Written by splendid_

27 Jul 2009

We arrived at the train station with the tingly feeling in our tummies as we knew that it was potentially going to be awkward if the chemistry wasn’t there. We had had two similar meets before and really didn’t want a third to be a no too.

I rang as they asked and was informed by Angie that they would be pulling up soon and we could just jump in, we had booked a train for 5 hours time incase we didn’t get on and our other option was to leave the next day after a night of fucking each other. Obviously we were hoping for the latter and had spoken on cam through MSN before so knew that we were all attracted to each other. We had suitcase of ‘toys’ and were hoping to use most of them. Unfortunately chemistry is something that is intangible and unpredictable so we had our key phrases to use if we wanted to back out without alerting the other couple.

The car pulled up and Angie jumped out and was promptly told by Bradley that there was no room in the boot for our suitcase. I was horrified when she brightly said that she would sit in the back seat with it on her lap. I knew how heavy it was and was scared that the suitcase would squash her as she was tiny and I get very protective of tiny women. Worlass climbed in the back and that left the front passenger seat for me to sit in. I looked right and there was Bradley with his stunning body and I realised that Angie and Bradley were just perfect for us. I knew without checking that Worlass would agree but we were still unsure how we got on with them to chat to and I knew that worlass is incapable of making decisions on an empty stomach so we went back to their flat and put our case in ‘our’ room. It was a lovely big flat and Angie and Bradley joked about the list of cleaning jobs he had been asked to do and his poor efforts at cleaning the windows was remarked upon. This was lovely to witness in another couple as worlass and I love to see banter between couples and I was warming to them so quickly that I felt self conscious as I l wanted to appear warm and not watchful.

We left and went to eat at a local bar the conversation ranged from swinging to our respective jobs and we joked about all sorts of things and as Worlass began to talk more and more I realised that she felt as attracted to them as I did. I checked with her when we returned to the flat and it was definitely full steam ahead. We told the couple that we wanted to stay and they were all smiles as they went and got us some drinks. The conversation again ranged over a variety of different subjects and we even discussed evolution versus creationism a subject until that point I thought I had a very definite opinion about, but I was so relaxed that the subject held my interest enough to discuss it in more detail. If we hadn’t had sex at this point I would have left happy with a good social evening achieved. Worlass was definitely relaxing and was supping her wine happily. Bradley kept disappearing for a cigarette and the conversation in one of those gaps became more personal and sexual and I went and got our toys and laid them on the carpet. Angie started touching them and we plugged in the magic wand which both her and Bradley touched and smiled over. Angie returned with their suitcase of toys and I looked with pleasure at their handcuffs and hoped that we would get a chance to use them. The talk turned to specifics about each of us and we looked at the whips that I have and Bradley nervously asked Worlass to use the flogger on him that we had brought. He had said previously that he didn’t like pain that much and Worlass was initially quite soft with him. He asked her to whip him harder and I must say that sight of him in a doggy style position in front of her was making me very wet. Angie was out of the room at this point sorting out crisps and dips I think, although remembering the detail is beyond me now. His bum was looking a little red and Worlass handed me the flogger as he still wanted it to be harder. I gave him a few strokes with it and he said it was enough and pulled his Calvin Kleins back up. Angie returned as he was doing it and laughed when he sheepishly turned round with his hand attempting to cover his huge erection. She asked if he had enjoyed it and he rather obviously agreed that he had. At this point he asked her if she wanted to suck his cock and she smiled and gestured towards us, I said to Worlass that as she had started it she should ‘sort him out’ and she smiled and looked pleased with the suggestion. He walked over to her and he pulled his shorts down, the sight of her licking his cock and taking it into her mouth was enough to make me want to fuck her there and then. I was transfixed. She was enjoying it and his groans told me that he was too. He seemed to think that we had been misleading him about Worlass’s experience with men’s cocks and I did feel like a liar but I realised that when someone enjoys sex the pleasure they give is huge compared to those that aren’t really into it. She was clearly enjoying it and even got herself into a better position so that she could suck his cock properly. He eventually left the room to have a cigarette as he said he didn’t want to peak too soon. The spell broken I shuffled over to where Angie was sitting and started kissing her gently at first and then exploring her mouth with my tongue. The taste of her in my mouth was instantly arousing and coupled with the spectacle of the blow job I was ready to fuck straight away. Her hair was soft and I enjoyed touching her hair and neck as we were kissing. Worlass then started kissing my neck and the pleasure of that and the kissing was tipping me over into pure arousal and I was concerned that I might be too rough with Angie as a result. Bradley returned at this point and Worlass’s attention was diverted to him and I could see out of the corner of my eye them kissing and enjoying touching each other. Angie pushed me backwards onto the floor while still kissing me and I quickly managed to get one of her breasts out of her bra enough that I could flick my tongue over her nipple. Her nipples didn’t seem to get that hard and I was worried that she wasn’t as aroused as I was so I felt down between her legs and lifted her dress so that I could touch and play with her clit. It was clear that she was aroused and we kissed and touched like this for a few minutes before it got too much for Angie and she dragged me to their bedroom.

Worlass and Bradley weren’t far behind at this point but I was more concerned about getting Angie and I undressed as I wanted to feel her on top and inside me.

Angie and I disappeared into a flurry of licking and kissing and touching and I remember the taste of her and sliding my fingers inside her and when I looked up she was touching and kissing Worlass as Bradley was also going down on Worlass at the same time. The emotions going through my head at this point were immense as it felt like an internal firework display. I wanted to be touching everyone and feeling everyone touching me and the contrasts between us all were so intense that my mind was alert to every combination. Somehow at this point all three women ended up sucking Bradley’s cock as he lay back and made plenty of noise, he looked as blown away as I felt at the different techniques and feelings of three different women enjoying his cock and I admired his ability to hold back. Worlass and Angie somehow went off together at this point and I was left sucking Bradley’s cock and really enjoying it. When I stopped he turned me over and began licking my clit and sliding his fingers inside me. I was absolutely desperate to cum again and begged him to fuck me, he was breathing heavily and I knew that Angie and Worlass were in the other room where he would need to get a condom from. I warned him not to be distracted by what they were doing and return quickly with a condom. He returned promptly and quickly slid the condom on and began to slide in and out of me, as he did this I became aware of the others sat on the chair at the end of the bed and could hear them fucking. He was whispering how sexy he found both me and Worlass and I did feel like the sexiest woman alive and my feelings of love for Worlass were immense as I could hear Worlass enjoying herself and this combined with Bradley being inside me and kissing me ensured that my orgasm was beginning to approach. I held onto Bradley’s bum and pulled him into me and pleaded with him not to stop. My orgasm began to mount and I hoped that he wouldn’t stop too soon ,the feeling was so tremendous as it actually felt like I was being fucked by everyone in the room as I could hear and feel everything that was happening around and could feel every inch of his cock as he moved inside me. With my legs against him and his chest against mine, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth and the sounds of our partners also fucking I came hard.

When I recovered I think Bradley went for another cigarette and I watched worlass being fucked by Angie who was wearing our strap-on. The sight was brilliant and I could see they were both enjoying it Angie had her head thrown back and was clutching worlass alternately around the waist and the bum, I nipped into the other room to pick up the Magic wand and plugged it in and handed it to Worlass to use on herself. I then knelt down between Angie’s legs and started sliding my fingers inside her as she was fucking Worlass with the Strap-on, as Angie was building up speed inside worlass I was matching her with my fingers. Worlass began to cum and I knew that Angie would feel it in the dildo and that, coupled with the vibrations from the wand, would ensure that she was part of worlass’s orgasm and hopefully my fingers added to the impact of the whole experience. I was smiling so hard my cheeks were beginning to ache. Worlass came and when she climbed off Angie I asked her to go and get the glass dildo, unbeknownst to me she and Bradley had previously put it in the freezer so when she returned with it I was a little shocked at the cold but Angie seemed to really appreciate it and was as noisy as Bradley.. Worlass kissed Angie as I was fucking her and I knew that it must be intense for them both. I was certainly enjoying the view. Bradley must have been around but I wasn’t really looking.

I think we took a little rest at this point but my memory is hazy and I know that the rest wasn’t for long. The next thing that I was doing was sucking Bradley’s cock again. He did have a gorgeous hard cock and he was very appreciative verbally and I do love having sex with noisy people. I kept meeting his eyes and enjoying the connection, it was making the whole experience very erotic for me and I couldn’t imagine needing any other stimulus to cum. The next thing I knew was Worlass was fucking me with the strap-on and the combination of having my partner inside me with a cock in my mouth took me so close to cumming that I could feel the heat rising from between my legs so I squeezed the dildo inside me and I held off as long as I could. When I next looked up I saw Angie kissing Bradley and the tenderness and love in the kiss and the little touches as she ran her hands over his chest tipped me over the edge and the waves of Orgasm ran through me and I know that Bradley must have feared for his cock as I still had it deep in my mouth as I came again and again and moaned loudly and finally stop sucking his cock as I curled up on the bed and let my body settle down.

When I recovered enough to take part again I looked over to see Angie sucking Bradley and thinking that he might like the sort of ‘spit-roast’ effect of having both his cock and his mouth occupied I moved over to kiss him and stop him from moving in a similar way to how I had been fucked before. Angie was obviously enjoying sucking his cock and it was amazing watching it. Bradley came and Angie demanded that I put on the strap-on and fuck Worlass as she wanted to see us fucking, her and Bradley laid together lazily touching and I bent Worlass over and then slowly began to fuck her, I knew that her g-spot would be very swollen and aroused and she wouldn’t appreciate me fucking her very hard although with her beautiful bottom tapering into her waist bent over in front of me was almost demanding that she be fucked very hard. I gestured for Angie to move so that Worlass could lick her out and she obliged with Bradley gently playing with his cock as he watched us all enjoy each other. I reached over and pulled the magic wand over and gave it to Worlass to use on herself. Watching her enjoying licking Angie and knowing that I was deep inside her was making me very aroused and I was unsure if I could last much longer. I knew she came quickly after that as I saw her back arch and the tell-tale redness appeared at her neck, I pulled out of her and gave her some lube and told her to fist Angie ( I remembered from our discussions before we met that Angie loved that and knew that Worlass also enjoyed it too) Worlass started smiling in her ‘knowing’ way and I began to get much wetter as I could see that Angie was going to cum and that Worlass would be struggling hard to hold back herself. I was enjoying touching Angie’s stomach and running my hands over her body and watching both of their faces as they were wrapped up in each other. Before long Angie came and she was up and demanding that I fuck worlass missionary style which I did with pleasure , this didn’t last as long as I expected as Angie was soon behind me and rimming me, pressing back onto her tongue, and enjoy that sensation while attempting to keep up any sort of rhythm inside worlass was almost impossible but I kept it up right up until I looked behind as there was a new movement that I couldn’t make sense of. Looking behind me I could see Bradley fucking Angie while she was licking and touching me. I gestured to Worlass so she could see what was happening and the look of lust in her eyes was too much for me and I couldn’t concentrate anymore. I pulled out of Worlass and moved Angie onto Worlass so she was using her incredible tongue on her. Bradley stopped fucking Angie at that point and moved around to begin kissing Worlass and touching her breasts, I struggled out of the strap-on and ran my hands over Angie as she was diligently and tenderly licking Worlass. I encouraged her to begin fisting Worlass and with lube applied she slowly managed to get her whole hand in. I was impressed with how long Worlass managed to last before she came. Bradley and I were kissing her all over and playing with her nipples and in her position I know that I would have cum very quickly. She did cum and Angie and I then began to kiss and touch each other. I was busy touching her all over and enjoying her body and the feel of my fingers inside her again. She had a gorgeous body and I was loving every moment of touching her. My partner recovered and, as I was playing with Angie, she put on the strap-on and moved around the end of the bed where I had Angie bent over and she slid inside her. I took this opportunity to rim Angie and looked at Bradley as I was doing that. He was smiling and was clearly enjoying the attention that we were giving his partner. I grabbed the Wand and held it against Angie’s clit and she began to move hard against Worlass.

Bradley moved over at this point and held Angie’s hands over her head and Worlass pressed down hard on Angie’s back I played with Angie’s ass this point and watched my partner slide into our new toy and I took in the whole scene and realised just how much I loved Worlass and couldn’t believe that I had someone this beautiful and sexy in my life.

This final scene wiped us all out and once Angie had cum enough she slid under the covers, Bradley went off for a cigarette and Worlass and I cuddled up on the bed too.

We said our goodnights and Worlass and I went to our own bed and attempted to sleep. I know that I struggled to sleep as my head was whirling with all that we had done and I was so horny even though I couldn’t really move. We both woke at about 3.30 am and we made love for an hour. This sent me right to sleep again and I slept soundly until morning.

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