Written by Happy guy

24 Nov 2010

I live in a small town in a rural area, through which runs a river. Warm summer days on the riverbank, or having a dip, can be lovely.

Some little while ago, I had an affair with a Diana, a girl at work, she much younger than me in her early 30s, slim and hungry for cock. One warm summer's day, we decided to go to a place a couple of miles out of town, where there is an island in the river, and have a lazy afternoon swimming and sunbathing in what we thought would be a quite spot.

We took some wine, cooled it in the river, and lounged around for a while on the grass in swimming costumes ( hers a rather skimpy bikini ) and drinking the wine. After a short time I noticed three young guys in swimming trunks appear on the opposite bank of the river, ready to get into the water. They dropped the rest of their gear and clothes on the grass, and jumped into a pool, larking and splashing about. Now, I have always had a major streak of the exhibitionist in me, and this seemed like a good chance for some fun. I suggested that my girlfriend sit up, take off her bikini top, and let me rub some sun tan oil into her back and small but pert and lovely tits. She glanced across at the youngsters, obviously read my mind as regards giving them a bit of a thrill, and so she stretched and sat up, pushing her chest out towards the lads who were still in the pool. I stood up, went behind her and took of her bikini top, and pretended to massage some oil into her back and tits. At this point, we were perhaps fifty feet away from the lads, and quite obviously not hiding from them. In fact at one point, Diana looked across at them and smiled, as I rubbed her tits.

The larking and splashing about stopped, and the youngsters seemed to find a sudden need to stand quitely in the water, looking in our general direction without obviously staring.

I asked Diana how she was doing, and if she felt comfortable. "Great", she replied, "I am feeling very comfortable". Ok, I thought, so maybe she will go further, and we can perhaps have a shag here, while the lads watch, and no doubt have a wank in the water. So I suggested that she stand up and face me, back to the river, whilst I pretended to rub in more oil. In doing so, my hands went in to her bikini bottoms, rubbing her bum but also slyly working them down. After a couple of minutes, her lovely shapely rear was in almost full view of the thoroughly entranced lads. By now, she was well aroused, and decided that it was her turn. Without looking anywhere near the lads, trying to pretend perhaps that she had forgotten their presence, she stepped completely out of the bikini, and stood there, naked, glowing and lovely on the riverside, in full view of anyone who wanted to look. My cock had already started to stiffen, producing a swelling in my swimming trunks, and on this, she now put her hand, rubbing and massaging me through the cloth. My turn to get naked, so I dropped my trunks, and Mr Cock sprang to attention, a cut cock of average size, no more, but she always liked it.

She now knelt down, and took me in her mouth, still mostly back to the water. Looking over her shoulder, I could see three fascinated faces, the three lads glued, watching her every move, every millimetre of her naked skin. This is too good an opportunity to miss, I thought, and, behind her back, motioned to the lads for them to come over. They needed no encouragement, and within seconds were standing, dripping, on the riverbank, just a few feet away from us. Not surprisingly, all three had definite bulges in their trunks.

I told Diana to lay down in the short grass, and got between her legs, licking her neatly trimmed pussy.

This is getting a bit much for the guys. One youngster now decides that he has to join in, drops his trunks, and walks over to us. She beckons him to come close and reaches out for his cock, which is quite respectable, similar in girth but a bit longer than mine, with a tight mat of curly pubes at the base. She wanks him and then takes him in her mouth, right in front of me. Of course, his two mates have now also taken off their trunks, and are standing, watching and wanking. To get more comfortable, the first guy already in Diana's mouth, now straddles over her face, cock still in her, his arse and balls right in front or me as he face fucks her.

I should mention at this point that for some time now, I also trim and shave my pubes, and have only a neat patch of short hair above my cock. The base of my cock, my balls, and right the way back to my anal crack, are totally shaved. I find this more comfortable, more sensual, and more hygenic. I don't have a lot of body hair anyway, my back and bum being totally smooth. So now I am kneeling on the grass, my mouth buried in girl pussy, and with my arse up in the air.

One of the youngsters, a lad with a thinner but quite long, cut cock and blond pubes, now made up his mind, and moved around behind me. I felt him touching my smooth bum, running his hands over me. He was still very wet from the river, and I felt him nudging his cock into my totally hairless ring, the riverwater being a little bit of a lubricant. Slowly, edging in and out and wetting himself as much as possible, he worked the full length into me, and proceeded to ride my arse. As he me fucked me, his long length going the full distance until his pubes pushed into my bum and his balls banged mine, he pushed me in turn onto Diana, so that my tongue was pushed deeper into her lovely pussy with every thrust he made.

The last remaining lad, still wanking furiously, seeing me being ridden, and with only one accessible hole left to him, moved over to me, lifted my head off Diana's pussy, and put his uncircumsized cock into my mouth. A few sucks later, he pulled his foreskin back for me to slurp on his lovely cock all the better, and I took it all into my mouth.

So this was our fantastic scenario; a lovely summers day on the river bank, five totally naked people, my girlfriend lying in the grass with one guy riding her face, me bent over alternately licking her pussy and sucking cock, with a third guy fucking my arse. Heaven !