lets go for a drive he said as he pulled his cock out of me and cleaned it with some kitchen roll.Get dressed he said,no knickers no bra.

He put his shirt and trousers on,no underpants.We said nothing in the car,he would look at me every so often.We parked at a site near some woods,lets go for a walk he said,I knew what this was about,there was already a few empty cars parked up.He seemed to know exactly where he was going,he found a little clearing.

I was just wearing a dress,he reached for the bottom of it and lifted it over my head,except for my slipons I was completely naked.He rubbed my nipples until the hardened then sucked each in turn,obviously my fanny started to respond,his fingers went inside and found my clit which swelled to his touch.

I could see his cock pressing against his trousers,he had a massive hardon.He undid them let them fall to his ankles and stepped out of them,his cock was as hard as I,d ever seen it,he removed his shirt,we were both naked.Give us a wank he said,not too fast.I could,nt believe how hard his cock felt as I moved my fingers up and down it.

He brought me off then licked my juices from his fingers.I heard a rustle in the bushes nearby,I suddenly realised we were being watched,I liked it,a smile came accross his face.He took his fingers from my fanny again and my hand from his cock and turned me around.I bent over as much as I could without losing my balance.

I felt my fanny lips being spread apart by his throbbing cock,it seemed to go further up me than ever before.He did long slow strokes letting me feel the full length of his cock,I could,nt stop coming off.I did,nt even hear him approach but suddenly he was standing in front of me,he was naked,he had his cock in his hand slowly wanking himself,not as big as the one moving in and out of my fanny.

I suppose I should have known what to do seeing as it was almost touching my lips,precum dripping from it.Suck it Carl whispered as he speeded up his thrusting.I opened my mouth he guided it straight in,funny that it tasted just the same as Carls,he grunted loudly as I sucked on it. I heard the footsteps this time,he too was naked,he just stood to one side wanking himself his eyes moving from the cock in my mouth to the one up my fanny.

Out of the corner of my eye I could his hand move faster and faster,I knew he was going to wank himself off.I was,nt disappointed,he spunked into the air whipping his cock in a frenzy,I had a massive orgasm as he came my fanny tightening on Carls cock.He felt it,he started to seriously fuck me,I,d almost forgotten there was a cock in my mouth but not for long.His first spurt of spunk hit my throat then my mouth rappidly filled with hot thick liquid.

As I swallowed it I remember thinking it tasted just like Carls.He made a lot of noise as he came,Carls cock was banging into my fanny,it was fantastic,the best I,d ever known.He came like a stallion,like it was the first time he,d ever fucked me,the full length of his cock almost leaving my fanny and then penetrating me with ultimate force.

The cock had long gone from my mouth by the time Carls left my fanny,I had some difficulty straightening up.We dressed and went back to our car,I was fucking sore when I sat down.Nothing was said as we returned we just smiled at each other,within an hour of arriving home his cock was rock solid again,he fucked me long and hard again.