Written by Les

31 Dec 2007

Our last post here was Think before speaking, we think this is even more interesting.

We were going to my parents for Boxing day, my partner Lisa and I, we were late leaving, my mobile ran out of power and we got a puncture. Apart from that it was fine. That and my parents had gone away on a last minute bargain break and so, our surprise visit at the end of a five hour drive was a wash out.

Rather than drive straight back, we dropped in on a cousin of mine, Joel. He was surprised but offered to put us up for the night, and invited us to a bit of a drinking party that night. Joel is 30 and a regular for his local football team, his girlfriend is Janet, late twenties, nice girl, bit crude at times, small chest but great overall body, about a size 8.

Lisa is 36, 36d/25/36.

Drinking started at Joel\'s friends house around half six, we took it slow but by one the next morning we were well gone, like the rest. By about two, there were just us four plus three other blokes, and the drink was Champagne cocktail. A splash of bitters, a sugar lump, a tot of brandy and supermarket fizzy wine in this case.

Sprawled in an armchair, Lisa removed her bra as it was uncomfortable. This attracted great interest from the male\'s present. So Janet showed how it was done. I sat on the arm of Lisa\'s chair and asked if she was horny, she grabbed me for a deep kiss as her answer. I had her blouse out of her jeans and my hand up it in no time, sort of forgetting or not caring about the others. I soon realized I must pee before going any further and lurched off to the loo. I saw that Janet and some one, not sure who, were in a similar clinch to what Lisa and I had been as I left.

When I returned, it takes ages with a hard on, another of Joel\'s mates had taken my place, and a piece of Mistletoe was stuck on the wall near Lisa\'s chair, it was not there


Joel, not in a clinch with Janet wandered over carefully, and said in a conspiratorial sort of voice that the sugar cubes

may have been a bit too much with all the booze. I wondered later if he meant they were spiked, but he is not that sort of bloke as a rule. Any how, Lisa and Janet now had their

blouses unbuttoned and tits on view or being handled firmly.

Joel asked his mate to let me back in and surprisingly he did straight away. I made a start on Lisa\'s jeans, soon getting one and then two fingers wet, and my stand in tapped me on the arm and mimed pulling the jeans clean off. I nodded and helped as best I could. A glance at Janet and Joel was between her legs and humping away already, while some one else stood behind the chair and played with Janet\'s tits. I removed Lisa\'s pants as soon as I could and dropped my own to enter her, inviting the jeans remover to go for her breasts, he did not need asking twice.

Lisa was on another planet, of course that may have been alcohol induced, but I like to think I had a part in it.

Once I came I did not need to invite anyone, one of the other guests was ready and straight in without needing to be asked.

I was torn between watching both girls for a while before gaining my second wind. An invitation to screw Janet was not to be refused, so I enjoyed several minutes of ramming her

before moving up for her to suck me to a finish, swallowing most of it.

By now Lisa was on the floor and Joel was between her legs going like the clappers, before shooting loudly up her while she had another cock in her mouth. This one took over once Joel pulled out, and Lisa wrapped her legs tight about him.

Now as far as I know, Lisa has never been with another woman before. She has certainly not wanted to guzzle cum by the pint. So, I was taken aback when Janet, now unhampered by any male appendage, crawled over to Lisa and began to kiss her upside down, and Lisa returned the kiss. It lasted until the cock she was enjoying emptied itself into her sopping hole,

and Janet crawled further on until they were sixty-nining.

I was amazed.

Lisa, on the bottom, lapped away like she did it every day.

Janet was as eager and we men just watched for ages. The spell

held until Janet turned around to kiss Lisa\'s tits. The odd kiss on the lips too, and one of the other blokes got behind her and stuffed his hard on right in. We were all hard again after that display.

Joel and the other guest pulled Lisa out from under and put her on her knees so by turning their heads the girls could still kiss, and Joel could fuck Lisa from behind.

When Joel had cum noisily in Lisa again, I helped the other bloke lift Lisa to the sofa and lay her on her back with her arse on the edge of the arm. With her legs on my shoulders I fucked her as hard as I could and Janet was moved over so the girls could keep kissing. I kept this up for ages and had to pee again before I would be able to cum, so left for the loo.

On my return one of the guests was fucking Lisa as I had been

but Janet was now sat at the far end of the sofa, sucking a cock.

I got her to turn onto her knees and fucked her from behind

while she sucked, shooting my load minutes later, just as the cock in her mouth went off too.

I sat in an arm chair to recover and watch the fun, the last thing I recall is Janet sitting on the sofa with Lisa\'s head between her legs, lapping away, while one of the guests fucked her from behind while mauling her swinging tits and slapping her arse now and then. I must have drifted off after drinking another cocktail.

I awoke to see one guest, Joel and Lisa in a heap of tangled limbs on the sofa, and Janet curled up in the other chair.

A pee and a shower and I found a bed to doze off on. Lisa woke me later, dressed and showered, and we made our good buys, realizing that one of the three I called guests actually owned the flat.

We spent the rest of the day recovering at Joel\'s and sort of saying we must do this again sometime, and drove home over night. Lisa claims never to have been with another woman but said what she remembers of it was good.

Best Boxing day I ever had!