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Cleaning fun

"Pegged till I cum"

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After the party with Girlfriends and partners . It had been a great time tho Kat hadn't been able to make it . My wife had really enjoyed fucking her ex boss and said it was a shame she hadn't been able to come .

A few weeks passed by until one Friday it happened. I'd got up the normal time with my wife . She'd showered and dressed while I got breakfast ready . I rarely work Fridays and it's either grocery shopping and pub or house cleaning and pub . As she went to leave she said " house cleaning no pub I might be home early ... be prepared"

So did as asked and showered, shaved got cleaned . Then lubed up and inserted my first plug . Then I was gonna get the cage on but I thought , a quick wank would be nice .

Grabbed a coffee and put on some porn to watch . So a good 40mins of wanking and poppers passed .

Phone bleeps " I will be home early , please make sure house is tidy , love you "

Get the bed made first , bathroom then all cleaned . So I'm hovering down the stairs when I hear the front door opening. I've left the porn playing on the TV, with lube and poppers around, I'm naked with a medium plug in my ass and No cage .

I can hear her chatting away and it's clearly her old boss Kat ... she's seen me naked before with both my wife and Angie fucking my arse . So come down the stairs to meet both semi hard, quick kiss for my wife who immediately rubs my cock and reaches round to my ass , "Good boy you are plugged but no cage !! 2 G and Ts please while we get comfy " " I can see what you've been upto with the porn n poppers this morning.

I enter with drinks , Kat has only a thong on as she licks at my wife's pussy . I put drinks down and kneel on the sofa my cock now hard . I start stroking as my wife reaches down playing with my full balls , rubbing the plug in my ass ..all the time moaning as Kat licks her to a climax

My wife now pleased get up " Now I want you to lick Kat to orgasm , while I get sorted with a few games "

Ever the gent , I remove her thong and take my place inbetween her thighs ,she wet already and moaning in seconds . She tastes beautiful, I'm loving the taste , smell and she's easily cumming , she moves round to give me access to her ass . A good licking and she's really moaning- im sure her husband doesnt eat ass- move back to the pussy now and start probing her arsehole with my finger .

All of a sudden a hard smack from behind has my wife saying " cmon no more of that we are gonna play"

She's cleared the coffee table and stuck 5 dildos in size order ranging from 8" up to a 14" with different girth.

I've played this game before " she explains to kat that he isn't allowed to cum till he has bounced for 2 minutes on each one "

They will judge how well I do ,each time I've taken it balls deep. I get my cock sucked for 2 minutes but not allowed to cum .

I mange the first 3 with ease and enjoy a sloppy bj each time .

The 4th ones a size , my cocks really hard and precum has been on the tip , girls could taste it .Eventually I ease it all the way in and Kat starts sucking ,she's a master of oral sex and I'm fighting not to cum really hard . I'm in a dream as she sucks so hard , tongue on the head that I never heard the door bell ring ... my wife fully naked goes to the door , she knows fully who's coming !!! Enter Kats husband Tom who's got his hands all over my wife big ass . But the look on his face as he sees me impaled on a dildo and his wife sucking my cock, dildos, wands everywhere and porn on the TV is a look I will never forget. He wastses no time in getting his cock out , my wife the beautifulslut immediately drops to her knees . Kat now sits back after an epic BJ to watch her husband getting sucked by my beautiful wife ... she will suck him dry she loves a mouth of cum .

I lube up again as I watch them both and ease onto the 5th one ... its a struggle ,slowly I take it tho I'm not bouncing up and down on this one , a quick poppers and it's in up to the balls .

Tom's now fully hard and my wife is sucking for all her worth but he's a big boys ... long huge in length but very full and round ... my wife is struggling to open her mouth big enough as he slowly wanks onto her open mouth .

Kat who has been hypnotised by the sight of her husband fucking my wife's mouth does the right thing and takes me fully in her mouth.

My wife removes his cock from her mouth , he's very hard and covered in my wife's spit .

She asks " Tom do you do anal sex ? Fancy some anal fun ? "

His reply is priceless " I tried it once but Kat really didn't like it and said it hurt too much "

My wife just laughed and said " OK ill be gentle with you , take your clothes off "

She drops to her knees and starts sucking him again , this time she's lubing up his arsehole with her finger , I'm watching as Kat gets me close to cumming in her mouth .

Well he's not stopping her fingerings his ass at all seems to be enjoying the BJ and bum wank .

Then she pull of his cock and looks up " that's no virgin ass Tom, two fingers in easily "

His reply " when I was at college and young I did play around "

"You need to start fucking his ass Kat , lucky I'm here as I will show you just what a anal hoar Tom can be"

"Tom let's get a small strapon for you and Kat you grab one for slut boy , let's see who cums first "

Side by side with each others partners in postion ... Kat picked a good 10" which is great for a hard and fast fucking . Tom has the small one she last used on Mark a few weeks back . Kat is now thrusting into me " please Kat fuck me, fuck me hard ,

Tom the complete opposite is whimpering as my wife rocks back and forth in his ass not sure he's enjoying it . He's stroking his cock .

I'm getting a pounding and can feel the moment , I need to Cum . " Kat I'm gonna cum soon

To my total surprise she replied" cum then empty your balls in my lying husbands mouth make him swallow it all"

I got the floor and knelt at Tom's mouth and pushed my cock into his mouth as my wife sped up the ass fucking just smiling at me.

It was too much and I pumped loads into his mouth making him gag on my cock as his with watched her husband violated by me and my wife ... kat sat rubbing her clit with a wand .

I knelt there till I started to go soft letting every drop enter his mouth . My wife now thrusting into him at pace .... he started to beg he wanted to cum

" if you wanna cum you need to be a better person and promise to tell Kat everything and let her fuck you like the bitch you are "

She pulled out of Tom .... " now Tom seems you experimented when you were younger how about you show us girl what you did"

Come on now Tom you wanted Anal sex go ahead with my husband and let's see him take your big cock .

I got on the floor and head down ass up postion as Tom pushed his big cock into me . There's no messing around and he's fucking me hard and pushing me deeper into the carpet ,pounding my ass hard .

My wife has now got the 8" strapon ready for Kat to ho fuck her husbands arse . She steadies her self then pushed the full 8" in at once . He gasps out loud as he feels the full 8" and with that he's cumming , filling my ass full of his seed all the time his wife fucking his ass . I just went and sat on my wife's strapon and bounced up and down as Kat pounded him .

She fucked him for a long time and only withdrew once he'd cum in his own hand which she had made him lick off his hand .

They stayed the night and we did many things but that's another story

Written by Devdomguy69

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