Written by Just Me

14 Oct 2014

This is a true story which happened about 5 years ago. My ex wife and I had been on this site for a while and she had arranged and met several guys for one on one fun. Always with my approval and always with me eagerly awaiting her return for a great session afterwards.

This particular day, a weekday, us both having the day off, she was browsing the site and got chatting to guy who suggested a meet. He told her that he had a friend who was local to us that wanted to accomodate himself and a couple.

She shouted me to come and look at the messages and see what I thought. Straight away I could see how excited she was, this immediately got me horny as I could tell she really wanted this. We spoke about for a short time and it was clear that we had to accept his offer.

We both quickly showered and got ready for the event. My ex dressed in short skirt, silky g-string and tight vest top with no bra. Her very ample tits bulging out at the sides with huge cleavage, her large nipples erect and ready for the action. She always kept herself smoothly shaven so I knew the guys were going to have fun.

We arrived after only a 10 minute drive and was made to feel very welcome by the host, we chatted for a few minutes before the doorbell rang and the second chap, who she had chatted to sw came in. Again we chatted for a few minutes, the host very confident but also concerned that we were happy with what was about to happen. I double checked with my ex but there was no need to worry I could tell she was ready and so could our host.

This prompted our host to quickly whip out his cock which was already hard about 7inches and quite thick. To my surprise before he could get his hand on it my ex was all over it, She eagerly put her mouth around it and began to suck like a woman possessed. The second guy wasted no time and wis stripped naked in a flash, our host removed himself from her mouth and again he too stripped naked. The two of them wasted no time and stripped my ex naked, the three of them were all over each other kissing her sucking and playing with her nipples. This was my strip and join the party.

I was ready for the action but couldnt get in until my ex beckoned for my cock to suck. The other two moved into place, one sucking her tits the other licking her pussy, which by this time was soaking. I was in extasy until the door bell rang again. Feeling concerned I looked to the host who simple said dont worry I have invited another local site member. I straight away felt unhappy with this, but neednt have worried, my ex simply removed my cock from her mouth and said 'dont waste any time darling go and let hime in' Again I could tell she was ready and wanted this so i did as she asked and let the 3rd chap in. A quick handshake and introduction and he too was naked and straight int the action. I returned my cock to my ex's mouth and she proceeded to give me the best blow job ever. I looked down at the action and saw how much my ex was loving this, that look proved too much for me and I shot my load all over her tits. (I had to pull out of her mouth as she never let me cum in it)

My orgasm was probably the best I have ever had and I took a step back in joy. That step was to be my last involvement as the 3 guys took control. They obviously had lots of experience as I watched in excitement as the three guys performed on my ex. I was amazed how well she was taking to this. In fact she may have been giving the guys a lesson of their own. There was a blur of positions all of them taking turns fucking her getting sucked and wanked. She was shouting at them to fuck her harder it was amazing i lost count how many orgasms she had but it just seemed to spur her on. All 3 of the guys must have cum at least twice and she was covered in their cum, oozing out of her swollen red pussy.

The action began to wind down and we all began to dress and say our thanks and farewells. The drive home was one of the horniest experiences ever as we talked about our meet. As soon as we got through the door we were ripping each others clothes off and got straight down to it....we kissed licked sucked and fucked like rabbits for another hour. I knew during this session that i was tasting not one but 3 guys cum for the first time and although not mentioned my ex knew also.

We never repeated the episode sadly, but my ex continued to meet other guys as one on ones.

Unfortuneately our marriage ended and the end of our swinging had arrived. What I would do to have this again