Written by darren

24 Oct 2014

Two girls stood on the doorstep - one in red hotpants and black stockings and a tight white T shirt, the other in a short bright blue mini-skirt; "Let's see the present then, birthday boy". They pushed me into the bedroom and on to the bed and stripped me down to my briefs. "Nice" one said. "Great fabric", said the other, stroking my hardening cock. Luke's chooses nicely".

"Someone mention my name?". Luke walked in, naked, erect cock swinging in breeze.

The girls soon had my pants off and Luke stood watching, wanking. The attacked my cock and balls hungrily, one licking its length together the whilst one sucked my balls. Luke came and stood over me. I reached up one hand wanking his lovely cock, the other cupping his balls, feeling their weight in my hand. I opened my mouth and took it in. The girls tended my cock and balls and I worked on his.

Soon, there were moans of delight as he and I 69'd and Mandy and Julia 69'd each other. I couldn't wait to cum but wanted to go on for ever. Seeing the girls at each other, Mandy's breasts hanging over Julia was a real turn on. Which one would I give my juice to? I wish I could cum four times; one for Luke and one for each of the girls, filling one whilst creaming the other's boobs.

Luke and I were sucking at each other greedily and may well have come but the girls weren't going to let that happen. "Don't waste that cum", Julia said. They pulled us apart. Soon my cock was in Julia's mouth and see was sucking me, working the length with mouth and hand. Luke was standing up his beautiful erection slipping in and out of Mandy's bobbing head, his hips thrusting deep into her. Then she pushed him on to the bed beside me, attacking his cock and balls from above him and I knelt up. Julia crossed over the bed and stood on the floor, leaning forwards to take me into her mouth again. Above Luke's face I fucked her face one of her hands pushing my bum from behind, not that I need any help to bury my shaft ball-deep between her scarlet lips. He was looking at the hungry mouth and slapping balls above him.

It was lovely but I desperately wanted to doggy. Either would do. Or both. Perhaps Luke and I could share. But how then to doggy AND face fuck both together across the bed? Two cocks but two mouths and two holes to stuff.

We re-arranged. Julia lay on her back across the bed this time under Mandy who was leaning forwards with Luke's cock doggying her,hammering in and out of her cunt from behind and reaching up to get as much of his balls as his thrusting could. Julia, legs apart was taking my fucking. Mandy's face was almost touching mine. "Cock!", she gasped "Both ends", she gasped. I withdrew from Julia, stood up and she took me in her mouth.

Luke liked this, hammering even more vigorously. Julia slid out getting behind him helping to pump his cock deep into Mandy. She bent over next to Mandy arse waving in the air. Before I could get there Luke was into her doggying her now, pumping her as furiously as he had Mandy. Mandy moved slightly and reached up to wank me skilfully.

I could feel my cum rising. I was beyond the point of no return. All I could do was to go on. She knew that and took me in her mouth, sucking at my cock. I was thrusting deep into her, slapping my balls noisily against her face. I pulled at her head pulling it down on to me as I thrust, pulling it off me to feel her lips tight against me as I withdrew.

I'm cumming", I moaned. "Suck me empty". I felt the surge of release as my spunk exploded into her mouth. I thrust deep to empty myself. She sucked hard to drain me.

Across the bed Luke, seeing me empty my cum deep into Mandy's throat, pulled out of Julia lay her on her back. His cock was massive, swollen and blue and soaking. WE watched as he desperately wanked, hungry to release his spunk . After several desperate quick strokes, he threw his head back and out shot massive jets of spunk. I counted five. Julia had Luke's cum all over her tummy and breasts. She spread it over herself. Mandy took some, opening her mouth to drink it. Then she took Luke's wet cock and dribbled some of his spunk on to it. Then, turning to me she dribbled the rest on my cock.

What a birthday!

Showers, a bar and back to bed to cum again.