Written by Sticky Vicky

30 Aug 2010

Boring Hotel Stays Make You Do Strange Things. Pt4

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Part 4:

Well after a rather eventful week I had not only broken down new boundaries. I seem to have ripped up the rulebook. A few people have pasted some comments on the previous stories ask if the stories are true. Well they are 100% true other than the names have been changed. My husband Richard now know everything I have been upto and loves me writing about it here. The problem is I have not had the time to able to write the stories as they happen. Anyway here is part 4.

I finished Fridays work and was headed home early. As I drove on the motorway I reminisced about what a complete slut I had become. In the space of two weeks I had shagged 11 other people behind my husbands back. I had Richards blessing to do so, as long as he could listen in and I would telling him all about it. But at this stage it was still my dirty little secret. Last weekend I had told him everything that happened during sex on the Friday night. But he thinks it is just fantasy and roll playing at this stage.

He loves the sound of me being a complete whore and slag while shagging the hell out of me. Well at least I have some more stories for him and might even let him see the DVD that Jim gave me.

I am not sure how I am going to brake the news that what he thinks are fantasies is in fact a reality. Richard has always wanted to watch me get shagged by someone or a group of guys. Now that I have got the confidence I was trying to work out how I could get him into the reality.

Before I realised it I was almost home. Richard had already collected a takeaway and our evening looked set to be a quite night in.

As we cuddled up on the sofa, I piped up that I had a surprise for him. I went to my bag and pulled out the gangbang DVD and said that I had found it in the room tucked inside one of the information booklets. I put the DVD in the player and he was soon engrossed in the sight of a girl getting gang banded. As he watch I started to rub his cock and took the end in my mouth. He asked me to roll play as if it was me in the DVD and that it was my hotel room. I pretended I was with the builders that I had befriended. As I relayed some of my activities from that Wednesdays night at the Cinema, the girl in the ally way and everything else that had gone on. My husband shot his load all over my face. I must have look like the girl in the video with spunk all over my face, because Richard remained rock hard and didn’t want me to stop. He soon turned me around in to doggy position and was fucking me for all he was worth as we both faced the TV screen. It was not long before he exploded inside of me. We then cuddled up and watch a few more girls getting gang banded on the video.

After a while Richard asked if I would ever do a threesome? The reality was it was a bit late for that. But I had to play along. I paused for a second and then said that because he wanted me to, I would be happy to give it a go as long as it didn’t affect our marriage.

Ten or so minutes later Richard said lets go out. Put on something sexy. I played dumb and asked where would we go? Richard said lets find a bar and see what happens.

I went and sorted myself out, did my hair and make up. What to wear? Well my little

Short Black opened backed dress had been lucky so far, why break the rules now. I dug it out of my case with the strapy shoes and ran an iron over the dress. I was ready.

We headed into town and to some of the main bars for a drink. After a couple of hours most people had meet up with their friends. It then became easier to spot people that we might be able to attract. There was a small mixed group where most people had partners apart from one guy. He had a keen eye and was eyeing up the talent. Richard asked what I thought of him. He wasn’t bad and looked good to me. Richard suggested that I should go to the bar for some more drinks and get noticed. This was a new game for me and although nervous I made my way to the bar.

As I got there I also made myself noticed and it was not long before I was able to engage the guy in conversation and started to flirt. The guy was called Paul and we chatted for 10 minutes or so. I was invited to join his group of friends but said that I couldn’t because I was here with my partner. Paul started to back off a little and I put my arm around his waist. I then lent in towards him and said that as all his friends all had partners and he was the odd one out, why not dump them and join us. He was a bit surprised and said, wouldn’t you husband get up set? I said no, he would be more than happy for you to join in. As I pulled back a little I gave Paul a knowing wink. A big smile came across his face as he worked out exactly what I was saying.

Paul made an excuse to his friend that he had met an old college buddy and was going off for a natter and off we went. I introduced Paul to my husband Richard and we stood around chatting while I flirted. Paul felt a little uneasy at first while talking because I had my arm around him and he must have been wondering what my husband was thinking. But as time went on Paul felt comfortable and also had his arm around me. I could feel him working out that I was not wearing any knickers. We were soon chatting like long lost friends.

After a while Richard nipped off to the loo and Paul asked what we wanted to happen. I explained that my husband and I had always wanted to have a threesome and now was the time in life to make it happen. Richard was soon back and I nipped off to the loo. When I returned the obvious conversation had taken place between the two guys. Paul said that he had an apartment near by which we could use. Richard said what are we waiting for then. We headed off with me in the middle of the two guys. Paul hailed a cab and we all jumped in the back. To break the ice I sat in the middle and put a hand in the lap of each guy. The cab arrived at Paul’s pad and we all headed in. Paul fixed us with a drink and we all crashed out on the settee. Paul asked if we like porno videos and I helped him select one. As we had a few drink we all got a little more acquainted with each other. It was not long before I was taking turns snogging both guys and hands started to wander about my body. I then felt my dress being slid off my shoulders and down my body. I looked at my husband and asked if he was aright. The look on his face said it all. So I closed my eyes and got lost in the moment.

The guys slid their trousers off and before long we were all naked. I had a cock in each hand and two guys exploring my body. I bent down and took Paul’s cock in my mouth and started sucking him for all I was worth. Richard slipped around behind me and rammed his cock inside me. Paul grabbed my head as he fucked my mouth and it was not long before I had both guy exploding in me. Paul was first and at the sight of him letting go into my mouth I felt my husband cum inside me. We crashed out in a pile. The girl on the video was still hard at work. Richard kissed me and stuck his tongue into my mouth to ensure that I had swallowed the whole load. With a bit more help of the video the two guys were hard again. This time I went down on Richard and Paul quickly got behind me and rammed his cock inside me. I was being spit-roasted all over again.

Again it didn’t take long for the guys to empty another load. I had that wonderful feeling of spunk oozing out of me. We crashed out with a fresh drink and continued chatting and watch dirty videos. Paul was starting to get hard again with a little help from me. He rolled me onto my back and climbed between my legs. His cock slid up me with ease. I held on tightly as he fucked me hard. I looked over to my husband who was sitting there with a big smile on his face playing with himself. Paul then rolled me over into doggy and fucked me as hard as he could. Richard was loving every minute of it. His wife was being fucked like a cheap whore infront of his very eyes likes the slut in the video. With a final few thrusts Paul was about to cum. I made sure that I had eye contact with my husband as Paul took his final few strokes and shot yet another load into me.

We both crashed out on the floor and talked about what a great night it had been. After a couple of coffees I put my dress back on, spunk still running down my legs. Paul called a taxi for us and we took his phone number. The taxi came and I promised that we would call him.

In the lift on the way down to the car Richard stuck his hand up the back of my dress to play with my spunky pussy as he gave me a big kiss and told me that he loved me. As we walked out of the apartment, my husband said I never thought that I would go through with it.

Back home we stripped of and went straight to bed, Richard was between my legs within seconds and fucked me for all he was worth adding yet another load to my well used pussy.

We eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms. I still had to work out how I could approach everything else I had been up to. But at least my husband had now witnessed me being the slag of a slut and whore he wanted me to be. I have a feeling that there is a lot more fun to be had.

I will let you know how it goes.

Stick Vicky