Written by Steve

29 May 2007

It all started about a week ago when I was in bed with my wife Jenny. She’d just bought a new nightie which looked like a figure hugging, short summer dress, low cut with very thin straps. She looked fantastic, and I mentioned that she would probably be able to get away with wearing it as a dress. She had her doubts, but I explained that I’d love to see guys’ reactions to seeing her body so clearly through the thin, tight, patterned material. Whilst we were both aroused I took the opportunity of betting her, and getting her to promise that she would wear it out somewhere in public so that I could enjoy the reactions of men looking at her.

Well, it came to the weekend and we were going away camping. When we arrived at the site and got our tent up in the morning. It was quite sunny and so I took the opportunity of reminding Jenny of her promise. To my surprise she agreed, went into the tent and put on the dress/nightie. She looked stunning. She was just wearing the dress, panties and her flip-flops and looked fantastic. As we moved around the tent, organising things and tidying up, it was great seeing her body. As she crouched down to pick something up I’d get a glimpse of her knickers. As she bent over I could see her fantastic 32E breasts hanging into the thin material of her dress.

It wasn’t only me who noticed all of this. Being bank holiday, there were many other tents, the closest being a pair lads, all in their late teens. We are both in our early 30s, and I was loving the way that the two guys kept looking over at Jenny. Oddly, she didn’t seem to notice the attention.

By mid afternoon, it was still sunny although you could tell that the clouds would be over soon. Sunny enough for the time being for Jenny not to need to cover herself up. Having finished sorting everything out, we both had cans of lager and ended up playing Frisbee with the group near to us. The guys were unashamedly throwing the Frisbee low so that Jenny had to bend down to pick it up. As we’d had a couple of drinks, no-one was hiding the fact that they were doing this on purpose. I think that Jenny was enjoying the attention, especially with my occasional encouragement.

Then it began to rain. Our tent is very small, but the other two were staying in a massive tent all together which had several rooms and a central area for cooking etc. Rather than us sit in our tiny space, the others invited us into their tent so we could keep drinking and chatting, which we did. It began getting cold and so one of the guys gave Jenny a sleeping bag to wrap over her shoulders to keep her warm, mentioning that she could only have it so long as she didn’t cover up too much of her gorgeous body. Jenny laughed and wrapped herself up warm. The lads were all very friendly and were very attentive especially to Jenny. She shivered at one point and this was seen as an opportunity for one of the guys – John – to hug her from behind as if to warm her up, but taking the opportunity of staying with his arms around her. One of his arms ran over her shoulder and onto her stomach beneath the sleeping bag. Then he said to me how attractive my wife was, and how wonderful she was to touch.

I was a bit shocked, but looking at Jenny she seemed very happy to have the attention. John began massaging her shoulders from behind and let the sleeping bag fall, as Jenny leant back into his lap. Simon, another of the lads then took one of her feet and began massaging it. I was near Simon, and as Jenny raised her leg up to give him better access to her foot, I could see that she was revealing her knickers which were now in full view for Simon. I was beginning to enjoy this – something I’d been fantasising about for some time but never thought it would happen – the idea of exposing my lovely wife to other men. I was worried about how far it would go, but not worried enough to stop it. Not yet anyway.

I decided to join in and took Jenny’s other foot and began massaging it, thereby opening up her legs more, letting her dress ride up slightly so that more of her knickers were on show. I could see Simon looking straight up her dress and could see his erection growing in his surf shorts. Jenny was now leaning right into John’s chest and now he was massaging her shoulders and the top of her chest above her breasts. He then eased down the thin straps off of her shoulders as if to (innocently!) allow greater access to her shoulders. The tight fit of her dress meant that it didn’t slip down far, but did expose the tops of her breasts. The cut of the dress meant that Jenny’s nipples were only just covered and, whilst everyone watched, John expertly eased the dress over them using the movements of his massaging. I don’t even think that Jenny had noticed that her beautiful nipples were now on show.

How had this happened? Only an hour ago we were all outside playing Frisbee and now we were massaging my wife who’s knickers and nipples were partially on show. The odd thing was that I was enjoying it so much and didn’t want it to stop, although I didn’t know where it would lead.

Jenny was clearly enjoying herself. Her eyes were closed and she had a relaxed smile on her face. Then, sleepily, she mentioned that this was all a bit one sided and asked if anyone else wanted a massage. Before anyone could answer she began rubbing John’s legs between which she was lying. She was running her hands up and down in long strokes from his ankles to his thighs. John was clearly loving this and he re-arranged himself to the side slightly so that she would be able to gain better access into the bottom of his shorts should she wish to. Jenny’s hands continued caressing his legs rather than massaging them. From his new position I could see how turned on he was. As Jenny’s hand ran up the bottom of his shorts he flinched as she must has brushed past his balls. The next caress stopped at the top and John had to move again to let Jenny hold his balls.

I couldn’t believe it. Nor could John, who, with his cock now in Jenny’s hand pulled her dress down further over her shoulders completely revealing her breasts. Simon stopped massaging Jenny’s foot and moved up to caress and suck one of her exposed nipples. I just watched, in disbelief but completely turned on.

John then turned and got up onto his knees and pulled his shorts down to release his cock which he then placed back in Jen’s hand. She began wanking him slowly and turned her head to take his cock in her mouth – something which she has never done with me. Simon now had a hand down her knickers and was fingering her slowly. I decided to help by pulling down her knickers – Jenny raised her hips for me to do this, whilst keeping John’s cock in her mouth. Simon saw this as a green light. Pulling off his shorts, he positioned himself between Jen’s legs and in one movement pushed his cock into her. Jenny flinched as his large member entered her and she began bucking her hips to meet his desperate thrusts. At the same time she was sucking and wanking John faster and faster and it wasn’t long before he came into her mouth.

Jenny was beginning to cum for the first time with Simon’s thrusting into her. He was holding her breasts as he rigorously pumped in and out almost aggressively. Jenny was clearly enjoying the roughness of this. I pulled off my shorts and moved to her side and she took my cock in her left hand. I moved it towards her mouth and, in the first time in 5 years of our relationship, she took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Suddenly Simon came inside her and moved off. John was by this time hard again and turned Jen over slightly and entered her from behind as she led on her side. She kept sucking me and it wasn’t long before I too was shooting into her mouth. John came again soon after me.

We sat around for a bit afterwards and had another drink. Jen covered herself up again with her flimsy dress but wasn’t cold any longer. After about an hour of recovery, John suggested a game of spin the bottle for truth or dare. To my surprise, Jen was still up for it – not sure what had got into her to make her so unlike normal. It was raining hard outside now and getting a bit dark and, looking out, you could see the lights in the tents all around us. Spin the bottle began, but that is another story.