Written by Kathy T

1 Jan 2014

Drunk Ride Home

It was a Friday night and my boyfriend Dave and I were at a sports bar getting wasted and watching games. Dave loves watching me flirt and this night was no different and there were lots of men to flirt with. We were playing darts when we were challenged to a game by these two black guys. They introduced themselves as Travis and Kevin and in no time, we were having fun playing and drinking. Kevin was the larger of the two at about 6’2”, 250 lbs. He was really dark and the quiet type. Barely spoke, just smiled. Travis was light skinned and tall and thin, the outgoing/player type and instantly he and I hit it off and began flirting wildly together. It was harmless fun as he knew Dave and I were together. It was their turn to buy the round of drinks but Kevin had went off to the restroom so Travis asked me to come along and give him a hand, in Kevin’s place. We left Dave and off we went. The bar was super packed, so we had to wait in line behind tons of people. Travis whispers in my ear how lucky Dave is to have such a fine girlfriend and he could just tell that I’m a freak in the sheets. I turn to him and give him a teasing smile telling him to stop it. Then he goes to my other ear and whispers to me that the two of us could have so much fun together and he could please me like no other man could. “Really…” I tease him. Right then the line moves up so I move and he’s behind me, moving up as he pushes his body up against mine. All of a sudden I feel his rock solid black cock right between my ass cheeks! He whispers into my ear again saying that I’ve given him a constant hard-on all night and he doesn’t know what to do. He begins to slowly grind his cock against my ass and it feels so good, that I find myself slowly grinding back telling him he is truly a trouble maker. The line moves slightly and he whispers again into my ear, “ I know you know all about black cocks baby…..don’t you..” I’m totally enjoying our grind session as I turn to him and just smile while nodding yes to him. The bartender yells at us, waking us up to reality and we get our drinks and head back. After a while, its last call and the place starts to empty. A couple of Dave’s friends ask us for a ride home and Travis and Kevin ask too, saying its on the way and Dave says ok. The six of us go out to our car and Kevin gets up front so he can give Dave directions and the four of us left, squish into the back. I’m at the end next to Travis but we all can barely fit when Travis picks me up real quick and sits me on his lap. No one really takes any notice and we drive off. Instantly, I feel Travis’ hard black cock again just under me. He pushes me slightly and now my pussy is directly on his hard fat cock! With the movement of the car and him slowly grinding up on me, I feel a climax building inside of me. I look around and notice that no one knows what’s going on. I start breathing harder and enjoying the feeling while I gently grind back. I cant take it no more and I cum right there in the backseat! I had turned away, looking out the window in hopes of keeping this my secret. I look around the car and no one has noticed! I look back at Travis and he’s smiling. I don’t even notice that we’ve arrived at Dave’s friends house and they get out the back and I jump off of Travis’ lap and sit next to him. He’s sitting directly behind Dave and I’m behind Kevin. All of a sudden Travis has taken his hard cock out and he’s shaking it at me! Dave and Kevin are in deep conversation and paying no mind to us in the backseat. Travis was making me so bad! I kept reaching out and touching it real quick, even grabbing it real quick. He kept egging me on. I was so wound up! All of a sudden we were at their place and Travis says out loud, “ You could use our restroom real quick and be on your way comfortably, not peeing in your pants.” I picked up on his game and said, “Ok, sure. That sounds good.” The three of us got out and we all asked Dave if he wanted to come in too, but he said no and just told me to hurry. Once inside the apartment, I just dropped to my knees, saying that there wasn’t much time and I pulled Travis’ pants down and got out his beautiful black cock and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked on him for all I was worth. He was loving it too, talking down at me and pulling my hair. I played with his huge balls while I swirled my tongue all over his huge black cock. He told me he was close and I moaned and sucked harder and he exploded in my mouth! I swallowed most of it but some leaked to the ground. I was about to get up and leave when I was held down and turned to see Kevin jerking on his dark and super fat black cock and telling me to open up my mouth. I did as I was told and was rewarded with his thick load. Again, I tried to swallow it all but it was too much and some dribbled down my cheek and onto my shirt. I got up real quick and Travis tossed me a towel that I cleaned myself up with and I said goodbye and ran out to Dave waiting in the car. I didn’t know how long I had been but Dave didn’t say anything as we drove off. We were both so horny when we got home that we attacked each other and kept going through the next day. Dave handed me a card and I looked at it and it was Kevin’s business card and Dave asked me if we should have them over for an afternoon soon and I shrugged my shoulders and said it was up to him. He gave me that smile which told me that he had known all along what had taken place.