Written by Sticky Vicky

23 Aug 2010

Boring Hotel Stays Make You Do Strange Things. Pt3

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Vicky Richard - Jim & Mike Ian

At the end of Pt2 We had made it down for breakfast and Mike and Jim asked if I fancied another night out.

Well I was totally buzzing from the previous night and shattered, so I said that I would see how I felt in the afternoon.

I went off to work and at every spare moment I was drifting off in to thoughts of what had happened the previous night. I could not believe that as a respectable wife I have had sexual encounters with five different men. The morning soon passed and I had very little work left to do that day as was able to finish early.

Back at the hotel I crashed out on the bed dreaming about the previous night. My mobile rang and Mike excitedly said well? Are you coming out to play tonight? Hmmm. We have a surprise for you.

What is it I asked? Mike said that Jim had arranged for us to go somewhere exciting. I eventually agreed as long as we had something to eat first. Great we will call for you at 7…

I sorted myself out, had a shower and throw on some make up. Rummaged in my case for something to wear. But other than work suits I didn’t have anything suitable. So I picked up my trusty open backed short black dress and strappy shoes. Well they had been luck for me so far. The Black dress still looked ok after a brush down, but I did have to clean off a couple of crusty spunk stains.

I had just put my shoes on when there was a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around me and answered the door. Mike and Jim walked in with big grins on their faces. I dropped the towel and slipped in to the dress. Again not wearing a bra or knickers.

I had to fend off the guys saying I need food first. We headed off for some food and a few drinks. I kept aching the guys where we were going and they wouldn’t tell me. Only saying it is a surprise.

Jim stayed of the beer because he was going to be driving that night. As mike settled the food bill, Jim nipped of to get that car. Mike and I jumped into the back of the car. Jim headed out of Birmingham on the motorway and after a bit of a laugh I ended up in a passionate embrace with Mike. As we separated we pulled in to a bit of a run down looking area and into a car park. There were lots of cars everywhere. We got out of the car and headed to what looked like the back door to a shop. Jim said that this is it. I looked a little disappointed and asked where the hell are we? It is a swingers club and I bet that you enjoy yourself. We entered the doorway to a small reception and Jim paid for us to enter. As we walked in, there were some people sitting a round a lounge and bar area wrapped in towels. We went up some stairs to a changing room. I stripped of and wrapped a towel around me, which hardly reached.

Mike and Jim lead me by the hand for a quick tour around, There was a cinema with a load of guys sitting around and a couple of couples enjoying a little bit of extra attention from the single guys. We then headed of and found a TV lounge by the stairs. I felt a bit nervous because some of the single guys were following us a bit to close for my liking. We headed up the stairs and found some playrooms. There was one woman in a swing being shagged by her partner as a few guys sat around watching.

There was another room where a woman was on a bed being spit roasted by two guys and a crowed standing around watching. We watched from a darkened area behind a window Mike and Jim were each side of their hands and me wondered over my body as I watch the woman enjoying herself. After a short while we headed down some stairs where their was a dark room with a big round bed As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I could see that the room was full of people. There was a woman on the bed with about five guys enjoying themselves. As I looked around the room I could loads of single guys and a few couples watching.

Again Mike and Jim’s hands started to wonder as I watched the woman intently. I was getting very turned on. I needed a drink so we headed off and went down stairs where we spotted a couple of Jacuzzis full of people.

We then headed off to the bar. Mike had put a couple of bottles of wine behind the bar when we arrived thankfully. I need a couple of glasses and a few moments to take things in.

As we sat at the bar having a chat Jim asked, what do you think? I said that it was different and that I didn’t think these places really existed. I was told that it was up to me what we got up to and to just enjoy the evening. I noticed another couple at the bar and they were talking to two guys. After about ten minutes of watching them the lady said, right I am ready, shall we all find a lockable room.

I know that I had been breaking my boundaries, but was still a little shocked and turned on. After a couple of glasses of wine I was feeling a bit more relaxed. Mike suggested we have a look at the Jacuzzi. I was lead of to the Jacuzzi rooms. The first one had a few singles and a couple of couples in, so we made our way to the second one. We slipped in and settled in a space. Mike and Jim sat ether side of me. There was one lady sat straddled her fell. A was also couple of singles and another couple. I then noticed the girl straddling her fella, was fucking him. We sat there for a while watching and Mike & Jim were touching me up under the water. As I was getting turned on I took turns snogging Mike and Jim.

It was not long before I was straddling Jim and he was sliding his cock into me. While he was fucking me I had Mike ram his tongue down my throat as I held onto his cock under the water. I could feel Jim Tense up and then shoot his load deep into me. As he went soft I then swapped and straddled Mike while I snored Jim. It didn’t take Mike long before he added his load to Jims. I then settled between the two guys and continued to watch the girl please he partner on the other side of the Jacuzzi.

Eventually we left the Jacuzzi and headed to the Bar for another drink. I was now really horny and very excited. I rushed my drink down and all three of us went for a walk about. We found some more rooms and a dark cubbyhole where we watched a number of couples through a window in a couple’s only room. I was sandwiched between Mike and Jim and as I was being finger fucked I had hold of both of their cocks. The guys were getting hard again.

Jim said that he wanted to get me on the big round bed in the dark room. I agreed on the condition that the guys made sure that anyone else would wear a condom when inside me.

We headed back off to the dark room and there were a couple of women on the bed with a number of guys around them. We watched for a while as we played with each other. I felt my towel drop away and I was standing there naked between Mike and Jim. A space appeared on the bed as some of the single guy moved away. I was lead over to the big round bed and Mike & Jim joined me as I looked around a reasonably attractive lady looked back at me. I smiled and before I knew it she started to kiss me. I responded not really knowing what to expect. She them reached over and embraced me. As we held on to each other, I had Jims cock in my hand. Mike climbed between my legs and started fucking me. All the time I remains locked in the embrace of the other lady. I could tell that she was being fucked as well. I could feel hands roaming all over my body and Mike was fucking me for all he could. Again his shot his load and rolled off me. I looked down and Jim took his place.

I could feel myself building up for an orgasm as an unknown number of hands roamed my body. My hands were place on other people’s cocks and I wanked them while Jim was fucking me hard.

My body started to orgasm time and time again. Jim added his second load to Mikes. My lips were still locked on to the other ladies. Mike and Jim supervised a numerous other cocks to continue fucking my spunk filled pussy. At the same time I could feel spunk being shoot over my body from the different cocks that I had been wanking.

Jim Checked to see if I was still ok with the situation, which I was. As another guy finished fucking me, Mike turned me over into doggy. I was pushed onto Jims cock and Mike now entered me for a third time from behind. The guys took turns swapping me from end to end. Eventually they both came, one in my moth and one inside me.

We collapsed on the bed to get our breath back for a while and watch the other lady who was still deep in the attention of a number of guys.

It was now time for a break and a drink. We grabbed our towels and headed of. I could not even be bothered to wrap the towel around me. I just strolled about naked. I wanted to clean myself up but the guys wanted me to leave their spunk running down my legs.

We had a couple drinks and chilled out in the bar for a while. As one last little adventure we went to the porn cinema room. I walked up their naked with Mike and Jim hiding their modesty. Jim also carried my towel. A number of single guys all started to get excited and started to follow use. Jim warned them off that we are only chilling out. In the cinema I crashed between Mike and Jim and we watched a number of films. The bulk of the single guys drifted off after a while. I causally played with Mike and Jim’s cocks as we watched the film. There was a rather handsome single guy who was close by who asked if he could join us. I agreed as long as it was just he. He was between my legs licking me for all he was worth. I continued watching the file with a cock in each hand. Every now and then I would have a snog with Mike or Jim. Eventually my admirer crawled up my body and rammed his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around him as he pounded away. I could not take my eyes of the girl in the film getting gangbanged while holding onto two cocks. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. As I collapsed in an orgasm the guy emptied his load into me before collapsing.

We all just stayed crashed out for a while before leaving. The guys requested that if I went to the loo I could not clean myself up. We changed and eventually left the club. As we walked out to the car I could feel the cold air and the spunk running down my legs. This is a feeling that I had become used to in the last couple of weeks. It turned me on so much knowing what a slag and a whore I had been. As we drove back, Jim asked, do you know how many cocks you have had tonight? I could not believe that I did not have a clue. It turned out that other than Mike and Jim I had taken six other cocks inside me.

We got back to the hotel and we all went to my room with a takeaway. After a quick snack, the DVD was put on my laptop and the two guys took turns fucking me on the bed, before we all crashed out in a pile exhausted.