Written by Juicy42dd

1 Mar 2009

Well, it was past midnight he hadn\'t caught a thing fishing and I decided to go back to the car for a sleep.

I walked through the carpark noticing a fair number of cars with people in them but not thinking about why.

Walking to the end of the dark carpark I was surprised to see a group of people around a car, as I approached they looked at me in surprise. Then I realised what was happening when I saw the cocks in hands, a feeling of excitement came over me, I had read about this but never dreamed it happened so close to home.

One of the guys beckoned me over and with a huge smile on my face I joined the group at the windows watching a goodlooking older woman wanking herself with a huge dildo while her man sucked her tits. I began to feel wet and very horny, it was a dream come true. One of the guys in the group outside got in on the action, the woman sucked him off and he came all over her face and tits, then they got their clothes together said thanks to everyone and drove off. There were about 7 blokes left there and me, all feeling really horny. I know this was my chance to have some fun, so I asked who would like to come over my tits, they are 42dd and all me, I peeled off my coat and top, unhooked my bra and looked at the astonished faces in front of me, this was clearly not a regular event, a woman on her own appearing wanting a good fucking

I had no shortage of offers and soon had two guys sucking on my tits, one cock in my mouth and another in my hand. The cock in my mouth was throbbing and I knew he was about to shoot his load, and he did all over my face and tits, thick salty cum that I licked off my tits myself, I can do that they are so big!!

Another of the guys shot his load and I began to think that I wasn\'t going to get fucked unless I made it happen, there was nothing for it but to remove the rest of my clothes and sit on the bonnet of the car so they guys could see what they were getting, juices were running down my leg by now, I was desparate for it. One of the guys, a big brawny type offered me his cock and slid it in immediately to the hilt he gently moved it in and out making sure the others could see the action, another guy I had spotted had a HUGE dick and I just had to have it in my mouth. As he filled my mouoth and I licked the tip of his dick I felt myself begin to come, again and again and again. Soon the two of them had come in my cunt and mouth, I was dripping with jiz but wanted more so I turned over and took another of the guys doggy style, his cock was smaller but he thrust into me so hard I could feel his balls banging on my ass, he slipped a finger into my ass and wooosh I came again, to finish him off I had to suck him and let him lick me out 69 style over the picnic table.

By now it was getting late and just in case my hubby came back to the car I thought I\'d better call it a night, there were still 4 of the guys I had\'t fucked - I\'ve arranged to see them next Saturday fishing!!