Written by andysig

29 Aug 2008

I opened the car door offered her my hand and helped Sally out into the muddy carpark.She looked good in her high heals and black skirt a little hint of stocking top showing as she tried to get out of the Range Rover without falling on her arse.Her husbands request ringing in my ears dont take her back till she has been well and trully used.We made our way over to the minibus parked behind the trees and I felt her tense.She knew this wasent going to be a quick shag in the woods and home she knew she would be humiliated and at the beck and call of the guys eagarly waiting for tonights entertainment.The side door of the bus opened and Allan steped out laughing at Sallys smart office uniform tugging at the top buttons of her blouse he could not help but notice her face turning crimmson at the thought of these stangers witnesing her secret

deborched hoby.Sally was new to this allways a sub by nature but untill recently this was confined to the privacy of her own home now her husband had handed her over to his friends asking that she be treated like a total slut.Sally was pushed farward on to her knees and asked why she had agreed to this she replied that she only whanted to call her husbands bluff thinking he would back out at the last moment.Before she got an answer one of the young guys lifted her head and forced his cock into her mouth and started fucking her head for all he was worth.Allan lifted her skirt exposing her tight white knickers.The next few minutes were a blur of hands roaming over Sallys now compliant body as her knickers were pulled to one side and the first cock of the evening was pushed into her tight hole she tensed but reached out to start wanking on young Gavins cock he is only 18 and see ing this woman on her hands and knees infront of six horny guys the poor lad didnt have a chance his spunk shooting over Sallys face and hair.Sally quickly realising that she was not in control of this situation started pleading with the guys to let her give hand jobs to everone and go back to the car.This was met with derision from the boys as Andysugested a fairer way would be for us to take her home and let her husband decide what should be done with her.The bus set off with Sally being manhandelled around the bus whilst each of the group took it in turns to use the slut as had origonaly been intended by this time Sally was down to her hold ups and dishevelled make up.We stoped out side her has and Gavin run in to tell Alex what was happening.He came out took one look at Sally grabbed her by the hand and led her in side beconning for us to follow.Once we were all inside he asked how she had perfomed and had she resisted at all?We all agreed she had been very coperative and she had swallowed when told to.He told her to stand in the middle of the room and face the wall.He walked up behind her and grabbed her hair leading her over to his desk forcing her to bend and spread her legs.She looked back at the watching group her imbarisment and her humiliation complete or so she thought as Alex forced his finger into her arse making her legs buckle slightly as he raised is other hand to grab her nipple.

Have you had enough he asked and to every one surprise she spat in his face calling him a usless wimp.He forced her further over the desk and sank his cock up her arse with no warning fucking her furiously untill he came cum dribbling from her redend arse hole.We took this as our leave just as we got to the door Sally said You dont all have to go!Well it would be rude not to stay for one last go.Drop me a line if you would like to join in.