Written by Electra

5 Jul 2010

Some of you may have seen my last story, where I vowed to widen my horizons and had my first experience with a couple. Well shortly after it was time to try out my favourite fantasy - two men at once.

I advertised online (this is last April) for exactly what I wanted - two mature guys over forty with sizeable assets and who could be discreet. After weeding out the timewasters and younger men, I got chatting to Steve. He was an experienced swinger with a friend who was too. We spoke on the phone and arranged to meet the following Saturday at a hotel close to me. I spent the week so horny I thought I'd explode!!

Saturday came. I dressed in a black lace bra, thong and stockings, with a tight black dress that showed off my 36G boobs perfectly. I found the room easy enough, and nervously knocked. Steve answered and I went in.

The guys were great and friendly, and I was relieved to find myself attracted to them! We sat on the sofa, and has a glass of wine. Steve was so good, assuring me I could stop at any time, asking what my limits were etc. Eventually they were both sat either side of me on the sofa and as we talked I felt Steve's hand rest on my leg. We talked more and he stroked his hand up my thigh. Mike, the other guy began to so the same - I was soooo wet!!

They began to kiss and nuzzle my neck as I rubbed their hardening cocks through their jeans. They lifted my dres off and then bam! Hands and lips were every where, my neck, my boobs, my thighs... Heaven!!

They stripped too and I started to wank them both at the same time. Mike's hands had found my pussy and was rubbing my clit as Steve licked my nipples. Mike slid to the floor and began to lick my pussy furiously. I indicated for Steve to get on his knees on the sofA and began to suck

on his hard cock. I called Mike to do the same and had both cocks by my face, sucking them one after the other - just as I had fantasised.

They carried me to the bed and Steve pulled me onto all fours and entered me from behind as Mike kneeled in front of me so I could keep sucking him. Steve was really fucking me so hard it was hard to concentrate on sucking Mike! Suddenly Steve pulled out and Mike took over, pulling me onto my side and lying behind me, holding my leg up and pushing hard into me as Steve watched.

This went on for a while, switching positions, always a cock in my pussy or mouth. I was in ecstasy!

Eventually, I was riding Mike, me on top, and I asked Steve to add the final piece to my fantasy. He nodded, came round and kneeled behind me between Mikes legs and slowly slid his beautiful cock into my arse - my first DP! It took a while to get the rhythm right but when we did, I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

I've met them a few times since and it's my guilty pleasure. No one knows about my secret hobby of being a slut and I dont care - I can't believe it's taken this long to liberate myself sexually! I'll report on my other adventures soon!!