Written by Kennedy

1 Feb 2018

I have a great buddy named Darren where we do all sorts of things together like fishing, drinking, holidays, etc. I am 5ft 10 with a quote fit body while he is slightly taller than me and he is a bit overweight. I am the one who always get the attention from girls and have a real active sex life but I have only had a single partner at a time and never tried swinging or group sex. My cock is at average size of 6.5 inches with average thickness and I don’t get complaints from my partners. Darren on the other hand had only dated once and had broken up 5 years ago and ever since he never had any girls in his life, maybe also because he doesn’t keep himself in a good shape or presentable appearance.

Last week me, Darren and a common female friend named Celine went for drinks at a local pub. As the pub is owned by a guy who has great connections with the authorities, the patrons can get really wild and rowdy but there won’t be any crackdowns by authorities. The 3 of us was seated in a corner facing each other and we were drinking and chatting. We started getting really drunk and we did funny things like wetting the tissue and throwing it up to the ceiling. We proceeded to have a drinking race where Me and Darren will down a glass of tequila while Celine will down half a glass and the slowest will be punished. The first round, Darren was the last and he was punished to get on the mini stage and perform a pole dancing. All the patrons were really laughing and having a good time. We kept going on with the games and we started being really corny and Celine was punished to remove her top and swing her top in the air. What we didn’t know was that she was actually wearing a one piece dress but she was so sporting and she took out her dress and swung it in the air. I must admit that I was getting a hard on as she was wearing a white lacy bra with semi transparent kind of material and and she really has a nice pair of C cup boobs which looks like spilling out of her half cup bra. She was wearing a matching white lacy micro thong which I swore I saw her pussy lips when she bent a little. Her body is really hot as she is petite and fit but has C cup assets and shape ass. After swinging her dress, she put it back on and sat back down. In another particular round, she was punished to keep her dress on but remove her bra and thongs and give it to us. Darren got her thongs while I got her bra and I peeked at her bra size and I was shocked as it says 34D, wow it’s even bigger than what i thought it was. The biggest boobs from my previous partners only had a 34B and I already thought it was big and sexy. We continued the game with Sarah not wearing any bra and thongs and the cold air made her nipples protrude through her dress. The game went on and one of the rounds, Sarah was required to put her hands into our pants to grab our cocks and make it hard. She grabbed mine first and her hands felt so nice wrapping around my cock and she playfully flicked her fingers around the head of my cock and she cheekily said it feels big and I proudly tell her that’s how 6.5 inches of rock hard cock feels like. She then removes her hands and stuff her hands into Darren’s pants. She strokes his cock inside his pants and she was laughing so loudly while playing with his cock so I figured maybe she is laughing at his small cock and maybe that’s why he didn’t had much luck with girls. We were very drunk and she was so hyper, and she pulled my hand to touch Darren’s cock and the moment I touched it, I realised he was very very hung. He was long, extremely thick and very hard. I couldn’t even wrap my fingers around his cock. We got really horny so I dared Sarah to suck Darren’s cock and to my surprise, she turned around, butt facing me, bent over and sucked his cock. She couldn’t really suck it as it was too thick so she had to us her mouth and also 2 hands to stroke his cock at the same time. As she is bent over, her dress rode up and I could see her shaven pussy and i just couldn’t resist it so I plunged forward and started licking her pussy. I licked her clits and started sliding in one, then two ten three fingers. She was moaning and bucking to meet my fingers. She stood up pulled down both of our pants and started to wank both of our cocks and now with our pants down, I can see how big and thick is Darren’s cock. Sarah then asked us to stroke each other’s cock and even though we are both straight, we were really too horny so we just did as she said because we just wanted to fuck her. After stroking a while, she joined in and wrapped her hands around Darren’s cock as it is so big, me and Sarah could give him a hand job together. It’s really turning me on as I can’t wait to fuck Sarah and I can’t wait to actually see Sarah’s pussy stretched by Darren’s huge thick cock. After a few more wanks, Sarah suggested that we move to a more secluded area. We packed up and went to a nearby hotel. We stopped by at a convenience store to buy condoms and we bought the extra big condoms.

Once we were in, we were stripping each other and we were naked in seconds. Both of our cocks were already rock hard and Sarah was so sexy with her nice big boobs and shaved pussy on display. We took turns squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy. Sarah wanted me First as she said she wants to keep the best for last. I unrolled the condom and it was not a tight fitting as it’s a XL condom. I pushed Sarah down on the bed and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I slowly slide in her missionary style and she moaned as she said she never had a cock bigger than mine before and she said it felt good. I continued sliding all the way I till my whole 6.5 inches is in her pussy. We fucked passionately and tried doggy style and cowgirl style, till I shot my cum in the condom after 30 mins. It was now Darren’s turn and he tried to unroll the condom on his cock but he is not feeling comfortable as it is too tight. After a while, Sarah got impatient and she just dropped to her knees and said “just come stretch my pussy bareback now, I can’t wait to feel it”. Darren lined his cock to fuck Sarah doggy style. He slowly pushed his cock into her pussy and the sight was so horny and amazing. I could see Sarah’s pussy gripping Darren’s cock and she was moaning n shouting so loudly “oh it feels so big, this is what it feels to be stretched, so big... so good.. oh u r feeling my up...., I can’t take everything, it’s too big”. Then she flipped over and climbed on top of Darren to take him cowgirl style as she wants to warm up and get used to his big cock first. She slips his cock in and it stretches her tight pussy. She slowly slides more and more till his full length is in. She waits for a while to get used to the size. She starts riding Darren and she is really turned on by his big cock. She starts moaning and shouting “oh gosh, I thought 6.5 inches felt good, now I know what is good, this big cock is good. I didn’t know it feels so much better when it’s big... oh yeah.... it’s so big..., I’m now ready, come fuck me”. She got off him and he starts to fuck her by spooning her. She starts shouting again “oh gosh. I didn’t know spooning can be so deep and feels so good... ohh....”. I did spoon her just now but she didn’t moan this loud, I guess it must be because spooning feels better with bigger cock. He spoons her for a while and then turns her to fuck her missionary style. He keeps thrusting his huge cock into her pussy and she kept moaning and shouting. Darren picks her up and starts to fuck her doggy style and this time she can take it all in. It really turned me on seeing her pussy stretched so much. He keeps fucking her and he increases his speed and fucks her harder and she was shouting like she got possessed. I was pretty sure the whole block of hotel could have heard her. He then picked her up and sat her on the make up table and he proceeded to ram his cock deep into her. She started shouting “oh.... it’s so big and deep this way... it’s so good.....”. She suddenly told Darren to stop as she wants me to fuck her as the size difference turns her on so much. Darren stepped aside and I just went up and slides my cock in bareback. It feels warm but definitely loose. Her pussy no longer grips my cock as it was stretched by Darren’s thick cock. Even when it’s not tight, it feels so turned on as I know she has been stretched by a huge cock. Sarah started saying “Come on, fuck me harder, u know I can’t feel your smaller cock in me, harder... harder...!!! I kept fucking her till I shot my load into her and immediately she asked Darren, “come fuck me now with your big cock, make me a woman with your manly big cock... I can only be a girl with this boyish 6.5 ince cock. Come make me a woman, come fuck me”. Darren pulled her to the bed and she rode him reverse cowgirl style “oh yes, I love your man cock... I’m a woman now finally, this is what you call fucking... yes yes yes....”. The sight of the big cock sliding in and out of that tight pussy and her big boobs swaying up and down made my cock hard again. I went and put my cock into her mouth but she couldn’t really concentrate as she is so pleasured by Darren’s cock. I can see my cum seeping from her pussy as she continue to ride Darren. After a few more strokes, she stood up and called me over to stroke Darren’s cock. I just obliged and his cock felt so muscular and thick and it’s so hard. She then proceeded to let him fuck her and they did in so many various positions and she was saying “oh fuck me hard, this position is so pop good, never tried it before, all other cocks were too small for this manly position, only your cock can please me like this....” he kept fucking her in positions only huge cock can be pleasing. Finally, he pulls out and start shopting his cum over and over again all over her and before finish shooting, he slides into her pussy again to let some streams shoot into her pussy and he starts pumping her again missionary style. His cock didn’t even go soft after cumming and it remains hard as he continue to pound her. After 30 mins, Sarah starts voicing “I need a break from this man pounding, give me a boy cock so I can rest a little”. I went to her and start to fuck her and it feels so good. Even though I have a smaller cock, it feels so good thinking that Sarah gets a real hard bang from Darren. I flipped her over and fucked her doggy style and I shot my load into her again.

We all took a rest and Sarah tells us her boyfriend only had a 5.5 inch cock and she don’t know how she will ever get used to his smaller cock after taking our big cocks. Her boyfriend always felt he got a small cock but she always assured him it was fine and size did not matter. But she said it’s totally not true. She said even my 6.5 inches felt so much better than his 5.5 inches. She said when her boyfriend fucked her, she can feel his cock but not much of it sliding in and out and they don’t do it spooning as she can’t really feel him. With me, even if it’s only 1 inches longer but maybe because thicker, she says she can feel it sliding in and out of her pussy and each thrust it takes longer time to go all the way in and all the way out so it turns her on so much. She definitely feels bigger is better. With Darren’s longer and very thick cock (it was like the size of a wrist), it has a different satisfaction where her pussy feels so full and she can feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out of her. It was hard to take initially but after that, it was pure lust and satisfaction. We both got hard again and we took turns fucking her for another 3 hours till we fell asleep. At 7am, me and Darren woke up and Sarah was still asleep and she was lying on her front. Darren spotted a hard on so he went and lube it with his saliva, slowly climbed behind her and slides his big cock in her pussy from behind I one thrust. She woke up immediately and was moaning so loud to receive her surprise morning fuck. He blew a load deep in her pussy and I took over and blew in her her pussy as well. Is amazing that we each like cane more than 5 times and we still felt like fucking. We cleaned up and she went back.

The following week, we met up with Sarah and she told us her sex with her boyfriend was dull and she actually got horny and moaned by thinking of our cocks while being fucked. She is now hooked to big cocks and she likes to explore positions her boyfriend can’t make it. We turned her to a cock loving woman and we still bang her sometimes and her boyfriend still doesn’t know.