Written by Rick

16 Aug 2008

My wife, Sharon, and I spent a week vacationing in Atlanta, GA. We had been clubbing with my cousin the entire week and now the vacation was ending. We told my cousin that we were tired of clubbing and we wanted to do something to end our vacation with a bang. My cousin told us that he had been invited to an orgy, but he wasn\'t sure if we wanted to go. We told him that would be a great way to end our vacation. We had always wanted to participate in an orgy, but we didn\'t want to do it where we lived. Sharon and I had discussed this many times. She would ask me if I would be jealous if I saw her with different men. I told her that it might turn me on to see another man\'s dick in her pussy. My cousin told us that the party was in a large mansion just outside of Atlanta. We got into his car and headed to the party. Upon entering the mansion, you had to strip down to your underwear. Women had an option of going topless or not. Sharon was proud of her 38DD, so she chose to go topless. Sharon has an amazing body. She is 5\' 10\'\' with measurements 38DD-24-38. The very first time we made love, I almost came watching her undress. She has always wanted to be the center of attraction. Shortly after we arrived at the party, guys were all over her, talking, buying her drinks, and feeling her up. She was enjoying it. I saw this one guy whisper something in her ear and lead her to another room. Three more guys followed them. The mansion had different types of rooms, some for participating and others to watch from. I went into the room next to the room occupied by my wife and her companions to watch. Once in the room, my wife had everyone to form a circle get naked. She was in the center of the circle and began going from dick to dick, getting everybody ready. There was a variety of sizes from 6\'\' to about 9\'\' long. Sharon position everyone where she wanted them. She told the guy with the 9\'\' dick to lay on his back, and she straddle his dick and made all 9\'\' disappear. She told the guy with the 6\'\' dick to come in front of her and she started sucking his dick. And she position the other two guys on each side of her so she could jack them off. I was in the other room and my dick was hard as steel. There were two women in the room with me. One women was about 5\' 5\'\' with tits about the size of a grapefruit and firm. She also had a nice round ass. The other women was a little larger than a midget, but was very well endowed. Her tits were as large as my wife\'s. Both women had hairy pussies, just like I liked. They were rubbing on each other\'s pussies. I was getting a show from both sides. I pulled my dick out and started to jack off. One of the girls told me that I didn\'t have to do that and she came over to me and started to suck my dick. Before starting she told me that she had seen big dicks in porno movies, but she had never had one. The girl had skills. She said my dick was her lollipop. In the meantime, the other women came over and straddled my face. I was so into what I was doing that I had completely forgotten about Sharon. Sharon was riding that big dick like a pro. The guy whose dick she was sucking had cum in about 5 minutes. She swallowed his load and didn\'t miss a beat on the big dick. The other two guys followed suit, and shot their loads all over her tits. While they weir cumming, Sharon told the big dick guy that he better not cum yet. She was having too much fun. She rode that dick for another 15 minutes and then told the guy it was time to cum together. When they came, both seemed like they would never finish. I had never fucked a midget before so after getting her pussy good and wet, I told her to get on her hands and knees. I fucked her doggie style while she licked the other woman\'s pussy. After fucking her for about 20 minutes, I stacked them up piggyback, with the little on top. I took turns fucking each of them. First the one on the bottom and then the one on top. This continued for about 15 minutes and when it was time to shot my load, I came all over their asses. My wife and I had the time of our lives and this vacation was one we will remember forever.