Written by robbiesnugfit

22 Jun 2007

Recently I was on a training course in Hatfield for 2 weeks. I was staying in a rather bland hotel and decided that rather than staying in and drinking at the bar with all the other company reps, I would go for a walk to the local pub which was a mile and a half away over some fields.

It was a beautiful evening and and i realy enjoyed getting out of the hotel and soon enough i was at the local pub with just a few other guys there soaking up the atmosphere.

A few drinks later I decided to walk home. As I approached the Hotel I heard noises comming from a parked car, out of sight from the motorway down a dead end road - I had walked right passed the couple inside and I was probably as startled as they were!

I smiled and carried on walking leaving them to their fun, but my heart was racing with the excitement!

As I approached the underpass to the motorway I heard them knock at the car window. I stopped and turned not expecting them to be trying to gain my attention, and to my surprise the girl in the car was smiling at me and beconning me over. I walked up to the car and she rolled down her window. 'do you want to come in?' she asked

I was lost for words and quite flabberghasted! 'Yes - OK' was all i could muster.

I sat in the drivers seat and they got themselves comfortable again. they were not interested in me joining in or anything but were obviously getting a kick out of me watching.

Jason was laying on top of Laura, who had her legs up in the air right on my lap. Jason continued to fuck her in front of me as she clawed at the drivers seat and at my arm.

Eventually she spoke again. 'Do you want to wank yourself off?' I indicated that I was feeling pretty horny and took my hard cock out of my bulging trousers.

After they had both orgasmed Laura looked at me. 'did you enjoy that?'

'yes' I repled. 'Why havn't you cum' she asked again.

I said i was nervous and not used to this.

'shall i give you a blowjob' she asked. I said that would be great if her husband didn't mind.

' He probably will, she said ' but he's at home - this is my fuck buddy!'

she proceded to wrap her lips around my throbbing manhood and when i came it was so intense that i was shaking for ages afterwards.

They often visit the same place during the week and have inveted me to watch again next time i'm in hatfield - just look out for the blue Vauxhall astra!

I cant wait for the next training course!!

If you're reading this Jason or Laura - thanks for a great night