Written by cumslut

6 Sep 2009

Hi guys and girls I am back to let you know I have not been dorment....in recent weeks we have gone to parties and done many dogging visits ,this is a combined story.

It was my hubby's birthday we went to a sex club near us to meet up with friends, on arrival the owner welcomed us with champagne and all the glitz of a party, hubby was well excited to see a an old friend he had fucked many times before, I was even more in awe of 3 black guys I had given myself to on another visit, we went our separete ways he fucking his lady..( was his birthday after all) ... me having fun in the bondage room with my 3 black cocks, I was dressed for the occasion, red bra and thong made of pure leather with matching suspender belt holding my black seamed stockings plus thigh high boots. Farro a really large cocked guy got straight into me as Wez and Dave wanked my face, and shoved thier cocks into my breast I was being shagged good and proper, legs wide ,given the fact I was in a sling I took what the guys wanted to give.

After a good few hours of me and hubby being "sorted" it was time to go on our way, my pussy was wet and still wanting, on the way home we exchanged our moments of pure naughty sex with others, so instead of going back to ours for some 1 on 1 we diverted to a regular dogging site............

He fingered my pussy and could feel the wet of 3 guys who had done me, his cock was so erect from his lady friend who he told me had given him a fantastic blow job

We played with each other until we attracted attention from 2 men, they were unzipping thier flys to wank, so I opened the car door to show them I was easy, I wanted to FUCK.... stepping outside of the car I lent over the bonnet ,they pushed a finger into my wet cunt and then got hard enough to fuck me ,as always a group of other men were arriving to watch and join in the action, hubby decided to fuck me again for all to see, my fanny was well full of man juices and I needed more,

Hubby did his fill and I let around 8 others do the same taking turns and making me a real cumslut,

I took them in nearly every hole I could, pounding me and kissing my body was what I was giving them, squirting the cum all over me, my cunt was leaking with the white man cream and for days after I could feel my cunt throbbing from fucking so many guys in 1 night. My aim now is to fuck around 12 guys in 1 night, maybe even more, just so I keep the CUMSLUT status