Written by Oralxlove

6 Dec 2007

I Have Been In A Relationship With A Wonderful man called matty for 3 years. he doesnt know i am bi but likes the idea of lesbian porn.

A few months ago, matty had to go away on a buisness trip for 3 days. i have a bi married friend, Lucy, and another lesbian friend called Sophi. I suggested we meet at my place for some forsome fun!

Lucys husband knows she id bi, and they are both swingers and we have had 4 three somes in the past. sophi was well up for her first foursome, so we all met at my house for a good time. we began by playing strip poker. lucys husband steve was the first to lose,, and he removed his trousers, i then kissed him, thrusting my tounge in his mouth, lucy sat there in awe, and her ans sophi, were getting slightly aroused, Excellent!

as we played on it ended up me totally naked, sophi in just her white lacy thong and lucy in her bra and stockings. i could see sophi's black pubic hair in a neat brazilian, my personal favourite! u took sophi into the living room and told her to lie on the sofa. as she did so, i removed her thong and began to finger her deeply. her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and she was moaning intently. i glanced over to see lucy sucking steves huge penis. this simply spurred me on.

I got out my large rampant rabbit and switched it on,, i thrust it into sophis sopping wet pussy and on doing this she screamed in delight. i moved it in and out of her at a steady pace as she came again and again. Lucy and steve were now having rapid anal sex and lucy was shouting FUCK ME HARDER. i then told sophi to lick my pussy as i couldnt wait any longer. she parted my legs and began massaging my clit with her tounge. i squirted violently into her mouth she clearly liked this as she said cmon baby go for it. i felt myslef running all over the place and i screamed with pleasure.

steve then came over and lowered me onto his massive cock and i wrapped my legs around him and he began to thrust with huge force. i felt his dick pulstaing inside me, full of hot cum. he blew his load fiercely in my pussy as i screamed for more. Lucy and sophi were using my dildo and moaning hell of alot.

Then i finger fucked lucy while sophi sucked steves erect penis. i loved all of this and i came 12 times in 5 hours.

Have A Foursome,, Its Fantastic xx

I ope some of you bi's out there had a good old wank to this x