Written by IT John

26 Dec 2010

I was strung up, naked, in a room full of strangers. A snow storm had closed the road network, I was far from home and had thought I was going out for a business lunch.

I was just beginning to think I would lose the use of my arms forever when the ladies loo door opened cautiously. The blonde girl peeped her head around the corner.

“Help?” I called to her.

She put her finger to her mouth to tell me to be quiet and motioned that she would come out when the coast was clear. I remembered that she had been sent to change into a nurse’s costume. It was obviously deeply embarrassing for her.

I looked around.

Frank Slater, respected leader of the local council, (and my client) was shagging Natasha the waitress from behind over a table set for two half way up the restaurant. She had now stripped down to the wrap-around batik skirt that had ridden up her pert ass. Her small breasts shuddered each time he pushed into her. Her slim body was glistening with sweat. Her head was thrown back and she was groaning as he filled her. His trousers were around his ankles and his shirt was completely undone...

Then... FLASH... their picture was taken by Becky, the girl in a silver dress...and I swear that he had looked up and smiled at her as she did it!

Rebecca, the self assured auburn haired beauty, was now dancing with Stuart the Australian. She was naked apart from two nipple tassels and a pair of lace blue knickers. He was wearing his tiny pair of shorts. Her hand was on his shorts, his tongue was down her throat. Her nipple tassels looked stunning on her extraordinarily firm large breasts which defied gravity.

Ian (the accountant) and Sue had disappeared. I think they could have been under the table. The table did seem to be moving of its own accord.

Ricardo the owner of the restaurant was sat by the pizza oven. The minx Karen in the black silk camisole was on his knee and giving him a hand job. He had a quiet smile on his face and his eyes shut. I saw that Becky was now sat watching them while fingering herself, her silver dress was pulled up above her stockings and her knickers were gone. The camera now lay idle beside her.

The two chefs were flat on their backs. Each with a corseted recruitment agent straddling them. Attending to their career requirements, I wondered? .. A couple of snapped g strings lay on the floor where the inflamed men had obviously lost control and just gone for it. The girls, Michelle and Stacey, were fucking the two men in unison. They were dressed in matching corsets of contrasting colours. They were also matching each other stroke for stroke and caress for caress.

I was suspended from a meat hook over the bar. I locked my eyes back onto the young blonde girl hiding in the toilets and motioned with my head that I thought the coast was clear.

She stepped out of the loo. It seemed to me like a search light was shining directly on her and she was moving in slow motion.

She was in the nurse’s costume. She was a vision. Her blonde hair cascaded in soft curls down either shoulder. Her huge bright blue eyes stared at me, I watched her blink big eyelashes, then looked and saw her heart shaped face, the red lipstick, the blushing cheeks, perfect skin, long neck, slim, white nurses costume, top three buttons too tight to do up, breasts pushing against the material, a hint of white bra, the red crosses on the sleeves, the wide belt, the tiny waist, the far-too -short skirt, the long legs, the perfect ankles.

An angel. A life saver. My saviour.

She looked left and right, decided no one was looking and slipped across the room to me and dragged up a chair.

“Help me off this hook please” I whispered.

She stood on the chair and reached up to unhook my arms. She was against me. She smelt of peaches. She pushed my arms up. My face was right by her chest. She had unhooked me.

I collapsed.

“Oh god, you are hurt” she said.

I played dead on the floor.

“Hello? Hello? Are you OK?”

I opened my eyes slowly. Her face was inches from mine. She was kneeling beside me. I kissed her. She stroked my face. I ran a hand up her leg towards her panties.

She slapped me. “How dare you!” A flash went off. Becky hadn’t missed a thing and she had caught it on camera.

The Blonde was furious. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Stop it. Stop it. Oh god I am so unhappy. Why can’t I have any fun? I have just joined this company. I want to be liked. I want to have fun like everyone else, but it is teh wrong time of the month and I am not self confident. It is so frustrating”.

“Oh, umm...sorry, but thank you for rescuing me” I managed to stammer. But she just ran back into the toilet and slammed the door. My body hurt all over. Pins and needles coursed through my arms. I wanted to rest a bit to recover. I wanted to curl up and die.

A shadow fell over me. Mrs Ferguson was standing over me. I could see right up her short dress again.

“YOU AGAIN!” she went. “UPSETTING THE STAFF. Come with me”. I complied as she led me naked by my tied hands through the back of the restaurant towards the kitchen. We walked straight past an oblivious Stacey and Michelle riding their chefs for dear life. The two chefs had firm grips on hips clad in the red and white corsets. The girls were still bobbing in unison, brushing their corset clad breasts across the chests of the two men. From behind I could see the mens’ thick penises glistening as they pumped in and out of the girls fannies. The scene was framed for me between the girls raised and perfectly round ass cheeks. Simply memorable.

I looked over my shoulder in time to see Rebecca being lifted onto the main table by Stuart the Australian. His shorts had gone. He was built like a horse. She was going to get the ride of her life. She clasped his firm ass with both hands, looking up at him and sucking his cock into her. He held her in his big hands by the hips, lifting and arching her back onto his massive member. She closed her legs around his back, her head fell backwards, her auburn hair cascading back onto the table. Her breasts reared from her chest and they rose and fell with her breathing. The nipple tassels shuddered and swung as the Aussie started to rock forwards and backwards, his crotch pushing into and then away from her trimmed pussy at ultra slow speed.

I looked across at Frank, who was on the floor in front of the pizza oven. Natasha was on top of him, she was so sexy. Her purple hair was slightly plastered to her face, the fire light made her skin glisten with the reflections of the flames. She was gently caressing his hairy chest. He had a look of utter contentment on his face. He was in paradise.

That was all I saw before I was pulled away to the kitchen by Sarah Ferguson.

Frank. If this gets out, it could cost you your job...and if you lose your job, do we get our job? Hey Frank!