Written by Aphrodite

4 Nov 2017

Ok, I am a newbie on here, but I am well aware of the site through one particular male friend who tries to shock me.

I thought you all may be interested in a fairly recent event. My husband Richard and I are lucky enough to live in the East Med for about 6 months of the year, and decided for a change to go on a short cruise, to visit Israel and Turkey. It was an unexpected birthday surprise for me, so I was quite excited and had fun packing clothes for the trip.

I am a 10, and Rich says my best part is my bum, my boobs are not to bad either. Like other people seem to suggest a cruise seems to bring out the sexy side of people, it certainly does with me.

So whilst appropriate dresses were packed. I slipped in a couple that could be described as quite inappropriate. I always wear stockings so the combination works well, from a blokes point of view.

Anyway off we go, checked in, cabin allocated. Shower, then explore.

We had been allocated a table in the restaurant with around ten people on it, and the first night it was full. Naturally you have to engage with people so I was as chatty as possible. I t happened that I was sat next to a guy called Roger, as it turned out an appropriate name for him. I guess he was early sixties, a bit full of himself but ok. His wife Jane seemed quite but nice.

We had a very nice six course meal, and Roger virtually didnt stop the chat, jokes etc, he liked being the centre of attention and was particularly focused on me.

Drinks afterwards in the showbar, Roger again managed to get himself between me and Rich was landed with Jane. A pleasant evening , ending in Roger giving me a very close hug, running both his hands down my back, and my bum and hips, but not in a groping manner, just a clever feel up.

So I thought now he knows I wear stockings.

I told Rich about this in our cabin, he was amused, commented that I always attract older blokes. I asked should I discourage Roger or let it play, maybe because of the ship affect, it was let it play.

So over the next few nights I did, varied my dresses and heels, some shorter , some very close fitting, even different coloured stockings.

Roger clearly enjoyed himself, getting bolder as the week progressed, after day three , his hand must have spent half the evening on my knee or just above,while at the dinner table, lots of bum squeezing, following me up the staircases, I am sure he thought he wasnt being obvious. Jane was clearly used to his outrageous behaviour and I felt sorry for her, but he devil in me just wanted to lead him on. Rich was well aware, I told him every night about Rogers antics.

Anyway a theme night cropped up sixties or something like that. I had the perfect dress, very flower power, it was actually see through, but when it was on it didnt look it, blue with dolphins allover it, teamed with black underwear, suspender belt, bra and panties. I could get away with it, as it wasnt a normal night.

During dinner I swear I could see Rogers's cock growing !!. He could;nt leave me alone, especially as the dress was short, so rode up to my stocking tops when I sat down, by now he hand his hand between my thighs, his fingers just brushing the gusset of my panties. I know I was behaving like a tart by not stopping him, but I admit it was quite exciting, sat at the dining table, being felt up by the randy sod.

Off to see the show afterwards, roger by my side hand on my bum , having a gentle squeeze, not caring about others seeing, he suddenly whispered in my ear; I want to fuck you !!, I simply said I know that , its been pretty obvious.

The others disappeared into the show bar, we didnt, roger diverting to the lift, up to the pool deck, as soon as the lift doors closed, my dress was up and his hands into my panties, big fingers into my pussy, he almost lifted me off the floor, doors open, and a couple are waiting, me with my legs forced apart, and rogers fingers furiously working my pussy. He didnt seem at all concerned, just removed his hand, leaving me with my dress around my waist, everything on show.

He led me over to an area overlooking the pool, like a balcony that ran around it, people wandering around the bar below us.

I turned to look over, Roger immediately taking the initiative, he moved behind me, both hands scooping up my dress, his fingers into the waistband of mypanties, in an instant they were over my bum and rolled around my thighs, bracing myself over the rails, bum sticking out, I felt his cock touch my pussy lips, a push from him and he was in. I must say he was good, not rushed, but firm thrusts, pushing me against the railings, he pulled on my hips pulling himself further into me.

He just pumped away steadily, and I felt myself getting close, sticking out my bum into his groin, it was good.

I came but fortunately not to loudly, as there were a few people about, Roger did a short time afterwards, I felt him flooding into me, in fact as he withdrew he was still coming, spurting onto my bum cheeks, and as it turned out onto my scrunched up panties.

We just stayed in the same position as I felt his cock relaxing against my bum.

Now I dont know why, but at this point, I felt I wanted to teach him a lesson, even after being fucked, something like there was a price to pay for the pleasure, just to bring him down a peg or two.

I turned to face him, he was still pressed close into me, and planted a kiss on him, my tongue into his mouth as far as I could, at the same time took hold of the waistband of his white cotton trousers and pulled sideways as hard as I could; I heard a satisfactory rip and the sound of zip breaking, He was mortified, his pants open from waist to crotch, no underpants I noticed, so his flaccid cock open for all to see. I quickly stepped aside, pulled my panties up, smiled and said ok I am off to the show bar. I turned back as I walked off, roger desperately trying to hold his trousers together.

Joining the others later, Jane asked where roger was, I thought the appropriate response was he seemed to be having some trouble with is trousers, she actually smiled.