Written by andysig

14 Jan 2018

Claires been a bit of a work in progress I had been seeing her off and on for the past few months a little shy when it came to getting her knickers off in public but she loved the thrill of never knowing what to expect. A quiet fun loving girl with a body built for sin she had got a little braver on the run up to Christmas usually once she had benefitted from a few glasses of wine

I would take her back to my flat and be rewarded with a blow job and the most physical shagging imaginable. Those that have read the earlier stories will know that Ive had her take her knickers off and finger her self infront of strangers. Persuaded her to give hand jobs to a couple of the lads at the local club house but so far that's it.

So we are off out to a biker bash in Edinburgh Claires been on the wine since lunch time we ve been out shopping and I have made sure she knows I intend riding the arse off her even sneaking into a changing room and fingering her to climax before pulling back the curtain and walking out leaving her in a right state. Back at the hotel shes getting ready walking past dressed in her bra pants and hold ups I stood up quickly puling her down onto the bed my hand in her hair I pushed her down towards my cock. Now show me why I shouldn't share you like a slut. She obliged as always sucking my cock and taking it right down her throat I was fucking her head like a rag doll Knowing I was about to cum she pulled away wanking me off cum all over me belly and balls. Get it cleaned up I told her she refused I grabbed her arm bending her over my knee and spanked her arse till it glowed now get cleaning. She did as she was told first my cock then balls and she went to get up

I spread my legs get down there she smiled and started rimming my arse her tongue pushing up my hole. I stopped her looked her in the eye and told her to get dressed my cock twitching as I pulled my jeans on. Claire was on fire like a dog on heat I ordered the taxi to turn round and headed for a club I know in Edinburgh called after 8. As we arrived Claire looked at me I thought we were going to the Club house party . Nop we are going in here I want to see just what you've learned. Claire looked worried she knew I had wanted her to be more adventurous we had talked about it she had seen some of the other girls getting gang fucked and had even friged her self off watching but here she knew I was in charge of the evenings entertainment and she was panicking a little Within 20 mins of our entering the club a couple of guys had been chatting Claire up and she was loving the attention one of the guys offered to show her round downstairs I told her to go have a look and I was off for a pee I would see her in a min she was safe in here. Ten mins latter I went down stairs Claire was standing in-between the two guys watching a couple shagging in a swing one of the guys hands was stroking Claires arse she either was enjoying it or didn't notice I quietly stood behind her and slid my hand up her skirt hooking my fingers under her pants and into her wet cunt she pushed back slightly but said nothing the lad strocking her arse looked round and I just smiled at him his mate realising I was cool with this kissed Claires cheek before running his hand up her blouse brushing over her nipple which was hard as fuck. I guided Claire back into one of the rooms and nodded to the boys to join us. They didn't need asking twice. Once in the room Claire looked at her two friends faces then at me for instruction. Get you arse on the bed slowly she edged backwards resting on the edge now take your knickers off Claire looked nervous but did as she was told . Spread your legs let these nice young me see you play with your pussy Claire slowly parted her legs closed her eyes and lay back parting her pussy lips and frigging her clit. The guys dropped their jeans cocks out wanking at the sight of Claire I stripped off my kit and told her to get on her knees she did as instructed now suck my cock and if you spill a drop I'm going to let these guys ride you! Claire started sucking and wanking my cock the guys watching rubbing her tits and arse just as I was about to cum I pulled out shooting my load over her hand. Look what you've done you did that deliberately . Claire looked sheepish now bend over the bed she closed her legs tight and bent over the end of the bed. Spread your legs or you get a spanking she spread her legs I slipped a finger up her cunt it was soaking . I stood back noticing a small group had formed looking in the door as the first lad slid his condom covered cock up her she bucked like fuck as he rode her hard his mate telling him to hurry up he was in no hurry Claire s legs buckled as she came over the young guy every one cheered as the lad withdrew and let his mate fuck her. The first guy taking off his condom and presenting it to Claires mouth the greed slut took his full load and swallowed the mate over came with the moment filled his condom up claires tight cunt. The guys thanked her and left Claire stood up smiling at me and went to put her knickers back on I grabbed them and stuck them in my pocket. The night was young and I had plans for Claire.