Written by Moshyplops

24 Sep 2012

Some of the following is true. The rest will be one day...

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We arrived at the party at around 8.30pm. We were greeted by our hosts Christy and Richard, who we have played with before. She is 38, very attractive with a lovely slim figure and a dark hair in a bob style. He is the same age and quite tall with a good body. They showed us in to the living room where two other couples had already arrived.

The first couple, Alan & Samantha, we also already knew and they seemed pretty happy to see us again. Alan is 36 and a good looking guy. His wife is 30 and very sexy; blonde, feminine and curvy with fantastic breasts and a cheeky smile. The second couple were new to us, Emma and Liam. They were both early 30’s Emma is quite petite with a very slim girlish body and small pert boobs. Liam was a shaven-headed quite athletic guy.

We all had a drink and started chatting away. Ali, my beautiful wife was soon flirting outrageously, her small but firm breasts heaving in anticipation, her hard nipples clearly visible through the shear material of her dress. She is a petit size eight with shoulder length blond hair and looks much younger than her 30 years. About 20 minutes later two more couples showed up. Jonny and Shaz are a really nice couple to whom we have chatted with in the past but were meeting for the first time. He is a nurse, 42 years old with curly black hair – a bit of a joker. Shaz is a teacher, she is black and nearly 6 feet tall, a real Amazonian. She looks formidable but is really friendly. The other couple were French and friends of Christy from her work in London. Francine was a gorgeous mixed race lady, 28 years old with long frizzy hair. She was wearing a dress so loose that her firm titties kept popping out and drawing everyone’s eyes. Her boyfriend, Michel, was a nice guy, early 30’s I reckon and quite shy, at least at first.

We carried on with the drinking, chatting & nibbles for about an hour and slowly talk started to spread to sex and fantasies and a kind of truth or dare game started. Each couple had to tell the others the wildest thing that they had done in explicit detail without laughing. For each laugh a piece of clothing had to be removed. Obviously after a few drinks it was impossible to tell such things without collapsing into giggles so we were all pretty much down to underwear or lingerie within half an hour. That’s when the real fun started.

Richard removed the last of his clothing and up sprung his hard cock. Christy gave it a few strokes and simply said ‘I’ve sucked this enough times, anyone else want a turn?’

Shaz moved forwards went down on her knees and took his hard eight inches straight into her mouth. She slurped noisily on his cock and took it all the way to her throat even managing to lick the underside of his balls when face was right in his groin. She pulled off him and an arc of sticky saliva hung from her mouth to the tip of his cock. It was so erotic. I saw Francine take her boyfriend’s hand and push it down the front of her silk panties, her mouth open with a gasp.

Shaz spat on Richard’s helmet and continued sucking and slurping – it was the loudest blowjob I had ever heard. By now I was getting hard and started to caress Ali’s arse. By now Alan had got his own cock out. It was even bigger than Richard’s, a good nine inches and thick. His wife gave him a quick suck then pulled Emma over to help. The two of then took turns sucking his cock and shaft and licking his balls & arse.

Christy snogged her man for a bit then spat in his mouth. She then pushed Shaz harder onto his cock making her gag and splutter. The she got behind Shaz and pulled her panties to one side and started to lick her pussy and arsehole. Richard kept saying ‘Yes Chris, lick her arse, stick your tongue in her cunt you slut’.

Liam got behind Emma and emulated Christy in licking her pussy from behind while she was sucking Alan with Samantha. Samantha looked up and pleaded ‘someone play with me please’. Jonny stepped up and slipped his tongue into Samantha.

So at this point on Francine, Michel, Ali & I were not actively involved – this had to change. Ali walked up to Francine and kissed her straight on the mouth. She seemed a bit shocked – turned out they hadn’t done many swaps yet – but her mouth soon opened and we could see their tongues playing and tasting each other. Ali kissed and licked down her neck and sucked on her hard, pointy nipples biting each one to a sexy French squeal from Francine. Her dress soon fell to the floor followed by her tiny thong as Ali pushed her onto a sofa and started to lick and suck at her gorgeous light brown pussy. I noticed at this point that all the girls were smoothly shaven or waxed (and so too the guys – just as we like it).

So now it was just me and Michel. I smiled at him and said ‘don’t worry, enjoy the view, it’ll be our turn soon’. He looked coy and asked ‘maybe I can suck you?’ in his sexy French accent. ‘Of course, be my guest’ I replied. I knew that several of the guys were bi or curious but he was more forward than I had expected for a shy guy. He pulled out my cock and started to suck – now I felt good. The view was incredible – mouths in pussies, mouths on cocks & mouths in arses. Everyone was giving or receiving oral and you could feel, taste & smell the sex in the air.

As Michel sucked on my cock, licking with his tongue and sucking deeply down his throat I saw that Jonny had slipped his cock into Samantha and Liam had entered Emma. Both girls were still sucking Alan’s big cock & balls. Samantha moaned ‘yes fuck me Jonny I love to feel a new cock inside me. Emma come on, take a lovely new cock’ she ordered. I gave Michel a gentle tap and pointed him towards Emma. Liam waved him over and helped him into Emma’s tight cunt. Michel started to pound into Emma as Liam felt his tight ass and kissed his neck. It was strangely sexy to see such a tough looking guy kiss another man.

Liam then eased his cock into Christy who was still licking Shaz who was still slurping all over Richard’s cock. Meanwhile Francine and Ali were now on the sofa in a 69, Ali underneath. I went up to Francine’s bum, opened it and took a good lick of her arsehole while Ali’s tongue worked on her clit and lips. I pushed my tongue deep inside and felt her arse muscles tense as I went in. Ali pulled my cock to her mouth and sucked me hard. ‘Fuck her while I lick her cunt’ she said. So I gently slid inside her pussy. It was really tight and very hot. I started slowly but was soon fucking away in absolute pleasure.

I had a great view from above the sofa and could see the other two groups clearly. Alan standing over the girls that were attending to his hard cock, and the two guys fucking the pussies of these girls for the first time. Richard on the other side of the room being practically eaten by Shazs unstoppable mouth, while Christy licked her pussy at the same time being fucked by Liam’s hard cock. I could feel Francine’s pussy tighten as she got closer to her orgasm, and Ali’s tongue as it licked her clit and my balls.

Richard then pulled his cock from Shaz’s mouth and turned her around to face Christy, they immediately started kissing like crazy, all tongues and mouths open. He then slid his cock into Shaz’s tight dark pussy and started to fuck her. So all the girls had a cock in their pussies now – except for Ali. ‘Go and take Alan’ I told her. She slid out from under Francine and pushed in front of Samantha and Emma and started kissing Alan. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She sucked him for a moment the turned and aimed his big cock at her tight cunt hole. She pushed back and grimaced as his girth spread her tight pussy as it pushed inside her. With a gasp she pushed back and took him deep inside her.

Now every pussy was filled with someone else’s cock. The room was hot and sweaty you could smell pussy and perfume and dirty grinding sex. Jonny & Michel started kissing each other as they fucked, then moved onto the other sofa, sat down and were mounted by Samantha and Emma. Emma snapped ‘gay stuff later, suck my tits’ to Michel who started sucking her nipples straight away. I could see the girls’ arses going up and down on the guys smooth wet cocks, and as they pulled their cheeks open their gorgeous arseholes were opened and exposed - it was so fucking horny.

Suddenly at this point Francine let out a cry and shuddered as she had a huge orgasm. I felt her pussy spasm and a torrent of moisture covered my cock. She moaned something in French and pushed back so that all of me was inside her. She fell into the sofa for a few seconds then turned, opened her legs and smiled –her smooth pussy was soaked in her own juices. She slowly put a finger inside her and then licked it. Alan had been watching this and pulled out of Ali for a moment and also tasted Francine’s sweet pussy before slipping his big cock back inside her swollen pussy.

‘Oh my god you are so fucking big’ whimpered Ali as her cunt was stretched by Alan’s massive cock.

‘Give me some of that’ demanded Christy as she slipped off Liam’s stiff wet cock, her cum seemed to be dripping from his shaft. She pulled Alan out of Ali and stuck her tongue first into her swollen pussy then in her tight arsehole. ‘Mmm your arse tastes good’ she moaned. She stood up and Alan lay on the floor, his cock pointing up at Christy. She squatted down and guided the tip of his dick into her pussy. She slowly sank down on him gasping as he filled her and struggling to take the last couple of inches.

‘Well done’ said Samantha as Alan’s cock was swallowed up by Christy’s cunt. ‘Not too many girls can take all of him’. By now Liam had Ali on her back and was fucking hard into her. She was moaning and his arse was really moving quickly now.

‘I’m gonna cum’ he gasped.

‘Cum in my mouth’ replied Ali, her face red now with passion. Liam pulled out and stood up in front of Ali. Francine leapt off the sofa and joined her as Liam began to cum. A large spurt of think, hot cum went straight into Ali’s mouth, followed by two more, smaller spurts. Francine grabbed his pulsing cock and sucked hard. Liam shook and groaned, his legs shaking as Francine sucked the last drops from his cock. She swallowed then turned to Ali and they kissed open mouthed. Cum dripped from their mouths as they shared Liam’s load. Not wanting them to waste any I scooped up the overspill and fed it back into their mouths. Eventually they had shared and swallowed all of Liam’s spunk and he fell back onto the sofa.

I pushed my cock between Ali & Francine’s mouths and they started to suck it nicely. I pushed deep down Francine’s throat till she gagged and pulled her hair to stop her pulling off. She grabbed my arse cheeks and dug her nails in. As I pulled out she gasped ‘you fucking cunt, I can’t breath’ she spat, then smiled and sucked me deep again encouraging me to pull her frizzy dark hair. I grabbed Ali and pushed her face into my arse. She started to lick my arsehole and balls from behind while Liam fingered her pussy from the sofa. She flinched as he forced a finger into her tight arse.

I now saw that Jonny had pushed Samantha’s face into the sofa and was licking and fingering her arsehole. Once he had worked two fingers inside he spat on his cock and pushed it into her arse. ‘Fuck yes Samantha – first to have a cock in the arse tonight, great girl’ cried Christy as she rode Alan.

Shaz smiled and wanted the same so Richard sat back on the sofa next to where Samantha’s head was being pushed into the cushions by Jonny fucking her arse. Shaz turned away from him and sank back onto his hard cock. It wasn’t for a few seconds that I realised he had gone straight up her arsehole with no extra lube – he just glided right in there. She lifted each leg in turn to show everyone that he was in her tight black hole and stated moaning and gasping and swearing ‘fuck my arse Richard, look at my arsehole Jonny, fucked by another man’s cock’.

Jonny laughed and continued to fuck Samantha’s arse then leaned towards Shaz so that they could kiss long and deep. It was great to see the couple each having deep anal sex with another but they could still kiss each other.

Suddenly Michel stood up, still mounted by Emma. She was wrapped around him and he was fucking her while carrying her. She bounced up and down you could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her. ‘I gonna cum’ he groaned. He put her down on the sofa and pounded hard from on top. ‘Can I cum in her pussy’ he asked turning to Liam for approval. ‘Fill her up’ he grinned back. His buttocks clenched as he shot his hot spunk deep inside Emma. ‘Oh my God’ she screamed as she began to climax. She tore at his back clawing at him, pulling him deeper into her. He stayed inside until he was empty and pulled out his now softening cock. Francine wanted to go and clean up but I had other plans for her. I pulled Ali from my arse and pushed her head between Emma’s legs. She immediately started to suck, lick and drink the cum now flowing from Emma’s wet and red cunt.

At this point both Richard and Jonny seemed ready to cum. ‘I want to see his cum in your arse’ said Jonny to Shaz. ‘Fill me too Jonny’ said Samantha mumbling from underneath a cushion. It looked like creampies would be the theme of the evening. With a few final hard thrusts Jonny emptied his balls into Samantha’s arsehole pumping away until he was empty. Samantha gasped as she felt his hot cum rush up inside her. Jonny slowly pulled his cock from Samantha’s stretched arsehole and sat exhausted on the floor. Samantha cupped her arse with her hand to stop the cum escaping and moved over to Emma and Ali. They started kissing with their heads low on the sofa looking up as Samantha stood above them and removed her hand. Jonny’s cum slowly started to drip from her arse onto their faces and into their mouths. ‘Fucking delicious arse cum’ gulped Emma as she shared the white creamy goodness with Ali.

Richard turned Shaz over and was now fucking her arse from behind. ‘Cum in her Richard’ encouraged Jonny. Richard pulled all the way out then thrust deeply into Shaz’s arse. She was now squealing and cumming hard, each thrust making her shout and gasp. Richard cried out thrust deeply as he fired his hot sticky jism deep into Shaz. After his cock had stopped twitching he also pulled out but Jonny moved forwards and took his cum covered cock into his mouth and sucked it clean. He then open Shazs arse and feasted upon the white cum that Richard had delivered inside her. ‘Your cum tastes amazing’ he said to Richard who smiled and watched as the white cum and the pink inside of Shazs cunt contrasted with her dark lips and buttocks.

All this time Christy had been riding Alan and I am sure she had already cum at least once, his cock was soaked with her juices. He was now speeding up and ready to cum. He was now pumping really hard and Christy’s face was contorted with pain as well as pleasure as his big cock pounded her stretched cunt. He let out a cry and grabbed her hard as he shot his load inside her. Again and again he pulsed as he shot what must have been loads of hot cum into her. They relaxed and she flopped down on top of him. ‘Clean up time’ I said to the girls on the sofa and the three of them, Emma Ali & Samantha got down on all fours and started to lick and suck Alan’s cock and Christy’s arsehole. Samantha pulled the still massive cock from Christy’s cunt and a torrent of cum poured out over Alan’s stomach and legs. This was quickly cleaned up by the girls licking slurping and kissing each other as they worked.

Christy looked up at me and asked why I haven’t cum yet. ‘Oh I will get there soon’, I winked. All this time Francine had been obediently sucking my cock deep in her mouth and throat. Now I wanted to feel her pussy around my shaft. As the others all watched from the sofa or sitting on the floor I bent her over and slipped inside her cunt. She was really tight, I couldn’t get all the way in at first but on the fourth of fifth thrust I slid in till my balls slapped her tight brown arse. It felt hot and so horny inside her as ten pairs of eyes watched, full of lust. ‘I want to cum inside you Francine’ I whispered in her ear. ‘No, I am not on the pill’ she whispered back but Michel heard and retorted ‘shut up woman, do as he says’. She moaned a little but soon started to get really wet as fucked her harder. I loved the idea of cumming in her ripe fertile pussy and maybe getting her in trouble. I couldn’t stop now and as I neared orgasm I cried out ‘take my cum in your cunt’. The orgasm hit me hard and I shot a huge load into her sweet tight pussy. I almost blacked out from the intensity as I pumped her full of my hot cum. It seemed to last for ages and my cock was still twitching as I thrust into her for the last time. ‘Oh God that was wonderful’ I whispered in her ear and kissed her deeply. ‘Thank you for your cum’ she replied with a grin.

It was Christy’s turn to clean up now and after sucking cum and cunt juice from my spent cock she attended to Francine’s pussy which had started leaking spunk on the carpet along with Ali who always likes to drink my cum. We all then had some cold white wine to cool off and chatted and laughed about who had come in who and which girl had swallowed most or who was still finding cum inside them. This went on for about an hour and gave us all a chance to recover as the night was not yet over.

Part Two

‘Ok who wants a shower’ asked Christy. Shaz, Samantha and Emma went upstairs with Christy to use the two showers there while Michel & Johnny used the one downstairs.

The rest of us followed Richard to the hot tub. This was close to the house under a wooden canopy so it was shielded from the weather and any prying neighbours. We all climbed in and sank down into the warms waters. Richard grinned and switched on the pump and the water began to churn and swirl. We all relaxed for a while, sipping wine and generally chatting. The ratio was a bit guy-heavy with Richard, Liam, Alan and me and only two girls Francine and Ali, so the talk was getting a little bit blokey.

‘Enough boy talk’ announced Ali and moved towards Richard. She straddled him and started to snog him deeply. He grabbed her firm arse and squeezed and caressed it, then grabbed her little pert titties squeezed them and licked and sucked her long hard nipples, exploring her body. He must be getting hard again I thought and saw Francine climb onto Liam. He seemed to love Francine’s tight body and her amazing soft sensual brown skin. He lifted her buttocks and positioned his already hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She kissed him hard and she slowly sank down onto his rigid cock. It was clear now that Richard was inside Ali too and the two were fucking quite slowly in time with the rhythm of the water sloshing against them.

That left Alan and I to enjoy our wine and take in the view of two beautiful women being fucked in the water. After a few minutes Michel and Jonny appeared, both with hard cocks. ‘What have you been up to’ asked Alan laughing. Jonny gave Michel’s cock a playful tug ‘washing each other of course’ he grinned back. They climbed in to the tub started to kiss and wank each other under the water.

Ali turned round and grabbed Michel ‘use that hard cock on me first’ she ordered. She reached under the water and pulled him by his cock towards her backside. Richard smiled ‘mmm dp time is it?’ Ali smiled and guided Michel towards her arse. Richard pushed upwards so that Ali’s arse was almost out of the water. Michel opened her cheeks and spat into her arsehole. He pushed a finger inside and Ali squealed. He worked at her arse for a few seconds and then pushed his helmet into her. Now, I know how tight her arse is and Michel struggled to get inside. ‘Help him Jonny’ I said helpfully. Jonny pulled Michel’s cock out and took it in his mouth. At the same time he fingered Ali’s tight hole, slowly loosening her elastic anus. He then placed Michel’s cock back into Ali and this time he slowly slid inside her. Ali gasped and Richard stopped thrusting as she got used to the hard cock now deep in her arse. Michel slowly pulled back until only his tip was still inside then pushed back inside slowly building up momentum with each new surge. After several thrusts Richard resumed his upward strokes and they began to get into a rhythm. It was such an amazing sight seeing my beautiful wife with a cock in her pussy and one sliding in and out of her tight arsehole.

Jonny stood up and pushed his erect cock towards Ali’s mouth. She took it gladly and sucked it into her mouth. It fell out a few times as she got used to the rhythm of the two guys inside her but she soon got the hang of it and then happily slurped on Jonny’s hardness. My girl now hard three cocks inside her, I was so proud of the sexy little minx.

I thought I would have a bit of a feel so a started to caress Francine’s tight arse. I tried to slip a finger in her arse but she turned to me and whispered ‘not in my arse please it’s too tight’. Hmm… a challenge for later I thought. ‘Ok… for now’ I replied with a wink. Her smile was nicely encouraging.

The water was now getting more and more turbulent as bodies moved, thrust and swayed. I could see that Michel was getting close again as sweat poured from his face and he pounded my wife’s tight anus. He yelled in French and thrust his head back as he delivered his hot sticky load inside her. He pulsed and spasmed several times pushing hard against her to ensure his cum was as deep as possible inside her. This set off Richard who grunted as he shot his white juice hard into her hot willing wet pussy. Ali moaned ‘god yes fill me with cum’ and Jonny took this as his wank his cock hard in her face. ‘Yes come on me you bastard’ she demanded. He rubbed his hard cock and as he did Michel bent down and opened his arse, pushing a finger inside his tight hole. Michel gasped and moaned and an arc of cum shot from his cock. It caught Ali square in the face and coated her face with its white stick sheen. Two more spurts followed as Ali opened her mouth and tried to catch them. She managed to gobble down a fair amount of his spunk and the rest fell into the water, forming those cloudy string formations.

All this time Liam had been happily fucking Francine and now he lifted her out of the water and held her up for a few seconds. We could not only clearly see his cock slip in and out of her gorgeous pussy but also hear his balls slapping against her tight firm arse. He put her down, turned her around and slipped back inside her from behind. His thrusts were now quicker and harder and Francine was now gasping. He pulled her long frizzy hair and her head went back ‘oh my God’ she moaned as she shook with her orgasm. Liam seemed to sense this and groaned as he unloaded inside her. He shook and shuddered and he climaxed almost simultaneously with her.

So Michel, Jonny, Liam and Richard had all cum and were happily relaxing in the pool which now had a decent amount of sperm washing around in it. Francine and Ali got out and went upstairs for a shower. Alan and I decided that we needed some fun and also stood up, our hard cocks bringing smiles from the other guys. ‘Go get em’ laughed Liam.

We went inside and soon found out what the rest of the girls had been getting up to. As Francine and Ali went to the bathroom we heard a noise from Christy’s bedroom. We took a peek and saw a wonderful sight. Christy, Shaz, Sam and Emma were on Christy’s king size bed. They were all naked and entwined in a fantastic pulsing and twisting mass of flesh.

Christy was lying on her back, above her, facing us, Sam was squatting over her having her wet smooth pussy licked from beneath. Shaz had her head between Christy’s legs and was energetically slurping on her pussy. Emma was behind Shaz and was exploring her pussy and arsehole with her fingers and tongue. We stood and watched for a minute.

Alan’s big cock was hard and looked ready for action. I put out my hand and hinted at what he might like... he smiled and nodded so I gave him a slow wank. His cock felt really hard and was really pretty massive, ‘too big for me I reckon’. He smiled back ‘nah, I could get that inside you, just need to loosen you up a bit’. At that moment Emma looked up ‘bring that big cock here Alan’ she demanded, and Alan moved towards her out of my grasp.

Emma took as much of Alan’s cock as she could into her mouth and sucked him greedily. She slurped on his big cock for a while then took him out and pushed him inside Shaz. She squealed as he slipped inside her cunt and then started to moan in pleasure, her words muffled by Christy’s wet pussy. I moved closer so I could see Alan’s tool slide in and out of Shaz, her juices wetting his shaft as he pounded her.

Emma knelt behind Alan and began to lick his arse and balls as they slapped against Shaz’s bum. After a few minutes we heard Ali call her name and she left to join the other two girls.

Sam stood up came towards me, a wicked smile on her face. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She pushed me onto the bed so that I was lying next to Christy. She leaned forward and sucked my cock, licking the shaft and lapping at my balls. She kissed up my chest and her head moved towards mine and she sank her pussy down onto my almost painfully hard cock. I felt the hot wetness of her surround me as she began to move up and down pushing her lovely swinging breasts to my face. I sucked each nipple and gave them a light bite as she moaned and increased the speed of her thrusts. As I sucked on her left nipple Christy leaned forward and started licking and sucking the other - occasionally stopping to give me sloppy wet kisses. This seemed to set Sam off and she came hard bucking wildly and pushing down hard onto me.

She collapsed onto me but Christy quickly rolled her over and climbed onto me. She sank down onto me and leaned back and pulled Shaz’s head into her open arse. Shaz immediately started to lick my cock and Christy’s pussy as she rode up and down on my hard shaft. ‘Oh yes just there’ cried Christy as Shaz’s tongue entered her tight pink anus. I pulled Christy hard onto me and pushed a finger inside her loosening hole. Shaz licked my finger as it came out and continued to flick and tease Christy.

Sam had got off the bed and whispered in to her husband’s ear. Alan smiled and nodded. Sam bent down and applied some lube to Shaz’s arsehole. She tensed at the first cold touch but soon realised what was going to happen as Sam teased one then two fingers into Shaz’s tight bottom. She had already been stretched by Richard so Alan had a much easier time entering her than he would otherwise have done, but still Shaz squealed as Alan pushed all nine inches of his hard meat inside her. He stopped for a moment before slowly moving out again, building a slow steady rhythm as she relaxed and accepted his mighty cock.

I’d like a bit of that thought so I lifted Christy and pushed her head into the mattress and took position next to Alan. As I was fucking her pussy I asked Sam to lube up her arse for me but Christy just wanted Sam’s tongue and spit for lube. I didn’t argue and the site of Sam licking Christy’s anus was remarkable. I was soon ready and pushed Sam away replacing her gentle tongue with my hard cock. It slid in with surprising eased and I pumped away for a few minutes enjoying the tightness of her muscles and ring around my cock.

After only a short while I felt the cum rising and told Christy I was close. She told me to cum in her mouth. Shaz immediately said the same to Alan but added that Sam should share the bounty. I pulled out of Christy and heard a definite wet pop as Alan’s big cock also left Shaz. The girls took up position below us just in time as I shot a massive arc of spunk into Christy’s face, then a second onto Sam’s pretty face. The third had less power but shot rather nicely into Christy’s mouth. Alan exploded in to Shaz’s face, the cum bouncing off and hitting Sam. Shaz held her mouth wide open to catch as much as possible and swallowed it down in amazing loud gulps. Sam kissed Christy and licked the excess cum from her face. Shaz continued sucking Alan until she had all of his cum in her mouth, gave one last gulp and let out a load open mouthed ‘aaahh’ to show she had swallowed everything. Christy and Sam took turns sucking and cleaning my softening but still twitching cock.

After some mutual kissing and cuddling we went in search of the rest. We found Ali, Francine and Emma trying to make a daisy chain in the spare bedroom - with jaw-dropping results. We watched enthralled as they each came under intense stimulation from the others.

We found the other guys getting out of the downstairs shower. The looks on their faces made it clear that they had also been having fun while we were upstairs. It was now late, or early depending on how you wanted to look at it, and time for some to sadly leave. Emma and Liam had the furthest to go so got dressed fairly quickly, kissed each of us passionately and left with a wave and a grin. Shortly afterwards Jonny and Shaz also bade their farewells. Alan and Sam were the last to leave and that left three couples.

Francine and Michel had arranged to stay the night and Christy seemed to pick up on the little smiles that they kept giving Ali and I. She smiled widely and asked if would like to stay. There was only one problem she said. There are only two double beds – theirs and the one in the spare room that Francine and Michel would use. ‘Well there’s only one, ok two, solutions then’ laughed Richard. ‘You both sleep with us or them. Or you split up and each one picks a bed’.

We both smiled and thought which option would be the most fun. Ali soon decided. ‘Well it’s obvious, we should split up. The beds can take three easily but four might be a squeeze. So have to do now is decide who sleeps with whom’. We first agreed that it would be up to Christy and Richard as they were the hosts. Christy thought for a while, ‘ok I know I am being selfish but I really want two cocks tonight’. She took Michel’s hand ‘I haven’t had the pleasure of you yet tonight’

Ali certainly seemed happy with that decision and after a swift nightcap we all went upstairs and got ready for bed. I let the girls go to the bathroom first, by the time they reappeared I was sound asleep. They woke me up giggling and pushed me towards the washroom. When I returned they were cuddling under the sheets. ‘Go to sleep, we will wake you if we need you’ muttered Ali. To be honest I was knackered by now and happy to be able to get some sleep. Although the murmurs, moans, gasps and twitches were a bit distracting as they had their fun under the sheets.

I woke in the dead of night. The girls were wrapped in each other arms and looked a picture of cute sexiness. I got up and went to use the facilities stumbling in the unfamiliar darkness. On the way back I heard a moan and thought I would take a peek into Richard and Christy’s room. With delight I saw Christy on all fours riding Richards’s large cock. Behind her, Michel was playing with her pussy and arse. I saw him push his hard cock into her and from her gasp I could tell that he had entered her anus. I watched for a while but as I felt my cock hardening I thought I should return to my own bed to see if I could raise the girls from their slumber.

Ali was sound asleep and clearly didn’t want to play anymore so I left her to sleep. Francine was already awake and I could see a trace of a grin on her beautiful face. She pulled me close, kissed me and whispered ‘my ass, please do it now’

I kissed her, loving the taste of her licking down her neck to her firm breasts, licking each nipple before kissing down her stomach. I could feel her firm flat stomach and the muscles beneath her wonderfully soft skin. As I got lower the skin became even softer and soon I was licking and tasting her neat labia, opening then to taste the inner flavours and licking up and gently teasing her clit. She sighed with pleasure and I turned her around. I caressed her taught bum and opened up her small round cheeks. I licked around her little brown petal before pushing my tongue inside. Her ring was tight but elastic enough for the tip of my tongue to enter. By constantly adding saliva I managed to get a finger inside to the first joint. It would be a long but enjoyable task to open her up.

After a few minutes I bent her over and lay her face down on the bed, her knees on the floor. I continued licking her perfect arsehole and would have been happy to for many hours but she was as ready as she would ever be… I removed my finger and guided my cock to the entrance of her pert bum. I pushed the tip in and felt the resistance but I pushed a little harder. I felt that wonderful sensation as her ring opened and the tip entered. She winced and I stopped, only an inch inside her. She tapped my leg and pulled me towards her and I slowly ease further inside her. I felt her tighten around my shaft, so tight it was almost uncomfortable but as I withdrew and pushed back inside she relaxed a little and I felt nothing but pure pleasure as her arse gripped me and caressed me. I leaned forward and we managed a quick kiss as I began to increase the pace.

I never reached more than a gentle speed but the feeling was exquisite as I felt the excitement rise. Her whimpers had become soft moans and I could feel her hand playing with her pussy as I slid in and out of her. I felt her tighten around me again and she threw her head back. I realised she was cumming and that pushed me over the edge. I came hard inside her, my knees buckled as waves of please washed over me. I slumped forward and to the side, wrapping my arm around her my cock still hard inside her anus. She let out a little giggle with each pulse and twitch of my cock and eventually it slipped out. She turned, kissed me and whispered ‘thank you’ and turned back. In a few minutes we were both asleep.

The next morning I woke up alone. Francine and Ali had had a bath together and were downstairs helping Christy and Richard with dinner. As I appeared there were lots of smiles and giggles – seems we had all had a good night.

We left shortly after breakfast, Francine and Michel stayed on for a while. We chatted in the car on the way home and planned our next adventure with our new friends. It can’t come soon enough.