Written by bimalevery

7 Jul 2007

well let me start by saying im still hard thinking about this,driving through newcasle,stoke-on-trent camme across some toilets in a place called clayton.well i like abit of cock as much as the next bi guy,so ithought why not acouple of cars outside,went in and only one cubicle occupied,mmmmm strange so i looked through a hole in the door and yess very nice a guy with amouth full of cock.so i went in the next cubicle and stripped off making plenty of noise so theyd now what im doin then started to wank,they new i was there they started making more noise,so i thought fuck it knocked on there door and they let me in very big cubicle aguy about 30 sittin on toilet pants round his ankles nice juicy cock and the guy who was sucking him was about 50ish still dressed and im standing there bollock naked,the oldr guy starded to suck me very nice and the other started to strip ,we all ended up naked and my turn sittin ontoilet and started to suck two nice cocks did this for about 5 mins then neede to cum so i was sucking on the older guy while yhe other one sucked me i was ready to cum told him i was cuming must of turned the other on shot aload of spunk in my mouth mmmmmm lovely started cumming but he came off me and wanked me shame,the younger guy said my turn i said ok and began to suck him didnt take long before he shot his load took there fone numbers and carried on my way will call in there again if im passing